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rock climbing
23 days ago

Wicked climb! made it to the lakes in 70 min. then the climbing begins. fun test of your route finding and climbing skill.

An incredibly hard hike. My brother who is an experienced hiker brought me for my FIRST 14er which was absolutely ridiculous and I’m lucky I survived it. Do not go without experience. There isn’t much of a trail mostly straight uphill free rock climbing over loose rock. Wear a helmet, rocks fell all over us when scrambling up and down. Go with someone who knows how to navigate. You gain about 3,000 feet of elevation in a mile and a half so it’s no joke. That being said..incredible views!

1 month ago

not a hike - more intro to mountaineering to get to the top. still some cool views available before that final more technical ascent. if you are looking for a nice hike, go only up to the flat part before the saddle around 13 thousand feet, after that technical experience on 14ers and a helmet is highly recommended! however more beautiful and green then I expected with sand dunes near by.

Amazing hike. Did it as a very long day hike, took ~9 hours. Didn’t see any other hikers except for on the out-and back to the Causeway. Saw a couple friendly bow hunter groups on horseback. Amazing weather, mid-Sept is a great time of year to explore this area as the aspens have started to turn. A bit tricky to follow the trail along the Chinese wall, you’ll lose it and find it again if you stay in the general direction.

2 months ago

It took 20 hours of climbing over two days to reach the summit. Climbed 8/1/18-8/2/18 with great weather. It was my 5th 14er and the most technical. I would not have made it without a guide. I used Nate from Aspen Expeditions. I’m going to pick something easier next year.

Near death experience. I am an experienced climber and i lost visibility and dropped elevation only to end up in an extremely dangerous position. Had to take detour just to find safe way down in elevation. Ended up having to walk 13 miles all the way around tree line back to the cars

2 months ago

Absolutely incredible! Started from the Purgatory Trail to the Animas River Trail to Needle Creek Trail. The trails were easy to follow and well marked all the way up to Twin Lakes and on to the top of N. Eolus. The catwalk is obvious trailwise, a little intimidating but shouldn't be something you stop you in your tracks, just take your time. Some route finding on the way to the top to Eolus. I wouldn't even be able to tell you the way my group and I went up.

2 months ago

Nice out and back hike with some good elevation gain. The view at the top is great. We got there around 9:30 and had no trouble with parking. There are some steep areas so trekking poles are helpful.

I don’t know if anybody else experienced this or used the navigation on this site for directions, but you have to go a good couple miles past where the directions say “you have arrived.”

Ok, well start with the drive to trail head. You do need a 4wd or AWD. My Subaru Forester made it fine with the low gear XT. There are a few tough areas but if you have some experience it is fine . The trail is tough but worth it. I hiked without seeing anyone all day except on top where the other trailheads meet up at the top. Going up took 4 hrs. 3.5 hrs to what looks like the top.... sorry there are 5+ false summits . Keep going another 30 min and you’ll reach the summit . Going down is no fun and took about 2.5 hrs; however I had poles . Without poles add another hour and some bandaids for the falls !!!
Beautiful , not well travelled trail but remember it’s almost 4000 vertical feet in a short distance !!!
Have fun!!!!

off road driving
2 months ago

Pretty quick and easy ride up to the trailhead for Bridal Veils & Blue Lake. The trail is pretty rocky and I don't think a sedan would make it but any higher clearance vehicle would be fine.

2 months ago

Video of this Hike on YouTube: TrailPerspective

Giving this hike 1 star is REALLY low class. Come on people you are rating a nature trail, not a hotel experience.

Let me correct the 'Trail Divas' below (complaining about lack of shade...really?!) by saying that the scenery on this hike is absolutely gorgeous and this is a great hike if you do not wish to spend the whole day hiking and want to spend part of your day in Telluride.

Going early eliminates some of the crowd (and sun) and the cars driving up, but I didn't expect extreme solitude being so close to town. We did this hike to warm up for some bigger hikes later in our week long trip and this was perfect. This box canyon is absolutely breathtaking and packs almost un-obstructed scenery the entire hike.

Echoing previous reviews... this mountain is not to be trifled with. It's less of a hike and more of a challenging mountaineering route. If it's your first 14er, don't go. If you're not completely confident in your ability, don't go. If you didn't bring proper gear (helmet, layers for bad weather, lots of water) don't go. Uncomfortable with airy climbs and steep drop offs? Definitely don't go. Everything past the first gulley is steep, technical and relentless. Definitely review the route on 14ers.com. definitely get an alpine start - it will take considerably longer than other hikes of similar distances. Even if you don't have knee issues, poles are a game changer on the steep and loose descent. After branching off from Minnehaha Gulch, there is nearly zero chance to refill your water this time of year, so bring more than you think you'll need. All that said, it was very rewarding to make it to the top... feels like a major accomplishment. The view is epic from start to finish.

Spectacular view and good experience overall. Was a little scary crossing the causeway section, and the elevation change was a bit tiring. But Sooo glad I made it to the top for the view!

on Devil's Causeway

3 months ago

The hike starts off in a thickly wooded area, the air is cool and the wilderness is great. The first mile is like this. The last 2ish miles are exposed but you hike up to the top of the beautiful Flat Tops. Great views all around. If you’re feeling dangerous, cross the narrow rock bridge on top!

My family, husband, son (21) and daughter (19) decided to hike this steeper ascent trail as my knees are great going up but kill me on downhills. We parked at the southeast Massive trailhead and hiked the road the 2 miles to the sw trailhead.
This sw hike is no joke, very steep and while nothing hurt on me, it was just hard. You reach the saddle where the sw and se trails meet then you go up the last .3 to the summit. It's a fairly easy ridge but you're scrambling some. The views are amazing!
We descended down the 6+ mile se trail which still bothered my bad knee but the sw trail was not doable at all for me which is why we parked where we did and made it a loop. The mileage is about the same if you do it that way vs the out and back on the se trail.
I'd say if you have good knees and a very steep descent doesn't bother you then the sw trail shaves off about 5+ miles.

Simply my most favorite 14er, I highly recommend this hike for people that are starting to move into class 3 14ers. So beautiful!

Road to the trailhead is rough. There’s a spot 1/3 mile from the trailhead my 4x4 Jeep couldn’t make it over. Must have good clearance and good driving skills to make it to this trail head

My first CO 14er!!! I went with a highly experienced guide. It was an amazing and humbling experience! Very challenging for a first 14er! It was a beautiful day!

3 months ago


I have climbed other hard 14's and this one is a match.

BEAUTIFUL and VARIED terrain and vistas all along the way.

It's actually a very pleasant hike to the saddle between Lindsey and Iron Nipple. Then the work begins!!!

To make the summit, the final approach is HARD and DANGEROUS no matter which route you take. The crux wall is serious business and the north face colour will just slide you down and down again---LOTS of very loose scree.

A great hike-climb but it will wear you out for sure.

See info on 14ers.com website for more.


So scary ... so awesome... only party to summit today ...I had to use the rope after 15 yards up in hour glass cuz I’m not a good enough climber to make it ....rocks coming down gully, hour glass and near summit are a major threat. Once u get to hourglass ... stay focused and take breaks cuz the little bear will take ur life...

Wow! My 1st 14er! Diverse trail, rock stairway to the heavens, mountain goats and an incredible 360 degree view!

We drove to the bottom of the switchbacks which is where you would need 4-wheel drive to continue up. The grade of the trail was good because of all the switchbacks. If you don’t plan on continuing your hike once you get to the top of the falls I would suggest you turn around at the lower view point. There is not anything to see at the top of the falls.

Great camping along the road to the trailhead, both free dispersed and pay sites w bathrooms. You must have good clearance probably 4WD to get to the trailhead undamaged. A few Subarus were up there but I guarantee they bottomed out on a few spots. There is a gnarly drainage/culvert about 1/4 of a mile before the trailhead. Some butt was parked right before it when i was leaving and only left a crappy line down in my 3in lifted FJ that I still bottomed out.
Hike is awesome, pretty easy for a fourteener. Lots of rocks, hard on the feet, ankles and knees coming down. 2 or 3 false summits, be prepared. I went through 5L of water, applied sunscreen twice and definitely bring bug spray for the first part.
Lots of really cool views both of the Elk Range and of Leadville and the surrounding lakes and scenery. Spectacular views of the Halfmoon lakes and valley on your way up.

4 months ago

Great hike with beautiful views. Dogs are allowed so I am not sure why that is not mentioned here. Took my boyfriend, pup and I about 3 hours round trip. Would definitely do this again.

Make sure you have a good level of fitness for this one.

Great Hike! Have to earn it right from the beginning by making the drive up to the trail head. Need AWD/
4 wheel drive and good clearance. The trail holds Beautiful views, Excellent trails and very few hikers.

Terrible for me personally... From my experience, this should be done with at least one other responsible person who’s done a 14’er and not alone, and also not as first 14’er. Just my opinion from my own terrible near death experience.

This “hike” is on a rocky road with cars passing, hardly any shade and is not worth the effort. Either take a 4X4 up to the falls then hike from there to Silver or Blue Lake. Or skip this and go to Bear Creek Falls which is a much more enjoyable hike.

Its a dirt road that leads to the falls. tue Scenery is nothing special and the Falls werent that great. Go and do Bear Creek instead. The falls there are surreal.

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