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Elk on the way auto and on the way back down. Great views along the way of the coast.

Short uphill hike to the Lighthouse. Super easy with amazing views. We try to go back at least once a month. Love watching the the way the sea changes in each season.

Easy walk to some amazing views. The water hitting the walls was so powerful and beautiful.

Easy little walk. The views are amazing!

24 days ago

Gorgeous views with the chance of seeing elk along the way.


One of my favorite hikes in Oregon!! Absolutely beautiful from the top. Not too hard. There were a bunch of elk at the top too.

Great quick trail. Nice burner on the way up and unforgettable views of the Pacific at the top. The rapid ascent makes this a strong moderate by AT standards, but the distance is short and terrain mostly easygoing. Really packs a lot into a quick hike.

1 month ago

Stunning ocean and hill views for probably over half the hike, and the rest is lush, green and also beautiful. With all the footwork between the steps/erosion control, roots, and narrow path near the top this hike ends up feeling longer than it is - but totally worth it.

This is a nice trail - the lower half has views to the north and has a steep drive up to the higher half if you go that way.

However, there has been a lot of logging on either side of the trail, especially on the lower half of the trail. In November 2018, there was still the strong smell of fresh cut Dougies, smoking brush piles, even logs that had not been pullled. Don’t expect a lot of old growth.

That said, it’s still a nice trail. This would be a great narrow road for trail running too. I saw no one. But I saw a lot of interesting boletes and lactarias. The views are gorgeous! Not another person in sight.

Definitely will do again.

My hubby and I love kayaking at Beaver Creek! We live on the coast, so this makes for a short drive for a relaxing day on the water. There is plenty of wildlife along the way. Pack a lunch and enjoy the ride! Up a ways there is a large log across the river, but just lay back and limbo under it, continue on your peaceful journey. Occasionally the winds can pick up offering a nice workout. This is a slow flowing river, so you can take a break and drift if you want. One of the best kayaking spots in Lincoln county!

Trail is open.

Such a beautiful
Location. The rock formations are stunning. It’s a nice mix of beach, water, and natural rock. Great walk with pup

2 months ago

Beautiful ocean view at the end!

2 months ago

I went out of season this weekend, 11/3, It was very pretty but the trail is essentially mud the whole way. The way they did the preservation of the trail made it much worse then it could have been for those with a bum knee. They put in boards to channel the water and or prevent errosion and provide steps. However when they did this you must step up or down between 8-16inches. and the traill probably has more than 1/4 mile of these scattered throughout. If you are using the recorded trail just stop at the top because if you hike further like it says then you are just going down into the canopy on the opposite side to the other trailhead and it takes you knowwhere. Even though it was muddy, rainy and foggy the views were still nice. I think others would deffinity do it again but even though I enjoyed it I proboably wont.

2 months ago

Challenging climb, but gorgeous views at regular intervals on the way up, including an absolutely beautiful view at the top. Do it! The trek up is aerobic, for sure, but the trail is well-marked and mostly covered in pine needles.

did this hike October 22, 2018. essentially a drive up destination. very short walk to the attraction. walking access from this trail to a variety of the other attractions along the coast.

We did the Giant Spruce Tree first and glad we did because we were tired after taking the way up R Perpetua Trail. It is quite an incline, but since i’m usually hiking in altitude in Colorado it was nice to be able to at least catch your breath! The view is spectacular and worth the climb.

3 months ago

nice today. the meadows are so but more beautiful in the spring and summer. NC did a controlled burn a few weeks ago so it's a little chard.

Beautiful, quiet, serene. You can hear and sometimes see the ocean throughout the whole trail. The visitor center has good information and there are many other side trails to explore.

3 months ago

Great hike, perfectly clear day so the views were fantastic. I did the 2 mile upper hike so it was easy

3 months ago

Backpacked in at night with a group of Scouts. Trail well defined and easy to negotiate with headlamps. Fairly busy at the lake but the weather was ideal for October. No problems finding camping spots for 6 adults and 12 scouts even by headlamps. Beautiful location with access to water for filtering. Highly recommended.

Beautiful views from the trail.

Easy hike to the lighthouse.

Very magical place, expected Bilbo Baggins and gang to pop out behind the trees! Beach is lovely, not many people. Great hike!

Rock formations with stories attached to them. Seals frolicking in the surf. Magical place. Do pick out a visible land mark before hiking. Fog suddenly appeared in a matter of seconds, 0 visibility, a bit nerve racking. It dissipated after a while. Be cautious around rock formations at minus tides. My entire leg swallowed by quick sand at base of rock formation! Fellow hikers pulled me out!

3 months ago

A great hike with amazing views. It was a bit cloudy but when it cleared it was worth the hike!

I went from the trailhead to China Creek Loop and back (did not do the beach portion). Leisurely shaded hike in a beautiful forest. The China Creek Loop was my favorite part.

3 months ago

Started from the Cape Perpetua Visitor's Center. It is challenging in that it is a lot of elevation gain over a relatively short distance (got my heart rate up for sure), but I made it to the top by taking it slow. The shady forest and glimpses of ocean are beautiful along the way and the views from the top are worth it. There's a quick, easy walk to the rock shelter from the top parking lot, and a toilet ;).

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