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Cobleskill x-country skiing Map

I just walked this trail for the first time. It's late Oct. and seasonal. This is a great little forest walk and excellent for what it is; a marshy trail nestled between a residential neighborhood and a highway. The ambient noise of the highway was not terribly distracting and a train whistle in the distance was charming.

The 1mi loop is about half a mile in from the parking are (accessed by a broad, grassy lane) and punctuated by somewhat questionable boardwalks over marshland. If I'd had younger children with me I'd have turned back until I walked it first. Now, though, I'd take my 8 yr old, but not my younger nephew.

I recommend water resistant footwear. My sneakers left my feet a bit damp. O also will avoid the area during biting insect season without a face net and tons of spray; it IS a full marsh.

I'll definitely be back and next time with my dog :)

Walked to the first falls today from the Hecheltown Rd. parking area. The trail was in good shape and reasonably dry. They've done some work on the steps climbing away from the dam and added some steps on the blue trail at the steep hill. The steps ease the grade and make climbing a lot easier.

There's some pretty good beaver activity going on just upstream from the dam. The trail before the dam is high and dry now, but another foot or two and it'll be under water.

Fall colors are at their peak.

Easy trail but so beautiful in the autumn.

I just got back from walking this trail. I am LOADED with mosquito bites. The boardwalks are crumbling and missing planks. I turned back about 3/4 of a mile in because it was too overgrown and I was sure i would expose myself to ticks. The place needs some TLC. It is a pleasant enough setting.

I love walking this trail with my dog but there are so many ticks. I checked her before leaving during the spring/summer and I pulled at least 5 ticks off of her each time. (this is with her collar that usually does the job) Other than that it is a beautiful trail and I've never had any ticks on me.

Trail was great today 9/23. Minimal mud and bugs! Good amount of hills to get your heart rate up, but still easy enough to enjoy the scenery!

Pretty cool little hike. Always figured it would be a waste of time, but I’ll def come back. Some good bird activity if you’re patient and have binoculars. Once you hit the bridges, the trail isn’t very well maintained, so I could see it being messy/ buggy but it was fine today (Sept 20th). Easy, quick, enjoyable, great for after work!

This is a great easy hike for people of all abilities. I did it in a little over an hour with my 4 year old. There is not a ton to see but it is nice to be in the woods.

2 months ago

Decent trail but not much to see

well marked trail with a decent climb at the beginning.

3 months ago

Great, easy hike. Took my 6.5 daughter and our 10yr old dog. Completed two miles round trip. Beautiful scenery. :)

I took my kids (ages 9, 10, and 12) and it was easy for them. Very sandy, but its cleared well. Not much to see, but the hilly parts are partitioned off into steps that make it easy for younger climbers. There was also a book posted periodically to keep them entertained. I will go again.

5 months ago

Trail wasn’t very well marked. Great park with lakefront beach, tons of picnic tables and BBQ pits. A few nice playground sets for kids to play on. Overall a great park, just disappointed that the trails weren’t well marked.

5 months ago

My daughter and I parked at the Park Lot in Ft. Hunter and walked the Towpath trail to Empire Lock and then returned to the Park Visitors Center via the Woodchuck Trail. It was a nice 1.75 miles loop hike. The recently re-modeled VC was beautiful. The exhibits were well done and the staff extremely helpful. Trail conditions were very good; well mowed and clear of any obstructions.

Boring, not much to see

5 months ago

The area was a nice walk, fairly muddy though. The area near the cemetery was very well maintained. The bridge was a little scary though, and some of the boardwalks were sinking, but overall it was a nice walk.

5 months ago

The Towpath is always a good choice for a nice, easy no worries time out. It is very well maintained.

The scenery is great and today the fragrance of the wild honeysuckle and phlox was wonderful. At one point the honeysuckle overlapped the path making a conopy. Will try and add a picture of that!

A small hike on the way to Saratoga Springs. Decent hike to walk the dog if you live in the area but I wouldn’t go out of my way. Ticks. Lots of slopes but easy enough for a beginner.

Easy to walk
Pretty nature to see and hear
Easy to follow
Close to home for an easy nature walk

Mud and water in some spots on the path
no variety of wildlife
didn’t see much
Can hear cars/traffic in background

This was our first hike of the season. We chose to do the red trail. It was about a 5 mile hike round trip. There were some really nice waterfalls although at one point in the trail we had to cross the water which can be dangerous. This would not be recommended for families or inexperienced individuals taking a stroll. Otherwise it was very pretty and we enjoyed it.

Great easy loop

Nice trail and easy enough for my dog and I. Trail markers towards the end got a little confusing and we ended up crossing the creak at a low spot to get back onto a spot we knew was the trail. We’ll do it again.

Easy climb, but not a lot of grand sweeping views except at the beginning and the trail markers could stand to be touched up. But overall, a good warm up hike.

6 months ago

I have to say it was a nicer hike than I was expecting, based on the description. I thought it was just going to be a plain walk through the woods, which would have been fine. But, there's a big, man-made pond back there, which makes it more interesting. A sign describing how the pond came to be, signs about an old cemetery located on the property and a bridge you have to cross also add to the interest. I'd have to say I would change the rating of this walk from "Easy" to "Moderate", as well, for the following reasons. There are sections that have an awful lot of exposed roots on the trail, which makes it pretty uneven, and there are a lot of plank bridges that you have to use because it's so wet in quite a few spots. For those reasons, I would increase the level of difficulty from "Easy" to "Moderate", it's not a flat trail that would be easy for the elderly or the very young. I checked out all the trails - there is one all the way to the right back corner (green, I believe it was) that wasn't too easy to follow, and it seemed just to stop without looping back to anything. If it was intended to, I couldn't follow it any farther, to me, it just seemed to stop. You can see it on my recording of this trail. Overall, though, I enjoyed this trail and would check it out again.

nice day to take a hike with the dog. easy trail to walk. the longer route of this trail is just under 2 miles I believe. clearly marked if you stay on the trail and I believe it has distance markers posted here and there. there are a few bridges here and there which crossover some streams or creeks. took the long route which looped around the left and then eventually rejoined to the first two-way bridge and then back out to the parking lot. Trail condition today is very good, just saw one down tree which you only have to step over to continue on. basically pretty much level all the way through is trail. saw some people out today and mercury made a few friends to. nice day, good exercise!

8 months ago

this trail is like walking on a 15 foot wide lawn. the dog and I covered over 5 miles. no inclines. trail conditions are ice, snow and mud with some dry areas. very peaceful walk. nice little rest area with a bench where someone had a little fire going. enjoyed the walk and got to see a piece of history. nice day, good exercise!

8 months ago

this trail is a breeze to walk. according to my GPS, we covered 5.2 Mi today. if it were summer time it would be like walking on a 10 to 15 foot wide lawn. spotted a nice little rest spot where someone had a little fire going. very peaceful setting. didn't notice any inclines and it seemed to go on in either direction. nice beautiful day to take a walk with the dog and see a piece of history.

8 months ago

nice day for a walk with the dog! be alert for the road sign to the entrance of this trail or you can easily drive past it. ( take note of the entrance sign in the photo gallery.) the parking lot is big enough for about 6 vehicles but there is plenty of parking along side of the road. the trail conditions we're a little swampy here and there today but there are no difficulties getting anywhere around. tried to walk the perimeter of the Blue Trail but it just seemed to end in the far corner on your way around. backtracked to were blue meets Red and then continued on around the trail. some of the trail markings seem to be marked a little too far apart from each other and not easily seen. all in all an interesting little hike.

8 months ago

another nice day to take a hike with the dog. we covered about 1.5 miles. tried to walk the outskirts of the Blue Trail but it just seemed to end in the far corner of the trail. had to slowly back track to where blue meets red to continue on around to complete the trail. no real difficulties getting around but the trails could be better marked. lots of swampy areas today. nice day, good exercise!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Wanted to like this nature walk but so to many garter snakes to be comfortable. Grass seemed too high as well.

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