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Great trail conveniently close to Denver but still with fairly few other hikers/bikers. There were some ice flows across the trail in a couple spots and snow for some stretches before descent, but nothing that required spikes. Beautiful views and wooded the whole way, this trail is slightly challenging for a beginner due to the first half being a steady incline, but doable and rewarding.

Nice easy day hike. Lots of options to extend into a longer outing or shorten into a quick explore. Dogs loves it! Started at 16699 Golden Hills road that has a few parking spots

7 days ago

Great beginner snowshoe trail! Wide, packed trail easy to snowshoe on. 4 stars because once we got to the clearing, we didn’t know where the trail kept on, so we ended up going our own (wrong) way to the right because that hill toward the left in the trees looked brutal. Still gorgeous nonetheless! Steady incline uphill on the way out. Drive to Henderson Mine, veer right down the dirt road (need AWD, 4x4) and the parking lot will be soon after on the left. There’s a Jones Pass Trailhead sign so you know you’re in the right place. Bring layers (gets windy!), water, and snack or whatever you need for altitude (you’re up at 12,000 feet!). 12.11.18.

Great hike for sure. It is very strenuous especially if you go clockwise up Fern trail. Lots of elevation gain fast. Didn't need spikes for most of trail up until about the last 800 ft. in gain. Also needed them going back down for most of the trail. Great views in multiple spots. If you can, climb up to Bear peak actually and not just as it shows on the trail map. It is a bit of a scramble, but views are absolutely worth it.Just be careful especially with ice and snow. This was a favorite hike of mine now. I will go back in summer months when there is no snow to check it out then as well.

22 days ago

My fav snow shoe spot close to denver. Always guaranteed to be a winter wonderland. Take the fork to the left for skiing and snow showing. To the right there is snowmobilers. My dog loves this trail!

This is a great workout. Close to Denver and easy to find. There’s a few interlinking trails so make sure you’re aware. I ended up heading to Bergen Peak (otherwise the views are the same most of the way through) then finished the loop and it was fun and worthwhile but I felt the challenge for sure. You’ll see a good amount of wildlife too. It was low traffic but a couple people had dogs off leash

The hike was beautiful, especially with all the snow! I would recommend parking on Waterboard Rd as the short road to the trailhead itself (0.1 mi) has some pretty deep sections of snow that are very easy to get stuck in. We made it about 2 miles up the trail before there were no more footprints to follow, and we weren't confident in finding the trail on our own under the snow, so we had to turn back. There were some gorgeous views up until that point, but we definitely wish we'd been able to make it all the way to the top. The beginning of the trail has hard packed snow so is pretty easy to hike, but it gets less packed the farther you go, so snow shoes would probably be very helpful. Lots of animals tracks out, which is always fun to see!

We did this hike on thanksgiving day and we were happy to see many faces on the trail. It’s definitely one of the most gorgeous hikes we’ve ever done. Even in late fall with ice on the ground, this trail had a lot of scenery to offer. I’d say it’s one of the best hikes to accurately represent Boulder, as you see diverse rock giants throughout. We are quite fit so it wasn’t terribly difficult, but let’s be honest the way down was INTENSE! Complete and utter focus is required to make it down those huge rock stair cases. Saw a family of deer and that made my day.
Will be back in the spring time to see all the wildflowers bloom. You have to see this place!

New EAGLE Cliff has great views!
Started UP Mason Creek to Bypass to Eagle cliff
over to Mill Creek down. 4 hrs lung opener.
Forest & Aspen terrain. Coool, layered up, ears, gloves. Eight thirty Am trailhead beat weekend crowds. Oct 27 2018.ROX4hrs.lungopener

1 month ago

I enjoyed it very much

Oct 19 2018 hike nice loop around cone, West to East. Nice views. Exposed rolling hills. grp of 14 Hikers CMC 5 1/2 hrs-6 hrs. Two groups separated after 1/2 way. Fun, sunny day took chill off.

Hiked it today with our dog starting from the Applewood side. Street parking only so we parked a couple blocks down from the east trailhead. Good rocky incline that's not too difficult then everything flattens out on top of the mesa. Wide open trail up top, nice and easy hike.

Great hike! Did it on 22nd October and got as far as the base of the final ascent to Grizzly Peak but, with the deeper snow, the drop offs either side of the narrow ridge and the fact that I was the only hiker in view, I decide not to go for that final push - sensible under the circumstances. One slip, one break or strain and that would have spelled trouble. It's still an exhilarating hike but the snow was quite deep in places, especially around and between boulders so care was required. Temps in the 40's and very little wind.

The trails are well marked that I got through the trails with no problems. Incline was moderate. The aspens are beautiful and the fall colors are coming in. Sadly, I didn’t get to any overlook views due to fog and cloudiness, but they didn’t take away from the beauty of the trail. Definitely worth doing. I do recommend starting your hike/run early. I got there at 8:30 am with only three cars in the parking lot and once I got back to my car at noon, the parking was full.

off road driving
2 months ago

Super easy trail. A Subaru Outback could run it. Great views of the continental divide. Dispersed camping is a plus. As of November 2018 it's probably covered in a few feet of snow.


A challenging hike where you are rewarded with beautiful vistas and a lake view at the top. Hiked on a Saturday morning in early October and only saw 2 other people on the entire hike. Amazing fog and snow flurries at the peak. After emerging from the cover of evergreens into open tundra, followed fox, coyote, and mule deer tracks up to the top. A classic Colorado hike and even better on a snowy fall day. Look for Mountain Chickadees, Grey Jays , Red Tailed Hawks, Picas and maybe a few Elk or Mule Deer.

Went to hike this today (10/2/18) and it's CLOSED until November 15th for trail construction. Tried to go anyway and it was fenced off with a construction worker watching the entrance in the middle of the day.

Gorgeous walking/biking trail for families. Old Littleton charm.

A very nice hike, especially if the sun is out. If you go just past the bunker at the end there are some amazing views of the valleys below. Definitely agree, make sure you layer up even if it's sunny!! Gets some decent wind chill sometimes.

Bills! Buffalo beaver :’)

Bear on trail today. We did this route to South Boulder Peak and up to Bear Peak. The distance is reported a little short on the app. Expect 3,500+ ft elevation gain and a 10 Mile in and out hike if you want to bag both peaks at the T in the trail.

Have Fun

Hiked this two weekends ago - had no trouble finding parking at the pass at 7:00am on a Sunday morning, though it seemed like the lot was filling up fast. No facilities/water up here so come prepared.

This was a fairly intense hike - best interval training ever! It's heartbreaking to give up so much elevation in the final push up Grizzly, but the views over each side the entire way make the effort worth it. Absolutely would be great training for a 14-er - in fact, there was even more exposed/high-angle scrambling on the ascent than any 14-er I've done. The ascent is steep, but the footholds are solid (it's not all loose scree) and the trail is easy to find.

Took a little less than 4 hours - we picked up the pace on the final push because it started to snow a bit and we were a little underdressed. In retrospect we should have brought an additional warm layer and gloves for everyone...

In sum, I really liked this hike. Great training, great views, not too crowded. 4 stars because it really is a slog, and the weather can be unpredictable.

It was beautiful, once we got to the top me and my friend decided to climb to the highest point we could. Which was passed the pile of boulders was the height point. Someone left a water proof container and named the peak Mt. Chuck. It had funny notes and quotes.

The views and the high elevation gain intervals will take your breathe away. They call it Grizzly peak for a reason..the last 50-100 meters to the top is a fun, yet moderately difficult scramble forcing you to be on all fours until the peak. Great hike for sights, workout and some fun scrambling!

Beautiful views but the entire time we were hiking we heard very loud gunshots from the adjoining private property which ruined any chance of a peaceful hike.

2 months ago

Love it

3 months ago

wasn't sure where Jones Pass started so we walked up where the cars were coming. I had my dogs off leash so we ended up taking Butch trail because we didn't know where Jones started and there were too many cars going up and down the road. it's nice and quiet. Please pick up your dog's poop before you ruin it for everyone.

Nice elevation-

Solid moderate hike both in difficulty and traffic. Trails are well marked and perfect for trail running. Beautiful views from Eagle Cliffs, worth the trek up. Definitely put this one on your list.

FOUND (9/8/2018}: hiking poles at the peak. If you are missing your poles DM me with brand / description (919-622-3772)

Got an early start and missed most of the crowds. Trail is well maintained. Class 2 scramble looked impossible from below but was rather friendly once we got started. My 8 year old dog made it up without a problem. Wild flowers were beautiful and views were incredible!

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