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This was my very first “hike” and I loved it. I’m traveling for work and had some time before I had to be in the office. So many pretty views! And some good exercise.

21 hours ago

After completing the Seven Bridges trail I started on this one. Though the trail itself didn't really gives much views as it was more a hike alongside a river/creek (which is nice of course). Though the trail definitely splits off at points and got me turned around a few times. Overall it was an uphill battle which was pretty rough since I just did a hike beforehand, when I got closer to the top I definitely needed a few more breaks. Especially once you hit the 0.2 mile sign and the switchbacks start, I'm pretty sure its about 0.5, maybe providing you with a false sense of hope you're almost done lol. The falls itself were quite nice, though parts of it were still frozen the main waterfall cliff was nice, and turning around you had a spectacular view of the valley below (:

22 hours ago

Great hike all the way through, started off with plentiful parking in the top parking lot. Went through the gravel/dirt road to the first metal sign which I passed...then looked up to my right at a different trail and saw another metal sign...then turned completely around and saw the #622 sign. Walked closed to the metal sign and there it was Seven Bridges hike! So yeah just keep a lookout for those metal signs and the #622 and make a right upwards. Its all uphill from there and being a non-native to CO it wasn't too bad but once I passed the 7th bridge and started upwards to Jones Park...hoooo I definitely needed to take a couple of breaks. So I'm not sure whether or not I reached Jones Park - but I'm assuming it was that one side (where the trail is on) that has a vast opening where it was ALL loose gravel and giant rock formations while the other side is a complete full grown forest (or in today's case completely covered in snow). So one side was like a hot desert while the other was a snow covered forest - pretty cool. I only went up maybe 0.5 miles away from that point and it just kept going up, so yeah I called it quits and went back down to start the St. Mary's Falls Trail.

Great place to ride as a beginner in the mountain bike world cant wait to get back.

A favorite semi challenging trail.

Great hike with beautiful views, clean air, and the lake at the end is beautiful!

2 days ago

It was a beautiful trail and was very quiet. There was still lots of snow so it was a little slick in some parts. Overall a great hike though.

had a great time with my lady on the trail definitely will go back!

Nice views on a hike pretty much anyone could do. Decent climb when you come off the fire road for a bit, eventually turns into a wide smooth path for the descent. Probably about half the hike is on wide, smooth dirt path, some of that is fire road. Good scenery and low traffic. Good amount of the trail is off leash for dogs. Tons of water features which adds a lot to the fire road parts.

Nice hike, could see that it makes more sense to go counter clockwise and take the chavez trail to Beaver Brook instead of the other way. I took Beaver Brook first, gradual decline about 1.8 miles to get to the creek. Nice rocky incline on the way out via chavez trail. saw about a dozen people on a Monday with a slight chance of rain. Trail was clear, great for my dog!

Great trail some rock climbing beautiful views at top.

Hiked it April 21 and snowshoes or skis are a must, unless you want to sink in the snow, especially at the higher elevations. It was very windy above the treeline and I lost the trail, but just keep heading up. Spectacular views, although the clouds were rolling in, but the sun split through the clouds. I want to do this trail again.

Was really good minus people having their dogs off leash in non designated areas

Beautiful day and a great hike! Thought it would be super crowded from all the cars but actually had quite a bit of solitude and some friendly passing visitors. The trail can definitely be confusing, everyone else we talked with was checking in on the direction of trails or had made a wrong turn. Other than that, it was a wonderful trail!

4 days ago

We had a friend in town from Sweden and after coming in Moab for a weekend- we hit the mountains for a quick hike. This was well trafficked for a mid week early June visit.

Not the prettiest hike in RMNP but easy to get to an manage if you have a short amount of time. It is a great drive up, take a hike, and drive out destination.

The Waterfall is very pretty.

Great hike when you have a couple of hours to kill. Well maintained. Moderate traffic. Very dog friendly. It was fun for my pup and I to get our feet wet once we got to the falls! Definitely go in the spring vs the summer to see the falls.

Nice hike! We went a week ago and the trail was still snowy. Deep snow if you leave the trail but if you stay on it’s packed down enough to walk. None of us wore spikes (very slippery, especially coming down) but we learned our lesson and will def rent or buy some for next time! It was a beautiful hike with views at the top.


Lovely hike along the creek. The parking lot is up the mountain after Helen Hunt Falls. Hike through the gate then follow that dirt road until you see a little brown 622 marker on the right. Take that for Seven Bridges. if you keep going up on the main dirt road you'll end up at St.Mary's Falls

Come here frequently for my evening work outs, I love this trail, lots of wildlife and beautiful views and tonight I saw a MOUNTAIN LION!! This happened on the laughing horse section of the extended trail, I noticed a herd of deer running up and over the ridge and a few seconds later I saw the lion below crouching down and moving from bush to bush! Got my heart pumping but what an experience!

This trail starts out going downhill so it's harder to come back than to get to the falls. It can get really busy and the views of the falls aren't really great. You can't get far enough away to really see well. I think the hike is worth the effort but not something I'm dying to do again, like Mills Lake.

RMNP is one of my favorite places. This hike was beautiful from beginning to end, I was unable to see the actual falls because of the packed snow. We hiked in a Blizzard the entire time and also lost the trail because it covered peoples footsteps. You can actually climb up to the falls because it is frozen and covered in snow. The sign for Alberta Falls is very small, so you can pass it if not attentive. Bathrooms on the trail head : )

Arrived early enough in the season to be the only hikers on the trail. Also, no boaters in sight just a few people fishing on the banks. Pretty easy/moderate hike with lots of rocks but great views. Dogs will love this one too!

Great hike, although a little crowded on the weekends.

Pretty easy hike along a creek most of the way. Only saw one other person the whole way.

My first time hiking this trail. It was beautiful and challenging. I'm a beginner hiker so I found some spots difficult to navigate. Plus the trail wasn't marked well in some spots. Overall it was a great walk with beautiful scenery. I'll definitely hike it again soon.

I LOVED the flatirons! This was my first hike in Boulder as someone who was traveling from out of state. The elevation definitely makes this a bit more challenging, though I would say I struggled more with walking the inclined trail than the rocky terrain. Some of the areas were pretty challenging while others weren't so bad. Wear good hiking boots/shoes and you'll be set! The view from the top was fantastic.

I got to the trailhead about 11am on a Monday (04/16) and only crossed paths with a handful of people. I loved that the trail offered areas of dense tree coverage, enormous boulders and rock walls, and views of the creek from above and at ground level. There were only a few icy spots left.
*I used this app to pull up directions on Google Maps however it directed me to turn too soon at a place where there was no actual turn. So, if you use google maps drive past where it tells you to make the final turn, go right at the fork and you'll find the sign for the parking lot on your right about .5 mile from where Google told you to turn.*

hiked this morning 4/16/18, some snow and ice accumulated on the upper half of the trail, microspikes would have been helpful but was doable without. beautiful as always!

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