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Beautiful hike! The view is super nice on top (and can be a bit crowded). I would recommend to take Paradise lane trail to get up there as you will encounter a "wall" of rock to get to the view point. It will be easier on your body to climb this wall rather than go down on it. Can be done within 2-3h.

My husband and I did this trail on a beautiful, late autumn day with most of the leaves on the ground. It was extremely beautiful BUT slippery because of the leaves on the ground. Thick layers of leaves reduced traction (we had good hiking boots) and made footings sometimes dangerously slippery in sharp declines/inclines. The leaves filled in crevices so they made it hard to see if you were putting your foot down into a hole. The vistas as you climbed upwards were spectacular. We would consider this hike as offering a superior cardiovascular and gluteal workout. It is rated as a HARD hike and we would agree that this is true for most hikers. The trail was generally well marked, but the paint has become camouflaged on some trees. We would do this hike again BUT not in November when the leaves are making it somewhat treacherous.

Great trail....starts steep right off the bat. Have to cross the water a few times getting to the top. Great views of the upper falls. AT to Everett is steep but worth the hike. Ran / Hiked rt 41 to Everett and back in 2 1/2 hrs.

10 days ago

I’ve hiked up to Bear Mountain many times but I normally take an in and out (Undermountain trail to AT to Bear Mountain then back down). Today we did this loop- Undermountain trail to Pleasant Lane to AT and back to Undermountain. Undoubtedly the loop was more fun. Right before the Bear Mountain summit there’s some great rock scrambling. If you’re going to do the loop I recommend going counter clock wise (up Pleasant Lane and down Undermountain) to avoid having to transverse down the rock scramble. The rocks are pretty wet and slippery but they weren’t difficult to climb, I would just prefer to climb up them rather than down. We’ve also had a lot of rain lately so it was a pretty wet trek overall. Views are amazing and well worth the hike.

It was raining pretty bad, but it was a great easy hike.

22 days ago

Really fun hike.

24 days ago

Very beautiful scenery! Hard hike but sooooo worth the view and a great adventure to explore the outdoors! Love this trail! It’s challenging!

Well marked and not very challenging. If you have bad knees, hike the loop counterclockwise (go up Paradise and come down Undermountain)...you’ll avoid a short, but challenging descent near the summit. Nice views at the top.

26 days ago

great view on the top.nice hike

28 days ago

I love this trail. I prefer to take the Paradise trial up since there is a steep rocky section and I find it easier climbing up the rocks if the trail is wet. Due to heavy rainfall many sections of the trial were wet and muddy.

Only went up a mile because the trail was so wet, but wasn’t hard. Great views!

29 days ago

Did this on Sunday, it was a gorgeous day! I brought my 11w old puppy with me and a friend. We started at about 1030 and ended around 3pm. Having the puppy made things a little slower but overall really enjoyed the hike! Tried to take the route preferred by commenters but I believe we ended up taking the opposite direction which means we were butt scooting down some of the rocks because it was so steep! Still a lot of fun though! Made me question how some of the other folks I saw pass us were making it up that way though.
It was pretty trafficked though.

1 month ago

Great hike! Especially during fall in CT. My husband and I hiked yesterday. We took the advice of others here and took a right at the fork to paradise lane trail to do a counterclockwise loop. The trail is easy to follow and accurately rated as medium. The rock ledges before hitting the peak were the hardest part. The view at the top was lovely, and going counterclockwise allowed us to enjoy the views on the way down as well. I tracked 6.35 miles and we finished right around 3 hours including our lunch stop at the peak.

1 month ago

Hi ya'll I did this hike yesterday. I think it is accurately labeled moderate, although I'd imagine if you are a seasoned hiker on trails with incline it might seem easier. The most challenging parts of the hike for me, were the first 20 minutes before it splits, and the half mile up the rock scramble before the summit. However, there was plenty of flatter sections to allow you to catch your breath.
I took the suggestion of doing the loop counterclockwise, and am glad I did. Personally I don't think I would have liked climbing down the rock slabs. They were pretty damp and slippery. Also, because I did it counterclockwise I was able to continue looking out on the view as I made my way down. This hike took me about 3 hours 40 minutes. I definitely took my time going up. Made a few breaks, but was able to come down at a pretty good slip. Enjoy!

Took the dog with us, and parked at the GPS location. The Gould Trail entrance is located across the street. Trail is great easy areas to starts that follows a stream. Some Rocky sections closer to the top but nothing terrible. We didn't check the forecast the day before and it was very foggy at the top and couldn't see at the summit so that was disappointing. on the way back we got a little turned around, so be careful to follow the markings.

A hidden gem of a trail!

1 month ago

I’m not a seasoned hiker and this trail was really easy. It was a bit slippery today and I was lucky to make it before it got too busy. If you’re looking for a lighter traveled path, this one is not for you. Go early to avoid the crowds.

Great hike with the kids.

Great hike. A good, challenging trail. Gets steep quickly; it isn't long before you see beautiful wildlife and waterfalls. Keep going up to Mt. Everett where you can catch some good views.

Nice hike! I only did about half of this trek (4 miles total), had two nice views with large rocks to sit on. Took my dog and she liked it as well, there were a few cold streams for her to lay in. Only saw one other couple with a dog, surprised because it was such a nice day. Lots of rocks and ruts so need to be aware of your footing, but I didn't find this hike too difficult. I know it is classified as hard but I think that is a stretch.

Got to the parking area 0800. Started at the Gould entrance across the street. Trail was fairly easy going up and muddy. Stayed dry though and dog enjoyed it. No traffic on the trail going up. The summit was great had the whole place to ourselves. Went down North Appalachian to Thunderbolt via Bellows Pipe and ended up coming in to the back of the parking area. Little steep going down the ski trail and a small amount of people and dogs coming up. Overall a nice close hike.

This a great hike! It’s fairly easy, but still interesting. Lovely views of Mt. Greylock and the surrounding area. I highly recommend this trail.

Just did a day hike here. Rained the night before, so it was a bit muddy, but still not very difficult. The trail itself seems well maintained, and relatively quiet.
The scenery was nice the whole time, and the summit of Greylock is very enjoyable, with the monument, the lodge, and the great views. All in all a great day and a good hike. Would definitely recommend.

If you had to choose one hike out of many in the Berkshires, this is the one, particularly beautiful/scenic/interesting in the fall.

This is the tallest peak in CT, so it should be noted that it is a fairly steep and steady climb the first 2 miles, up up up! it relaxes a bit after that until the last mile, we went left (instead of doing the paradise lane trail) to the summit and clocked it at 7 miles total. Not sure how this site is saying 6, because the paradise lane trail looks longer. The view is stunning and worth it.

2 months ago

I’m an avid hiker so this hike was a piece of cake. I followed this route exactly and it was all very clearly marked. Beautiful views from the top!

2 months ago

Trail turned out to be more challenging than we expected but overall and so far our best hike of the year! On the way back we haven’t met almost no one so it was freaky to feel alone in the woods but we made out alive , well and before the dusk. I wouldn’t recommend bringing small kids, inexperienced pets and elderly, elevation more that 1600 ft and for the most part you just keep going up like on stepmaster. Bring lots of water and be wise with time, you ‘ll be fine

Very nice hike but very challenging (my calves were soared the next 3 days). The falls are nice and the upper part past the falls sees a wonderful forest path along the river, a delight! The path to the Appalachian Trail to mount Everett is indeed rocky and steep (strenuous) and views are not really there (unless you got someone to put you on their shoulders :D). Make sure on the way back (close to the parking lot) to take on a a left and cross the river (I kept going straight lost in my thoughts and realized that there was houses that I did not see on the way in and I had to turn back...).
Took me about 2-2h30 to get to Mount Everett with a fairly good pace.

Only downside of this hike is that the peak has no view, they took down the fire tower. Very anticlimactic. Beginning and Middle are 5/5 tho

2 months ago

some good challenging uphills, and the view from the top of bear mountain is stunning.

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