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2 days ago

I just got back from a backpack trip to Kroenke Lake August 12th. kroenke is no longer the pristine alpine lake it once was. it is over used and trampled with little fire wood. People are camping and building fire rings within a few feet of the lake. What is more distressing is that there is used toilet paper everywhere in the forested areas along the east and south sides of the Lake. When did the hiking/backpacking community decide its ok to just leave their toilet paper behind? Come On People! Its easy to pack out your toilet paper with your other trash, or burn it in your fire pit. If you love the outdoors enough to drive to a trailhead and hike somewhere, you should care enough not to degrade the environment and diminish the experience of others.

16 days ago

Nice a steady climb to the lake. It was little hard for me coming straight from Illinois to the mountains. But i would say this is a good one for Plenty of campsites along the lake. We camped on a Sunday night in July and there were 3 other campsites along the lake. Even with the other campers it was very quiet, and scenery was beautiful Seemed like there was good fishing too. I don't fish often, but I caught a couple. It got pretty chilly at night and in the morning, so bring some layers if staying overnight.

Total asskicker hike . Clipped them all for number 31. Heads up on this route listed in AllTrails. The route that is listed is a class 3/4 scramble on some of the worst rock I’ve seen . I scooted our 1/2 way but be aware it’s not a preferred route . Head down elk further and clip up the MO trail.

Started at 6 am finished by 3, trail ran most of it but the mileage is also off . Easy 16.5 with the full loop, my garmin died but I think it was closer to 18. Nothing hard about the climb, slight class 2 move right before summit of MO, go right and hug rock for the two, or straight over for a 3 . Again rock is pretty lose here . Nothing else technical but with the miles and altitude gain this was one of the hardest runs I’ve done !

Beautiful day and the views are totally worth it , start early and bring min 4 liter of water and some calories !

Nice hike with good fishing at the end. Went mid-July, so there were plenty of other campers around the lake, but my campsite was definitely peaceful and solitary. You can bank on having afternoon storms and rain, so bring an extra tarp to sit under and plenty of warm clothes.

Most beautiful short hike or walk in Aspen. surrounded by spectacular peaks, wildflowers, stream. Plan to stop a lot. Best if done before first buses arrive around 830. can be combined with either Crater lake or head down maroon lake trail for as long as you like
Rick and Grayce

Incredibly strenuous hike. The loop accesses three 14ers in the San Isabel National Forest. Mt. Missouri (14,067), Mt. Oxford (14,153) and Mt. Belford (14,197).

Word of caution: this is closer to a 17 mile loop, NOT 12. I don't know where All Trails sees a path on the eastern slope of Missouri, but it is non-existent. Instead, you have to take a mile longer (but probably safer and less severe) route and come from the west. From there, the mileage is still off.

We arrived at the parking lot at 4:50am on a Saturday and it was already full. We camped nearby, and there are plenty of spaces. Most of the hikers head to Belford, but for this loop you want to take Missouri first. You'll do this by following the path towards Fikhead Pass. As noted above, you'll come up the western side of Missouri. You have to come back down this way and up the pass to access Belford/Oxford.

We were going to hit all three but storms came in at noon and we had to hike out, only hit Missouri and Belford. Normally, you'll want to be off the mountain by 2. Our storms hit at noon.

You can view the hike we made here: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/2869855938

I’m going tun

27 days ago

The moderate trail rating is very accurate. The majority of the trail is hiked in the woods. The trail opens up to bogs and meadows as you get close to the lake. We hiked in late July and the wildflowers were in full bloom. The lake is small but very scenic. Later in the day, on our way down, there were a good number of backpackers setting up camp around the lake. We hiked an additional 35 or 40 minutes past the lake towards Browns Pass. This portion of the trail was strenuous but afforded some really great views of the lake and meadows. The additional effort was worth the views.

This hike is amazing! Very strenuous and long, we started at the trailhead at 5 am and finished around 2:30 pm. The elevation change is very difficult; we did the hike without trekking poles but I definitely recommend them. There are some spots where they would've been very helpful. Make sure to bring alot of water and take some breaks, 16.5 miles is no walk in the park.

the hike was nice and easy, good for the little ones. amazing view from start to finish

1 month ago

My wife and I headed to Buena Vista to hike Ptarmigan Lake Trail, only to see construction had closed the road. So we pulled out the AllTrails app, and found this nearby. What a great find! Water running by the trail, or you can hear it if you don't see it. It rained hard for awhile, so we found shelter in the trees. Rained off and on coming back, but a great hike! Walking thru all the trees was amazing! Yes, the smell of a dead animal is still present, but just a short area of the trail.

Don’t miss this relatively flat trail after you come back from crater lake! Really beautiful views of the bells and pyramid with waterfalls! It’s pretty rocky in places, so don’t wear flip flops!

Currently a dead horse is lying next to the trail. It's only going to get funkier.

1 month ago

This trail is very busy and overall a bit underwhelming.

- Well marked
- Very moderate incline
- Easy to get to the trailhead with any car

Not so good:
- In between trees without views until almost to the end
- So many campers at the lake that it’s hard to enjoy the views there.

NOT EASY! This trail should be rated as moderate. Roughly 1300’ ascent up narrow bench cuts with loose rock and gravel making up most of the trail bed. My young kids (5 and 8) made the entire trip but it was slow going. Otherwise, great views every once in a while and great exercise. Chalk Creek was non-existent at the end of this section though.

Great Trail for taking the kids. Beautiful scenery!

A bit rocky, but so amazing. So pretty. Anything about this trail is worthwhile, and totally awesome. Bridges covering mini waterfalls at every turn and a huge lake at the beginning and end. Recommend for everyone.

off road driving
2 months ago

An outstanding adventure on my Honda CRF450X. The views are stunning and the trail allows for some faster riding and some technical but nothing overly difficult or challenging. The trail seems like it would be easy for almost and 4x4 right until you near the summit which is when the rating seems accurate.

Many, many places to set up a tent along the way.

As of today, May 31st, 2018, the trail is snowed over at the top of Tin Cup Pass. I did reach the summit without a problem but that is where the fun ended. Zero chance of a Jeep going around it but I ~might~ have been able to find an alternate route around and back to the trail. BUT I ALWAYS STAY THE TRAIL!!! Please do the same!!!

I can’t wait to get back and try again, this time I plan to go at least as far as Taylor Reservoir. If the trading post has gas I’ll stretch my journey even further but I’m limited on fuel when traveling on my motorcycle.

I would guesstimate that the snow would be gone in a week or so.

Really beautiful trail! Pretty flat and gorgeous scenery- aspen trees, deer, river, maroon Bells!!

On 5/12/18 backpacked up to the lake. The snow made it pretty miserable for the last 1.5 miles. We were falling in waist deep. There was hardly any areas without snow to camp out at, but found a spot surrounded by trees to help block out some wind. We were the only souls out there that I know of. No one or animal in sight. The next morning walked to the lake to enjoy the gorgeous view. The hike back was not as bad because we already made the footprints to step in and the snow hardened so at times it was ok to walk on top of.

Didn’t make it all the way to the lake because of snow making the trail hard to follow. Beautiful

beautiful hike, about 3 miles up ran into deep snow drifts and turned around. Need to go back in a couple months.

3 months ago

awesome overnighter hike to take it easy. theres sites close to the lake. beautiful crystal clear streams feeding the lake and draining. I made it a 2 nighter and went up to bear lake the next day. camped in the horn fork basin area..breathtaking views of the collegiate peaks when you get up to bear lake. from bear you can summit mt. Harvard. one of my fave hikes in the collegiate peaks. plenty of water sources.

Road is not open 6 miles from the trail :( snowmobile renting was close to $200/pp. We went back into town to rent mountain bikes from UTE City Cycles who were super great, $75/half day. Unfortunately the snow was in such powder/slush conditions even their snow mountain bikes couldn’t make traction. We ended up biking up 2mi, walking/attempting bike for another 2mi, before realizing we should’ve brought more water and food. Luckily slush was good enough downhill to ride about 3 of the 4 miles back. Even the cross country skiers were unimpressed with the snow conditions! Hope this helps someone!!!

They never warned me that I couldn’t drive to the beginning of the hike . We walked 4 miles on the road and until turning around after a nice guy on his snowmobile told us we wouldn’t even be able to see it today because of the clouds. Bummer, it looks beautiful.

6 months ago


off road driving
9 months ago

First time I did just this route as I was alone, I intend to take some of the detour trails on my next time on this trail. My photos say 2016 instead of 17, but i w3ent the day of the Eclipse.

Serius XM works the entire route, Nice cell coverage over the route.

Some cruising points, a little paved roads, plenty of rough dirt roads, and plenty of boulders to crawl over, and lots of additions trails along the way.

I stopped and checked out a waterfall along the way. on a slight detour.

Overall a very fun and enticing trail, that i plan to tackle a couple more times as I explore the additional trails the splice off.

Plan this as a day trip and possibly overnight if you plan on taking the side trail as well.

You will also Stop at the Continental Divide on Tincup Pass which is the highest point before you cruise on down to Mirror Lake.

I initially took this route as I was planning a fishing trip at Taylor Res, Wich has great deals on boats, and had tons of fun catching lots of fish, that lake is full...... no joke.

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