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Super easy hike to the glacier. Beautiful views all around. People cliff jump at a couple spots, but please check water levels and rocks in the water before you jump- I’ve seen someone get seriously hurt here before. We took the trail across and above the glacier where there was nobody. Humans and dogs had a great time!

Easy hike for a beautiful view. There’s not a lot of shade so bring a hat.

1 hour ago

Great day hike! The scenery is spectacular. Would recommend getting an early start because we got the last parking spot in the lot at around 7:30am. We noticed that trail became increasingly crowded after noon, but then again, you can’t really expect anything different from hiking a popular trail on a Saturday in mid-July. We took our time, enjoying the tarns, waterfalls, and inexhaustible beautiful views from all angles. The trail was well maintained and pretty well marked. It’s great because you don’t have to go every single lake on the trail to enjoy the high alpine wilderness. Many people turned around after reaching Lower Mohawk. It is what you want it to be, so you really can’t go wrong with this hike!

3 hours ago

This is not moderately trafficked on the weekend. It is exceptionally highly trafficked. It's fine if you want a very short hike, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Great views! It gets crowded quick. We got there just before 8 and got the last parking spot. Our hike was 2.8 miles but it’s worth it!

5 hours ago

This review is probably most suited for "overnighters" on the trail--that's what we did.

What a hike :-) It get's five stars, but I also wanted to give a thorough review, so here goes!

This trail is labelled as moderate, and that is simply not true. It is at the low end of hard, but it is hard nonetheless. My hubby and I went on this trip with this in mind, and I'm so grateful for the walks, backpack struggles and everything else we did to prepare! I'd rate our hiking/backpacking skills at a 6/10--if that helps understand the review

We started at the top of the spruce creek trailhead (our car couldn't make it to the other one people spoke about in the comments). The walk between that and the Mayflower lake turn off was not AT ALL what we were expecting: a steady elevation raise and a very uneven (but clearly marked) trail. It was so beautiful and calm, and peaceful :-). It was also WAY longer than we were expecting. I think on the map it seems quite simple and quick. We stopped the first day at the Mayflower lake because we couldn't go any further, literally. We spent the night there.

It is also important to note that we were had backpacks on (about an extra 25-30lbs of weight). The other issue was the altitude. Even without the packs on the second day, I'd rate this trail at the high end of moderate because of the altitude issues you might experience. PLEASE BE AWARE: it would be best to get to Breckenridge, Frisco, or somewhere close a few days before to give your body time to acclimate if you are from a low-level state and want to spend the night up there. Don't drink the night before (if you can help it, lol) and drink LOTS of water. Since we are from Kansas City, we thought it better to come in on Sunday and get on the trail Wed. I think this helped tremendously!

After an overnight at Mayflower lake, we went up to the Lower Mohawk on a day hike the next day. We had no heavy backpacks on (the hubby had a small daypack) and it was of course better, but getting winded happens often, so it is smart to take as many breaks as possible.

The first thing you come across is the old log cabin. Please go in! It's a wonderful treasure of history, and it's also kinda creepy :-) After the log cabin begins what most people will agree is the hardest part of the trail. The elevation climb steepens, and the switchbacks are not clearly labelled (we started looking at the dirt for footprints and hoping to see people at certain parts). It's basically the 20-30 minutes before getting to the Lower Mohawk, and I'm glad we had our walking sticks or our knees would have died! It's quite rocky, and if you are prone to any type of vertigo or height issues, try to focus on where you are putting your feet and the road ahead of you.

Speaking of death more seriously, if you take the part of the switchbacks that lead you quite close to the edge of the waterfall, you will see a flag and flowers for a marked grave where someone fell and died. That alone convinced me that this trail is wrongly rated :-(.

We ate lunch at the Lower Mohawk, where the chipmunks, while cute, are quite aggressive, lol. I was pretty sure one was going to actually steal it from my hands!

The Lower Mohawk lake, and it's surrounding peaks, greenery, and rocks was more beautiful than any picture anyone will ever show you of it. I'd been researching the trail for so long (and saw all the familiar things when we ate lunch) that I was glad to have seen it in real life. The air is so soft and fresh, and the sky is so wide and open that you can REALLY see the sheer might of the mountains. They are so beautifully grand!

We did not go any further and we don't regret that. Lower Mohawk was enough for us on this trip.

I recommend everyone go on this trip if you are a backpacker or a hiker. As a hiker it made me work muscles I'd been getting in shape for months and as a backpacker, it gave me a realistic view of what was important, what was a waste to bring, and what it takes to walk with a pack on a trail that challenged us!


8 hours ago

Easy hike. If you want to be in the wilderness and enjoy nature, this is way too crowded to do so. To me it was way too annoying to pass a group of people every 100 yards or so. Take a walk in cental park.....just as many people.

22 hours ago

This trail was really fun although it was super hard! Saw a lot of marmots and some mountain goats. Really beautiful lake and falls as well!

Beautiful 1st Fourteener! From the saddle, stow your poles and scramble to the summit.

1 day ago

This was a great moderate hike for us (28 year old and 60 year old dad from Texas). It took us about 2.5 hours round trip. Beautiful wildflowers, meadows, and views. We took a right at the “top” and really enjoyed the cool rock formations. Highly recommend this hike!

1 day ago

It’s more like 7-7.5 miles round trip. I would plan at least a good 6-7hours for the hike. Also plan on stopping a bit, incline is quite steep and rocky

Beautiful hike with excellent payoff of picturesque lake. My non-hiking husband loved it also!

Walking through the verdant valley, with wildflowers and the aspens towering was incredible, Multiple environments like meadows, swampy areas, rock faces, groves of aspens, and ultimately, the rocky waterfall made the ups & downs in the second half worth it, although the flies were a bit extreme (don’t stop for more than 30 seconds once you’ve hit halfway, or they start biting!). The falls are beautiful, yet very busy. Are drones going to become the Colorado State Bird?

Pro tip: do not attempt the drive to the trailhead in anything less than an SUV, else your suspension and undercarriage are going to be pushed to their limits. Very, very rocky road for 11 miles from highway to trailhead.

Beautiful views and lot's of wild flowers in mid July.

Awesome hike. Did feel the burning in the legs but well worth it. Trail was very well marked and easy to follow. My kiddos 7, 11,14 enjoyed it as well.

Not what I would have expected. My family and I aren’t expert hikers and from Texas, but have hiked several areas in Colorado over the last few years. I have to say that this trail is probably one of the most beautiful unexpected trails we have ever hiked. It is a good hike and will make those legs burn, but it’s well worth it. Bring some snacks or lunch and enjoy the end of the trail.

A beautiful hike and achievable for our whole group, from 12 to 50+. Mountain lake with a short walk further to glacier/snow pack. Worth the drive and hike.

Must take the trail to get next to the falls.

2 days ago

FWIW, I am 66 and made it to the top with the help of an oxygen botte. A beautiful area, well worth the effort. Hiking up to wear the bouldering starts is not all that difficult. Up to that point would be a nice day hike in and off itself. In fact, depending on what kind of shape you are in, you might want to do that one day, recover, and then go to the very top a couple or so days later. What makes the hike difficult is that last 1000 feet or so up through the rocks to the top. I think that part took me two hours up and down. I have been up other 14ers, but it has been a while. In my memory, Bierstadt was the easiest up to where the bouldering started, but the "final assent" was easier at some other 14ers. Heavily trafficked. I started a little late, around noon, and probably crossed paths with 50 people on their way down. It took me 7 hours total, but I was pretty slow on the way down. I was probably the oldest person hiking. I saw one person who looked to be in his mid-50's. Everyone else seemed to be early 40s or younger. The median age was probably early 30's. In my younger days, I probably could have done it in 5-6 hours. Consider carrying a can of oxygen if you are from sea level or in my age range.

2 days ago

The lakes are beautiful! We went up as far as the third lake, but the second lake is by far the prettiest. It is absolutely a moderate trail, but kids can totally hike it. On the second lake I found a small gold nugget! It was smaller than a grain of rice. It was very windy on the second lake, so bring warm clothes. On the hike down, I dropped a line in the water and caught my first two cutthroat trout! It was a very satisfying and enjoyable experience!

Was nice scenery trail
Started at 7:20am was perfect time to start and get front row parking in lot next to trailhead
Worth the hike to the falls and lower lake. Steep the last .5 mile to first lake.

beautiful hike. saw moose and lots of wildflowers

Beautiful trail! Well marked and maintained-even heard a moose! Might suggest bug spray - mosquitos get a bit thick.

3 days ago

We went 3 days ago on a Sunday at around 4 pm and there weren’t too many people, and the wildflowers are BREATHTAKING! At their peak - we kept stopping to take pictures of the wildflowers and the great views. Awesome.

Beautiful, fairly easy hike. The trails was pretty packed, which at times was hard cause it was so narrow, but manageable. The views were stunning and the wild flowers were amazing!

Gorgeous views. Took a 5yo and 8yo it was tough but they crushed it! Great hike

Good hike, coming from NH it was easy to adjust to. The trail is easy to follow and there were only a few other hikers. Awesome view of Dillon!

Perfect for our first 14’er!!

Nice easy hike. Lots of people at the pond

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