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The trail is a steady incline. Beautiful views

4 days ago

Great trail! Beautiful views of Durango and hard enough to get your heart going. Only one caveat, there are quit a few cyclists and one has to be careful.

I enjoyed!

Road going up to trail head is about 7 miles narrow packed dirt. The hike is worth the drive. Hike to the springs is 1 1/2 miles down. parts of it get pretty skinny with lose dirt. Manageable though. We had the pools to ourselves. We never saw anyone. So secluded and fun. The Springs were not as big or deep as we thought, but still fun.

My husband, dog, and I hiked this trail today. First things first, this trail is wayyyyyy more than advertised. We clocked it at almost 9 miles with our GPS watch. Besides that, Ice Lake was absolutely beautiful - blue and full of water. The scramble further to island lake had some sketchy spots that I would have loved to use trekking poles on. Island Lake itself wasn’t as pretty as Ice Lake but still cool I guess. The water was kind of green and not nearly as striking as the ice blue water.
As far as the trail goes, it starts out in a nice pine forest that goes in and out of sunny aspen meadows (some of the leaves already started turning yellow which was beautiful!). Finally you get to a clearing where it flattens out a little followed by a pretty long and difficult climb to Ice Lake. The scramble to Island lake was less than a mile.

Beautiful Hike - every turn you take you either have an awesome viewpoint or eyes on a waterfall. Hiked this in last August while a storm was rolling in. It was overcast, but I imagine on a clear day you will be hot and in the sun for most of the hike.
Any 4x4 car will make it to the top of Bridal Veil Falls (no need for high clearance). The first fork in the trail: Right will take you to Silver Lake. Second fork in the trial: Left will take you to Blue Lake, Right will take you to Lewis Lake

Waterfalls everywhere on the way up, ice lake was gorgeous...I’ve never seen water so blue. Island Lake is a quick scramble over. We took the loop down...it was steep! I’m glad we took the trail to lower basin, ice lake, island lake...because there is a spot where the trail cuts and you can hike to island first. I would not recommend. We saw a bobcat on our way out. Can’t wait to explore more in the area. There is a camp ground at the base and a few places to camp if backpacking by the lower basin. (Hiked mid August)

Nice hike for kids and dogs. Lots of trees and shade.

I do enjoy a nice loop with a view. If I were to go again I would probably stay right once I got to the main trail as it is pretty steep for about a mile and a half. You get to the top at about 2 miles and it is a little over 3 down. If you stay right it is easier going uphill then the downhill will be steeper but quicker. It can be quite rocky on the trail but it isnt the whole trail and it didnt ruin the hike for me. I gave it four stars because there are definitely better hikes around with better views but it was a great morning hike, and not having to drive an hour to get to it is definitely a plus.

Great easy trail!

great hike

It was actually 2 miles in and another 2 out for us and we left the phone with the trail map in the car thinking it would be obvious where the hot sprigs were and we missed them. We found a small spring to dip our toes in but missed the ones pictured here. Very steep in and out for me. Not an avid hiker but in relatively good shape. If we had actually found the right springs I would have rated higher. We hiked another "easy" trail the other day that was very easy- hard to believe this is the same rating with how steep and washed out parts of the trail are.

21 days ago

Considered this hike hard. Continous incline until reaching the lake. Unfortunately the day was overcast and the lake wasn't as blue. Great views and waterfalls. Took us 4 hours to complete

The app says it is a loop but there are so many forks in the road we ended up just wandering through the woods and not getting anywhere. There are no signs to indicate which path the "loop" is on. It was still a nice hike but definitely better ones around.

Love this hike! We have some parts of it many times but today we did the whole loop and it was well worth it!

Pretty views from the top and not too challenging. Not very scenic though except for the top, which is why I gave it the 3 rating.

Great hike, you get a little bit of everything. Some solid uphills on the way up thru trees on dirt, up in some rocky areas, and then some tundra-ish marsh to a pretty cool lake. Fantastic views the whole way up. GPS is going to vary, funny watching people post the various distances. I got 4.7 one way on mine. Wasn't terribly difficult. Hour and a half up, hour down. As every hike, moderate and difficult is going to be a personal judgement. Its around 3-3200 ft elevation gain up in somewhere between 4.5-6 miles. If that seems hard for you, its going to be hard. If that seems like a day in the park, you'll breeze through! I thought the actual hike was more enjoyable than the destination, but that's just me. Not that the lake was a disappointment by any means. Lots of marmots prowling around the path leading up to the lake. I went and it was sunny - a little overcast, very enjoyable day on the trail. Well worth the time to check out, even if you don't go all the way. The falls are also pretty cool. Little rock hopping thru a very short slot canyon. If you don't have good balance, you may want to wait until after the hike in case your feet get wet, or bring some grippy water shoes.

Nice view from the north side

This is an absolutely stunning hike. We drove our jeep to the top of bridal veil Falls near the powerhouse and parked in the sixth switch back up. There is no parking at the very top of the 4 x 4 trail near the powerhouse. We are flatlanders from Ohio and it was our first day at altitude so we were sucking wind most of the way up. Took us about 2 hours and 10 minutes to reach the lake. Started hailing as soon as we got up there. It was a beautiful hike all the way through with a stream, waterfalls, and amazing mountain scenery the whole way. For sure one of my favorite hikes of all time. Bring a lot of water, I drank about 4 L, and make sure to dress in layers and be prepared for weather at the top.

27 days ago

I’m so confused by the trail mileage all trails has here. It’s 6.2 total out and back to the lake. The trail is beautiful, short first part in trees and the rest through beautiful meadows. It was pretty windy while we were up here but towards the end around 1630 the wind died down. The trail is well marked and easy to follow. I would rate this hike as easy with a minimum of strenuous parts. There is parking at the trailhead. *update: your gps will take you to the road that will take you up to the trailhead. My guess is the extra mileage to get to ten miles is the drive up this road to the parking lot where the trailhead is. Also, this is is a well maintained dirt road, accessible most vehicles with no problems. We saw lots of sheep (sheep herding dogs were present too) and lots of cows. Only got to see some marmots up close. You can easily hang up some hammocks around the lake and chill. We didn’t have any negative experiences with bugs. Two years ago I did this trail in July. Not all the snow had melted and there was so much run off we lost the trail and had to turn back. Coming back and finishing it up was so rewarding. This lake is beautiful!

We did the hike starting from the very bottom of the falls since we just had a small sedan. The hike was about 11 miles from the bottom round-trip (per my Fitbit) and was about 150 flights up. The trail was gorgeous! Honestly, it was one of the prettiest hikes I’ve ever been on (and I’ve also hiked Mt Sneffels). Since we went at the end of August, the colors were breathtaking and we started around 7:00 am so the mountains were shrouded with clouds & mist. It was awesome. Definitely a challenging hike since the first 5+ miles are all incline. The Lake itself isn’t that spectacular but it was cool to see the old mining ruins next to it.

Too rocky. Uncovered. The rocks slip beneath your feet as you rapidly descend. We will not be coming back to this one.

Excellent, easy hike. Two hours or nine, there are countless trails to choose. Great views if you peak. Plenty to explore and love if you don't. Great for dogs

1 month ago

I used to hike this trail regularly when my parents had a cabin here 20 years ago. I still love the hike! I was dismayed to see the destruction of the pine trees by the beetles—none of that had hit when I was here before. There was less wildlife and fewer lakes and streams due to the drought. There was a lot more destruction of the trail due to more cattle (Huge mounds of poo and several torn up sections of the trail). Despite all of this it was still a beautiful hike through different eco systems—

I'm giving this a 4 because there is no way this trail is 8 miles long. at the very least, it's 6 miles one way. there are two points where you are losing all of the elevation you've gained, just to have to go and regain it again. bring more water than you think you need.

also, the map posted on all trails is not real. it's not a straight path

Pros: 70% shade
Cons: no signage, manure everywhere, no cave access— walked by 3 times, but never found, no good views.

Excellent hike. Upper Ice Lake Basin is just stunning. Wildflowers are past their peak, but still very pretty. Went on from Ice Lake to Island Lake, which was worth the extra effort, though not quite as beautiful as Ice Lake.

1 month ago

Great easy hike. Bring your swimwear so you can jump in.

Good hike; still decent views despite some smoke. Start early - coming down the west trail doesn’t provide much shade.

Beautiful lake - the trail could use some better markings - it is easy to wander off but overall a good portion of shade and relatively flat.

Did this lovely hike with my 21 month old son in a backpack and my 10lb shih tzu. We had a blast, and even took a dip in the ice cold lake!

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