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59 minutes ago

So windy holy cow! Be careful I heard it’s like this all the time.

Loved this climb! We did the long way and did Bierstadt also! It was by far my favorite! So beautiful and the drive up that road to trailhead at sunrise was absolutely breathtaking!

4 hours ago

Aside from the subjective stars:

First of all, the trail is 13 miles each way.
Furthermore, this weekend there was a medium black bear at Barr Camp regularly for 4-5 days. It’s been successful in getting food- from lazy hikers. There are bear bins provided at the camp and plenty of trees to hang in but I still took a hiker’s pack from the bear. Please secure your items in proper containers or use a method to prevent your pack and all of its contents from becoming part of the scenery.
Now that this bear has gotten comfortable and a little aggressive, the likely outcome will be him being put down.
Ok. -The trail- it is beautiful. It is hard. It is long and you will likely see a variety of weather in one day. Hell, in 1 hour!
If you plan to summit in one day, start by 5am and be prepared for anything.
I’ve seen snow here in July.

If you carry a water filter, no more than 2 liters at any time is needed.

Camel up at Barr Camp’s very reliable pvc piped spring. 16 July 2018 the flow was 2.5-3 L per minute.
If you’re worried about weight.-There’s another crossing of the same spring .5 mile above the camp, but it’s not as easy to access as the camp spring pipe. Still easy enough though.

I’ve read that you want to be above the tree line no later than 9am. I found that to be accurate and judging by the view I have from home, the summer afternoon thunderstorm threat is very real and very electric.

The A Frame shelter is before ascending out of the tree line. It’s a bit hidden in plain sight. Keep an eye out for the signage.

25-30 people summited the day I did- on a Monday. All were athletic. Army Rangers, Olympic gold medalists, moms, college students and a couple of men in their 70s-80s. But also, 3 kids under 15 years old.
The Pikes Peak summit, via Barr Trail, was my first 14er. I met some great folks on this trip, broke in my sea legs and humbled myself greatly. This is a challenging hike.
IMO 2 of the miles sucked pretty bad. Mile 4 & 10. But they all were beautiful and doable.

I’ve heard many people say they would never do it again, and I can piggyback on that but any good hiking partner could talk me into it in a day or two.

If you’re not familiar with this difficulty level at this altitude, I strongly advise you consider carrying a few more snacks and a little more water than you think you need.
It would be advised to also only consider doing the incline on the way up, if you’re in very good shape.
If you have any doubt in your strength, turn around NLT Barr Camp. It is the halfway point and the trail only gets more challenging during the final 5 miles.

You will need a sun barrier for the final three miles, that have zero shade.

The summit is oddly not a very Hiker friendly environment.
Plan a ride down in advance. From the summit you can take the free shuttle to GlenCove parking lot. I planned to hike back down and was too exhausted to even think about it.
I ended up stranded with half a dozen hikers for 2 hours bc the shuttles don’t carry you more than 1/3 the way down the mountain and there’s poor to zero cell phone service.

Shuttle Van#13 goes to GlenCove.

You cannot hike down pikes peak highway to descend.

It is $15 entry fee into the park.

The shuttle is free.
Some shuttle drivers are assholes.

There is WIFI at GlenCove Gift stop and ranger booth.

I saw about 10 mountain bikes traveling downhill during this hike.

Amazing trail! I really enjoyed it. It definitely is a challenge and very steep but it’s not miserable coming down! I highly recommend!

8 hours ago

Amazing hike! Best advice I can give is to wear shoes with ankle support. I'm pretty fit, but it's super rocky terrain and rolled my ankle on this trail. I wasn't wearing proper hiking shoes (just good pair of low-top running shoes). I would say this hike is more on the strenuous side just because of the sharp inclines and rockiness of the trail.
As you walk, you'll find little air vents with cool air coming out, take advantage of them!
You'll be tired when you get to the top, but make sure you go to Sprouting Rock! It's really close and beautiful.

12 hours ago

What a great hike! I love goals at the end to strive for and that view does not disappoint, so push through folks! I read many reviews before I headed up and many had said the loose rock is kinda tough, I may have underestimated those comments and felt the rock proved difficult, especially on the way down, watch those ankles!

Had the best time hiking this today! This was my tenth fourteener and probably has been my favorite so far. Not super hard and the trail was very well defined and easy to follow. Views were some of the prettiest I have seen! It also isn’t as popular as Elbert which I did last summer so it was nice not having the trail be super crowded. Saw some mountain goats as well. 10/10 recommend!

We drove to the bottom of the switchbacks which is where you would need 4-wheel drive to continue up. The grade of the trail was good because of all the switchbacks. If you don’t plan on continuing your hike once you get to the top of the falls I would suggest you turn around at the lower view point. There is not anything to see at the top of the falls.

Loved this trail. It does get fairly busy during the later morning/mid-day time. I got there around 9:30 am and there wasn't much parking spaces left and by the time we came back out there were people parked all up and down the side of the road as well. The hike was pretty easy and super super beautiful at the top. It only took a couple hours to go up and back, we spent a good amount of time hanging out at the top of the lookout.

The road up to the trail head is pretty rough! Its all dirt and there's a lot of wash out so it gets very bumpy. The road is pretty steep and has a lot of blind corners. I had quite a few rude people come flying down on while I was going up and it was a little scary, especially since I drive a large truck and cant easily pull off on the side of the road. Don't be one of those people that tries to go flying in and out of there.

First 14er I ever did. Trail was easy to follow, lots of other hikers going up that day. Had to stop often to catch my breath.

loved it absolutely worth it very intense

Brutal drive coming off of the highway...as others have mentioned, wouldn't do it in a passenger car.

Arrived at 5:15 am-ish, and I took one of the last three parking spots in the lot. Pretty heavily used trail...even for a Monday morning.

Great hike, though. Very windy at the top, so putting on layers was a smart move.

Our first 14ers! Wow, what an experience. I'm hooked! Couple things: The road is absolutely terrible. We picked up some hitchhikers going back to the bottom, and I would recommend thumbing a ride.
There is absolutely no scrambling. Just lots of steps!
Views were astounding on both peaks even in the smoke which made up for relatively mediocre scenery on the way up.
5.5 hours total trail time.

Pretty easy hike (for a 14er). The ridge was awesome but a little scary ( make sure ur on the right side of the ridge. On side is tough and one side is safe.

Was awesome!! Done 11 and this was my favorite.

17 hours ago

If you do one trail while you're in the San Juans, this should be it. 2WD accessible trailheads are hard to come by here! Wish we had known about the loop, but our guide book was old so it didn't include that option. Island Lake is breathtaking. The altitude and gain make this a difficult hike but there is only one small scramble section up to Island. Trail easy to navigate.

20 hours ago

Very awesome trail, but, as others have said, also extremely challenging. This is not a trail for beginners!! It took me, an acclimated & active 21 year old, two hours of pretty intense climbing to get to the top. The view is absolutely worth it! There were parts where I had to slide down on my butt when descending. It gets very slick in some spots, so I highly suggest hiking poles! There were also parts where I had to carry my dog up/down due to the steepness. As always, watch for bears & mountain lions! A fellow hiker told us he was about 20 yards away from a massive black bear on the trail the same time we were there. It’s really easy to get off trail, too. Keep left & look for blue/brown marks for reassurance. There aren’t many marks, but there were enough for us to know we were still on the trail.

21 hours ago

Gray was my first 14er and it was a beautiful trail!!! Many of the reviews said it was a packed trail, I went on a Monday starting around 10am and found it to be pretty lightly populated.

I didn’t train or acclimate myself to the altitude. It was doable, I made it to the top but there were a lot of breather breaks in between (and some altitude sickness when I got home).

Amazing wildlife along the way!! Encountered mountain goats, Marmots, and nice!

Spent the evening on the trail and I had a wonderful time, made it in time to see the sunset and turn right back around. Lots of wildlife - kind of intimidating walking by fauna that stand taller than you do, so remember to carry a headlamp if you intend on adventuring past dusk. Pretty moderate overall, couldn’t recommend it more, just keep an eye on the weather!

Great hike and easier 14er. Lake and summit were full of people so most enjoyable parts were between with few others on the trail. The weather allowed for late afternoon hike and was mostly cloudy which helped keep my energy level up from lack of sun.

Did it for sunrise, awesome. Try to time it to arrive up top before sunrise as the colors start showing about 20 min before official sunrise time.

Beautiful and easy hike with a big payoff. The wild flowers are gorgeous and the views are breathtaking. Perfect hike to take out of town guests not yet acclimated to the altitude. FYI dogs are allowed off leash as long as they are under voice command. Met up with someone who felt the need to tell me my dog (who is a gentle sole and completely ignored her) should be on a leash. I corrected her and moved along. Besides one crabby lady, it was a perfect hike!

Wonderful hike! Wildflowers are abundant right now on the hike (though unusually sparse in the meadows along the road). Hike all the way to the top and then to the right to the red rock formations. Walk down into the small glens to the left when you reach the red rocks - colorful wildflowers fill the entire glens! Spectacular Mountain Views!!!

Great loop; Very steep up to Spalding with awesome views! 4.65 miles took about 2.5 hours with photo breaks. There's quite a bit of scrambling with some exposure as you head up Evans. Getting up to Spalding took only about 40 minutes, and that was my favorite part because there were only two other people on that trail.

This is an amazing hike!! Views from the top are beautiful. If you bring your dogs please be aware it is difficult for them, as far as steep and rocky!

This was my 3rd 14er and probably the easiest (bierstadt and quandary). Prettier than bierstadt up top, but not as good as quandary. This is a great beginner mountain to climb. We started from the FairPlay side

What a hike! Totally worth it!

Amazing hike! We went in mid July and wildflowers were in peak bloom. This hike has it all....wildflowers, Mountain View’s, and amazing alpine lakes. This hike is a must. I would recommend going early or going on a weekday to avoid crowds. Several great spots to camp of you wanted to turn it into an overnight trip. I would say this hike is moderate and not hard. Easy switchbacks the whole way up.

2 days ago

I’m sure this has been written in other reviews, but although the hike features seriously gorgeous views of lakes, rivers, mountains and of course the mill itself, it is moderately to heavily trafficked with off-roading motorists. That means stepping off to the side of the trail every few minutes to let someone pass, and if you have a dog, keeping a tight leash around bends and narrow sections of the trail. It also means that you should not be expecting a “hiking trail” so much as a rocky dirt road.

Traffic from motorists can be avoided by getting an early start (around sunrise) to make it there and back to the trailhead with few interruptions, or go on a week day if possible (I’ve hiked this trail on a few separate occasions and found this to be accurate).

The hike is definitely worth doing! It is very picturesque and there are several beautiful pit stops to take along the way. Just do yourself the courtesy of going at an off time!

2 days ago

My favorite hike to date! Challenging, spectacular views. Love the river along the trail. I did read people upset about the 4x4 vehicles, honestly didn’t bother us one bit! We parked down by the mail boxes and was between 9 and 10 miles round trip. Brought our dog too! Stop by groovy slow bbq after in marble for an amazing post hike meal!!! Soooo yummy!!

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