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2 days ago

Really great hike up the canyon. Would strongly suggest grippers/yak tracks. Very icy in several spots and crossed the creek several times. Nice views of canyon walls all the way and great arch at the end. We really enjoyed it. Would highly recommend it.

very short, very easy, yet very rewarding panoramic views. The best in the park. Highly recommended

DOG AND KID FRIENDLY! Hiked this over New Years December 2018 due to not making it to Sunlight Mountain in time for snowboards to run out! Mostly locals out walking dogs and running even tho the trail was totally snow packed. Nice for when you need a little stroll or something to do and dont want to venture too far outside the town. So many families and doggies. Makes me want to come back to GS with my doggo.

great short hike, even in the winter!

4 days ago

This place/hike is amazing. I actually did this back in 2015. I had to follow a blog post someone had posted on the directions to the false kiva but that made it more fun. It was like a scavenger hunt! There are some loose rocks on the trail so be careful and wear proper footwear. But the views are stunning and the whole hike was so awesome. My husband was so happy that I took him there. What an amazing experience.

6 days ago

Great in all seasons! Definitely a go to trail!

Easy walk and beautiful scenery.

Spectacular views! It’s a very short and easy hike with a lot of reward. The snow was packed down so no snow shoes or spikes were needed.

7 days ago

This is a great little hike to an iconic arch in the Canyonlands experience. Parking is convenient but during the middle of the day the arch will be receiving many visitors as it is quite a tourist attraction. And if you're adventurous enough to rise early and catch the classic sunrise through the arch, you'll have plenty of photographers to keep you company. Happy hiking!

I hiked through this canyon two weekends ago with my dog. It was SO awesome. We didn’t go all the way because my dog kept getting nervous and she was sliding on some of the rocks. I would probably bring some booties for her paws next time. There wasn’t any water to walk through which was a bonus(would’ve been so cold!) but it was so pretty and not overly crowded. I’ll be going back when the weather is warmer!

such a cute little trail into a truly special location! short trail, flat and even, we went with lots of snow on the ground and had no issues. ends at a cute pond and the canyon walls are just stunning. we went at sunset and the light illuminating the canyon was beautiful and then ran across the street to the colorado river to catch the rest!

definitely check it out if you have an extra 30 minutes in moab

16 days ago

Not really a hike so much as a pleasant walk out to an overlook with stunning views. Well worth the stop.

It speaks highly of a trail if it can be even more spectacular in the snow and winter as it is in the other months.  This is that trail and more.  As I was walking, I was shocked at the Grandness of this hike.  I wondered, how do you ever describe this?  The river is so beautiful that you get to walk along and cross over multiple times.  The cliffs are just huge and GRAND in their size and they are in front of you, and on both sides of you.   Even though it is hard to come up with words, I will say I I thought the Grandness paralleled the Grandness of God.  I will warn that you really need spikes on this trail. I hike a lot and am pretty careful, but right at the beginning of the trail there was a piece of ice, (I hadn't got started long enough for me to even think I should get my spikes on), and Bam I was on my bum. Broke my tailbone. Definitely got my spikes on fast after that. There are spots to take you up higher and Dodge some of the scary ice, so watch for those side trails. also make sure your wearing a waterproof shoe/boot, or sock. You cross the river lots of times, and you will be super lucky if you don't get your foot in the water, so just make sure you have waterproof gear to keep dry. I did a 360 degree street view trail here. You can check it out on Google Earth, or on my blog.


18 days ago

We hiked this on a very cold (15-23 degrees) day in January. It’s an interesting trail that meanders around and across a stream (multiple times) at the bottom of the canyon. While some others made it without micro spikes, we were very glad to have them, especially in the first quarter mile where there were some sheets of solid ice across the trail.

Just before you get to the arch, there is a very cold shaded spot. We did not get to the arch early enough for the sun; it was already behind the canyon wall, but we still thought it was worth seeing.

There were parents with young children who made it (slowly, they said) without micro spikes, but ours made us feel very confident.

We really enjoyed the hike and think you should go!

on Serpents Trail

18 days ago

I decided to make this trail my New Year's Day hike and it was great. Mid morning after a fresh snow with light flurries and no wind. It was a great way to start the new year!

The trail itself slowly winds up and is a fairly easy to moderate hike. The view is spectacular and the snow made everything seem blanketed and cozy. Fresh air and the crunch of the snow under my feet...loved it!

Sweet hike for New Year’s Day!

Fun hike and easy multiple water crossings. The bridge at end is a must see.

Garden of the Gods was not very impressive after doing a lot of hikes in AZ and Utah

23 days ago

Beautiful at sunset

We tackled this hike on Christmas Day. Had the whole place to ourselves and it was an amazing experience! Not icy at all, and we only got lost once just like many of the people commenting below...I bet in the same spot! Did anyone else get frustrated and almost climb down that 50-ft crevasse? Definitely do NOT need to do any death defying leaps, the correct pathway is very safe. Highly recommend for families or hikers looking for a one-of-a-kind trail.

1 month ago

We went in Sept. 2018. If you aren't familiar with finding unmarked hikes, download the GPS map when you are in an area you get cell signal. There is no cell signal in this area. In fact, you'll probably only get signal in Hanksville or Green River, both some distance away. I have a recording under the recording section. The straight line you see in my recording is the drive from the paved road to the unmarked trail head. This drive is a dirt road, but short and manageable by many types of vehicles. Do bring a hat, sunscreen, plenty of water and snacks. When we went, there was only one other couple on the trail, so when we got to the window, we had it all to ourselves. As it was getting dark, we only stayed about 20 minutes. I'd go there again! it's a nice little walk with amazing views.

1 month ago

Loved the view! Quick and easy hike with a great view. The trail was snowy and icy at points but completely walk-able with just our hiking boots (no poles or shoe grips).

A couple couples making out all over. Should be called ‘sapphire love point’ in my opinion.

A great opportunity to experience grand views along this rim hike loop. Of course, the highlight is the gooseneck bend in the Colorado River!

First time there and it was beautiful. Flat, paved walk. Great for the family. Lots of people!

I love exploring slot canyons. What I like about this trail is that when hiking the loop you hike through several different slot canyons. Non of them look alike. Each has their own uniqueness. I enjoyed hiking counterclockwise. I got some great pictures.

Perfect, simple hike offering spectacular views of Dillon Reservoir and the surrounding mountains. Enter the trail on the right side of the parking lot as suggested in the AllTrails app, and you'll save the best view for last!

1 month ago

if you have been to Canyonlands National Park, you can skip this. It does have some nice view points. It is flat. But it is not much different.

on Mesa Arch Trail

1 month ago

Great sunrise spot. The glow of the sun on the arch is beautiful. The view of canyons behind the arch is also lovely. The trail is very short and takes less than 20 minutes to walk to the arch and easy to follow. Going in mid November was great to miss the crowds but there was still about 10 of us at the arch for sunrise

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