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Love it!

1 day ago

Beautiful well-marked trail. The last mile to the trailhead is on a very rough road that requires a high-clearance vehicle.

Pros: 70% shade
Cons: no signage, manure everywhere, no cave access— walked by 3 times, but never found, no good views.

8 days ago

I don’t think this is a hard trail. We did it on a Sunday morning. We passed 34 mountain bikers and nine hikers. A lot of shade, a good well marked trail. Took us 3 hours; about 9 miles total from the parking area and back. We went to the right. Counterclockwise was better with the bikers coming the other way.

12 days ago

CRATER LAKE/ANDREWS LAKE/MOLAS PASS AREA. Guide books talk this one up and I feel they’re right!
What contributed to a good experience today is that it was a Wednesday afternoon start and we had realistic expectations we weren’t going to make the full out and back plus the weather was perfect—no chance of rain, nearly cloudless and 70 degrees even at 11,000 feet!

I made it to the Snowdon meadow though I found out from an overnight hiker on his way back (Ben) that I had picked an alternative path. The usual way to go to Crater Lake is the right fork of the “Y” that presents itself at the register box.

Memorable moments: Seeing a Western Osprey loop repeatedly over Andrews Lake both as I showed up and departed—then seeing a second one! Noticing the texture change underfoot as I went from sturdy dirt trail to mushy marsh then to crunchy dried pine needles littering the forest floor.

I will certainly be pleased to trek all the way to the lake. It’s a “definitely do it again” alpine hike with no-sweat trail access. Lovely!

Good hike; still decent views despite some smoke. Start early - coming down the west trail doesn’t provide much shade.

12 days ago

This trail is a “must do” if you are in the Silverton area.! While it is rated difficult, you will not have any problem if you are a regular hiker in Colorado. The prize? The beautiful and stunning lake at the end of your journey! I have never seen a lake of such beauty anywhere in Colorado! This is a hike not to be missed!

12 days ago

OMG. This hike was TOUGH! The climb is steep until you get about a mile+ away from the lake. Plenty of tight ledges to cross. The switchbacks when you descend are loose so take care with your footing. That being said, it was the most beautiful lake I have ever seen. It’s a grueling climb but absolutely worth it. Bluest water ever! Take your time and allot a lot of time to complete this trail.

Absolutely beautiful hike. The views of the canyon are sweeping and breathtaking. We didn’t make it to the bridge but saw some really great views after only hiking 2.5-3 miles in. There are parts of the creek that get pretty deep (5-6 feet) and you can swim easily. The elevation gain felt very minor.

The trailhead is located at the very end of the campgrounds but if you’re not using a campground for overnight camping you need to park at the beginning of the campground area and walk through the road leading to the campsites all the way to the end. You could also walk on the horse/hiking trail from the visitor parking area which eventually connects to the trailhead at the end of the campgrounds.

This was my favorite hike due to the leisurely pace, sweeping views, and how uncrowded it was (and we did ice lakes and highland mary lakes also).

13 days ago

Beautiful lake to camp out at. It’s a very easy hike to get to. BE WARNED: the road to get to the trailhead is extremely rocky and uneven. You will need 4WD and probably an SUV. Also the trailhead is not marked. Other than that it’s a easy hike and good spot to camp.

Beautiful lake - the trail could use some better markings - it is easy to wander off but overall a good portion of shade and relatively flat.

Such a beautiful lake! The first 2 miles were tough with a lot of switchbacks and a steep incline up the saddle. Once you reach the top of the saddle it’s pretty flat the rest of the way to the lake. Awesome views towards the top, and the lake is so blue!

Lovely, easy trail with little elevation gain. Incredible views from the top.

trail running
14 days ago

Very nice trail until you reach the saddle between sharks tooth and Centennial then if you want to proceed up sharks tooth it’s pretty rough,tons of jagged loose rock! Overall lovely hike would def check out this trail again!

gorgeous! my favorite hike

16 days ago

I hiked this trail on a Thursday afternoon. Only saw a few people on the trail and got to spend a half hour at the lake all by myself. So peaceful and beautiful. The road to the trail head is very rocky and rough. I actually wanted to turn around a couple times coming in due to bottoming out my suv, but glad I didn't!

16 days ago

PARTIAL REVIEW. Attempted 2 weeks ago alone. My sedan only made it 1.5 miles up the ROUGH ROAD everyone warns about. It got riskier than I was willing to dare. I started up the FSR on foot and within 1/4 mile met a couple warning me there was a bear just yards off the trail in a thicket. The rain predicted was starting earlier than expected, and that combined with the ominous thunder was enough to put the fear-of-lightning in me.

Planning on returning and giving a much better rating!

ATTEMPT #2 was made 8.7.18
Road is truly horrid unless you can clear more than 8 inches undercarriage. Seriously people—it’s built for super duty trucks and hearty forerunners. Made it .6 miles to trail head this time. Set out 4pm. Trail is pleasant and is truly 10 degrees cooler than in Durango. Husband gave a hearty thumbs down because of how rocky it is. (I’m okay with rocky). What I’m not okay with is how slow my 6 year old creeped upon the rocky trail. We made it half way to lake before bailing because of time and a dispirited party.

I promised I’m only coming back with some other party and some big-a** vehicle. We played on the rocks at the Lily Pond and watched some Canada geese before loping back down menacing road.

Husband prayed to see a bear once we were safely back in car. Prayer was answered in 12 minutes time at end of trail where ^^goodness^^ there’s a big ole canyon that drops 150 feet away from the unaware bypasser at the start of Old Lime Creek Road. It was a beautiful, large black bear scampering around the backside of what looked like water treatment ponds across the 80 yard chasm. Safe distance!

This experience gets a 2.5 star rating. Third try may be a charm.

17 days ago

Trail is very pleasant but could have better markings. Great for day hiking with family or pets.

Great trail for the whole family.

18 days ago

Great trail for the entire family. We took our dog along and all had a wonderful time.

Pretty easy trail, beautiful cliff hangings, mostly by the river with several spots to soak your feet. We loved it and the kids did well.

19 days ago

A beautiful trail, but going to the bridge and back was NOT shady (at least between Noon-2pm). There were brief areas of shade where the cliffs were close on both sides, but for that first 1.75 miles (if that is what it really is to the bridge), I would say 75%+ of the time is not shaded. Wiped out my newbie hiking family :), but it was quite beautiful and worth it.

on Spud Lake

19 days ago

A good easy hike but definitely not the best in the area. There are some dispersed campsites around the lake. Quite a few people there on a Tuesday, including some people blasting music on the trail (please don't be those people). My Subaru did fine on the road in but I wouldn't bring a sedan down there.

Great view from the top and fissures are fascinating

Every section offered a new, breathtaking view. The trail was pretty easy - clearly defined, nice paths. A little more incline than I expected but still overall pretty easy. We passed a few people but it definitely wasn’t crowded. Our total mileage was closer to 11 miles and it took us under 6 hours to complete. We did sit at Crater Lake for awhile. The grazing alpacas were a surprise treat! Do this hike!

20 days ago

This is the most beautiful lake I have ever seen. I thought Peyto Lake in Canada was blue but this was beyond words. The first two miles are HARD. Once you get to the saddle it gets significantly easier but there is still a little ways to go until you reach the lake. I had no problem getting to the trailhead in my Ford Escape. I would recommend getting to the trailhead early as parking fills up quickly. We arrived at the trailhead by 7 on a Sunday morning and had no issues finding parking. When we came back down around noon the whole road was filled with cars. Such a beautiful hike!

21 days ago

Love this hike and spud lake is amazing! Great to do with kids and dogs!

21 days ago

Beautiful hike and spectacular views at Spud Lake. Our 4yr old knocked it out with no problem.

21 days ago

Very nice trail. Difficult to navigate. Lots of beautiful scenery, a couple waterfalls, cool mining site. Lots of shade. Worth the trek. This is also a horse trail so watch out for horse poo.

We did this walk with kids (both under 10) and found it fairly easy. Most of the trail is nice - unremarkable - but nice enough. The sections along the creek are pretty and the trees provide a bit of shade on a hot day. The kids also liked the old mine and other remains along the trail.
We did not do the section that over looks the lake.

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