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Hard going! First half straightforward, second half difficult route finding, mostly breaking trail and frequent thigh-high snow. Snowshoes would help a lot! At least there are now two sets of tracks to follow...

21 hours ago

Pretty cool little trail and not very popular. Sweet views

One word: SPECTACULAR!!!

Wildflowers are beginning to come out

3 days ago

Varied terrain and views for a relatively short hike. I found the roads slick and muddy in the rain. The trails were in better shape than the roads! I camped overnight between the two buttes; bring all the water you need, as there is none on the trail. Prepare for complete exposure to the elements on the trail (sun, rain, snow, wind....) Amazing sunset and sunrise in a cool landscape.

trail running
3 days ago

I liked this trail. Got to the car park by 0700 on a Sunday and so there were not many people there. Cools temps to start but warmed up quickly. Chose the meadow 947 route to go up and I am glad I did as it was much more scenic than the 946 trail back down. Made it to the top of Greyrock before the crowd and ran back via 946. Graleat day, great hike. Recommended - but get there before the crowds!

No complaints. I go here at least 5 times a year. Hike, picnics, jog, ice cave exploring, photo-shoots and more.

A bit muddy, but otherwise clear. Make sure to do spouting rock above the lake.

Fabulous hike. Go early to avoid the tourists in flip flops.

Snow is still falling up there as of today 4/21. Due to all of the fresh snow I wasn't able to keep to the trail itself, instead just cut my own way up all of the way to the lakes. Snowshoes are necessary until a defined trail is made again. Excellent ski snow today!

6 days ago

Beautiful destination! Hanging Lake is stunning as is Spouting Rock just above it! Definitely worth the trip! I would probably rate this trail as on the hard end of moderate. You're gaining 1000ft of elevation over the course of a mile. If you're new to hiking it's going to be a tough trail but if you're more avid, it's not terribly difficult. Beginners should take it slow, bring lots of water, and be prepared for essentially climbing a miles worth of stairs (also some heights exposure right before the lake). I'd recommend at least some level of fitness before tackling this trail as there aren't many flat areas and it can be narrow in places. Parking lot can hold about 40ish cars and I've heard can be insane during busy times so go early or during an off-time/season! It's not just an easy on-ramp/off-ramp and there's no circling around the lot waiting so parking could be really annoying when busy. There is a nice biking/walking trail one might consider if they're more fit and not wanting to deal with the trail-head parking lot!

I loved it it was difficult but I managed to do it with my 2 year old daughter on my back! Be careful you could get lost

Loved this hike. Had my two dogs and they killed it! Definitely doing Rosa again!

Decent short hike to a great view! Too many peope.

It was easier than I expected, these is a great place for beginners, trail is clear and accessable, bring layers of you get there early in the morning before 7-8.

Pretty steep if you're not used to the elevation, but otherwise not a terribly strenuous hike. Bottom to top in under an hour should be easy. Went up 4/15 and there was a small amount of mud and no snow left on the trail. Parking lot was half full at 9, completely packed at 10:30. Sounds like a shuttle system will be put in in May, so get your hiking in before the busy season.

10 days ago

Absolutely breathtaking!! Did this hike May of 2017. You won’t be disappointed when you get to the top and the views along the way are awesome. Go early as parking is at a shortage.

We ended up on this trail a little bit by accident. The parking lots at our first choice trail (Doudy Draw), just east of El Dorado Springs, were completely full. We arrived at the park around 10:30 am and parking was already tough. Remember to go all the way up to (or close to) the Visitor Center to start this hike. It’s very steep for the first mile and was annoyingly crowded, but the views get amazing quickly! We went up about two miles and the second mile was much more pleasant than the first. Definitely be careful on the way down as the gravel is very loose and I totally bit it. No snow, ice, or mud on the trail. It’s a great hike if you are in decent shape and the views are worth it but I wish we went earlier to avoid the crowds.

Completed April 14th. Arrived at 6pm. I wanted to complete it before the sunset so I rushed myself. Huge mistake... But still glad I did it. Although I feel extremely sore!!

I quit smoking about 3 months ago and thats a huge disadvantage on a trail like this. Its fine if you take plenty of rest, but I really pushed myself (surprised I didn't have a heart attack).

There was not a lot of traffic and when I got up there, I was the only one there!! Pretty awesome. I hated coming down almost more. You really need to take your time. I rushed myself and had a few spots where my ankle didn't hit right. Think some waking poles would definitely be a good idea. There was no snow, but a little muddy in one spot. Temperature was perfect, hight 50s.

Grrat hike, just prepare yourself. It's all up hill.

11 days ago

Fun, easy, great views. Pretty simple hike but worth it.

11 days ago

Great hike and it is difficult. Our feet and legs are killing us afterward, LOL! Pretty scenery and areas to cross water. Our dog got plenty of exercise needless to say.

The elevation gain was more difficult than I anticipated. I had to take a lot of breaks, but there are more than enough benches, logs, and rocks to sit on. The trip was definitely worth the effort. Take the time to hike the short distance to Spouting Rock.

We arrived about 10am on a Wed and there were already several people hiking in and out. It probably took us around 3hrs to complete the whole thing, including the breaks and the stay at the top. There was very little snow in the mid section, and it was not slippery.

They're putting in regulations soon and I wanted to see it without the hassle of red tape. We drove from Denver and it was more than worth it.

11 days ago

Did this hike today. Very beautiful. Unless you want to hike in, adding an extra couple miles to the actual hike. You NEED high clearance.

My only complaint is the abundance of shotgun and bullet casings near the trailhead. The area is known for being an unofficial shooting range but the people who use it as such don’t clean up after themselves.

Great facilities at the start of this hike. Wide open path along the river before turning up into the canyon hills for a steadily steep climb up rocky stairs and path over a number of bridges with benches along the way to hanging lake and spouting rock up top. Both are really awesome and unique spots to check out. Not busy at all on Friday afternoon on a cold and spring day with some flurries coming down. And that’s the waaaaay the news goes!

What can I say? One of Colorado's very best hikes. Get there early or you wont get in. Short but strenuous and incredibly beautiful. The water almost looks tropical. Expect tons of people.

13 days ago

Day hiked to this gem last week with the pooch. 200 yard wide, 100' tall ice waterfalls were a site to behold. Microspikes a must in upper third of trail. Worth every step with rewards starting at meadows within first couple miles on up. Would be a nice place to basecamp with nice views if Kit Carson if one were looking to do an overnighter right now.

14 days ago

Really fun hike. Scaling the rock at the end is tough but well worth it

14 days ago

April 7th: Loved this hike! An inch or two of snow the night before made for beautiful sights. The sun busted out through the fog and melted all the snow for the hike back down. Like others have mentioned bring extra water, you will need it to stay hydrated. Also like others have mentioned it is tricky to stay on the trail towards the top.

Certainly a challenging hike that makes you want to hit up the Mish or Vern's afterward for a refuel. I was sore for three days after making it to the summit and back. (Round trip took 5 hours but at least an hour was spent at the top soaking up the sun and views.)

This was so beautiful. The trailhead is located off the interstate. It was pretty much full when we arrived at 10am. The trail still had some ice and packed snow in the shady areas of the trail. It is very steep. I hiked this with a 10 year old, 16 year old, 3 year old, and 1 year old. I do recommend some yak tracks due to the ice. They will be making some changes to the trail and limiting the amount of people visiting per day.

Wonderful hike great views along the way. Very dry not muddy at all! Enjoy

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