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14 hours ago

Hiked 4/21. Broke fresh trail as it had snowed about 5 inches overnight. Definitely needed snowshoes for the top 1/3. This trail is far more beautiful covered in snow than in the summer time, so get it while you can!

Love this hike! Beautiful mountain and creek views. Challenging, but awesome if you are looking for a long hike. Well maintained and not crowded.

Hiked on 4/22/18. Started around 930am and took us two hours with a nice stop at the top. The trail had very little snow/ice but a lot of slush which made it slick at times. Spikes not needed. It was moderately trafficked but it felt like mainly with trail runners. Absolutely beautiful views from the top.

mountain biking
1 day ago

Awesome trail. Great for when other trails are wet. This one seems to stay dry when others are not. Quick 7 ish mile ride. Takes under 1.5 hours on a mountain bike. Some challenging spots when climbing. Amazing downhills. Beautiful scenery.

Started this hike a little after 10 am on a Sunday (4/22) and there was hardly anyone on the trail - mostly runners, probably due to the gradual slope and smooth packed gravel trail with relatively few larger rocks to navigate. Sanitas had gotten a bunch of snow/rain the day before but the trails were totally dry; no mud at all. I chose this as an easier alternative for out of town guests to the more crowded Mount Sanitas/Sanitas Valley loop and was glad I did so. A better workout this is not, but the views are pretty and the trail is quiet!

One of the most beautiful trails I’ve been on yet. 7.5 miles is very doable even for the most reluctant rookie hiker. Trials are in good shape and there are very few muddy spots. Active trial for hikers and bikers alike.

trail running
1 day ago

I liked this trail. Got to the car park by 0700 on a Sunday and so there were not many people there. Cools temps to start but warmed up quickly. Chose the meadow 947 route to go up and I am glad I did as it was much more scenic than the 946 trail back down. Made it to the top of Greyrock before the crowd and ran back via 946. Graleat day, great hike. Recommended - but get there before the crowds!

Attempted this hike 2 times before in January and February but failed due to not having snowshoes and hiking through extremely dangerous winds, but finally finished the entire hike to Sky Pond on 4/15 with the proper equipment. The trail from Glacier Gorge should be 9.8 miles RT (rather than 8.1 miles according to this site) since it’s 2.2 miles to the split point between Loch Vale and Mills Lake, and then another 2.7 miles to Sky Pond from the split point.

By far my favorite hike I’ve done so far! Views throughout the entire hike were very scenic, rather than just one nice view at the end of the trail. The canyon and basin views were amazing throughout the hike and the frozen lakes (Loch Vale, Lake of Glass, and Sky Pond) were all extremely breathtaking. The first 2.2 miles of the trail were moderate with some slippery snow so I used my yaktrax. Once you pass Loch Vale you will definitely need snowshoes as the snow can get knee deep. The hike up to Lake of Glass from the basin area above the tree line was extremely steep and slippery, definitely the most difficult part of the trail, so take your time with this part (snowshoes not recommended for this part.) It took me 6.25 hours to finish the trip because of the snow and ice, it probably would have only taken me about 4 hours to complete if the trail was clear. Will definitely come back in the summer to hike it!

Snow is still falling up there as of today 4/21. Due to all of the fresh snow I wasn't able to keep to the trail itself, instead just cut my own way up all of the way to the lakes. Snowshoes are necessary until a defined trail is made again. Excellent ski snow today!

Gorgeous hike on a gorgeous day. Spikes were essential up to the Loch, and poles were helpful after the trail splits to Hiyaha. Wind was brisk at the Loch but calm enough to break for a snack. We’d made good time and decided to try for Sky Pond. Definitely a good decision, but snowshoes would have been helpful. Wind was pretty calm at Sky Pond, and the views were fantastic. Definitely recommend doing the full hike in the winter if you haven’t!

6 days ago

Great trail within minutes of Boulder. Steady climb to the top of Mt. Sanitas, seemed to be less crowded than the other routes to the summit.

I loved it it was difficult but I managed to do it with my 2 year old daughter on my back! Be careful you could get lost

Great hike, super peaceful w beautiful views. The last mile was a little tricky because the snow was kinda deep and slushy- but we were fine w just hiking boots the whole time. Stopped and hung out at the bridge over the creek for awhile and it was very peaceful. Saw very few other people

We walked this on an afternoon in mid April just as the snow melt was accelerating. This is one of our favourite hikes we've done in a long time; the views throughout the trail are incredible, and the variation in plants and wildlife is amazing.

I'd call this a low-moderate trail. Yes, there is a steep and strenuous climb at the start, but it is not technical and has no scary drops. Beyond that it's just a beautiful walk in the woods that gets easier - and better - as it goes on. Even with endless bird watching and a 40 minute stop at the end, it took us under 4 hours total, so I'd encourage people who are fighting fit to look into the lake route (double this one) and make a full day of it. We were sad we couldn't go further.

Saw a Hairy Woodpecker, plenty of lovely little Mountain Chickadees, some Townsend Solitaires, the lovely Dark Eyed Junco and some very cute little critters running about the wood piles!

The waterfall is incredible - well worth getting to.

6 days ago

Some great views for an easy walk.

7 days ago

Great hike! No issues with the trail when I went Saturday but they put up a fence so you cannot reach the summit anymore. You can still climb up the rock to a ledge to see out, but it’s not as great of a view with the trees out there. Lots of spaces to climb though if you’re interested. I’ll come back again when the fence is down and the cave is open.

Only a few muddy spots on the trail today (4/16/18)
I hiked the loop counterclockwise.
I found this one through...
The “Eldorado Falls” are not well marked. :(
I will definitely do this hike again and spend more time by South Boulder Creek.

Love this trail! Short but challenging, and a beautiful view from the top!

8 days ago

No city views - just peaceful, green, rejuvenating nature and mountains. See snow capped mountains in the distance, rolling hills, huge trees, and some cacti and succulents. Instead of going there and back, take Chapman Dr fire trail for a loop.

Like 95% downhill start to end point, uphill on the way back.

Outstanding trail. Rushing creek, expansive prairie, winding woodsy paths. It’s great, and tiring! Worth it.

Awesome hike! With the snow, the trail from the parking lot is a little hard to see, but then it’s fantastic and doable. A little icy in spots, but manageable with hiking boots. As you approach the first lake, the snow is deep if you stray off the trail. If you follow people’s footprints, the snow is packed and there are no issues. We went about 20 minutes past the first Chicago lake and then the snow is not packed and very deep and we turned around. Lake is still frozen.

8 days ago

We didn't make it to the end today unfortunately so I'll have to come back someday and see what lies ahead but I enjoyed the part of this trail I did hike (about 2miles in)! It was pretty icy today 4/15, we went without traction but it would have been really helpful. The parking lot is a pretty decent size and they have bathrooms (that appear to be open in winter!) The trail is decently steep for the beginning, lots of uphill and you're mostly in the trees so not a whole lot to look at right away but there is a nice picnic area and also a stream at the beginning! The road in wasn't terrible either, a regular car could probably make it but I would recommend taking it slow!

Hiked 4/14. Trail was mostly snow pack all the way to the Loch, after that snowshoes are a must unless you like postholing every step all the way to timberline falls. We had only poles and crampons but made the extra work easier. Otherwise trail was clear for the most part and views were awesome, with all the lakes well frozen.

9 days ago

Great hike and it is difficult. Our feet and legs are killing us afterward, LOL! Pretty scenery and areas to cross water. Our dog got plenty of exercise needless to say.

10 days ago

Best when you don’t have hours to spend but still want good hike.

It was a nice stroll!

12 days ago

I wouldn't go back unless it was for a swim. too short a hike otherwise. was beautiful though and awesome swimming hole though too popular of a spot for my liking... too many people. of suggest a week evening to avoid the people.

12 days ago

Really fun hike. Scaling the rock at the end is tough but well worth it

12 days ago

April 7th: Loved this hike! An inch or two of snow the night before made for beautiful sights. The sun busted out through the fog and melted all the snow for the hike back down. Like others have mentioned bring extra water, you will need it to stay hydrated. Also like others have mentioned it is tricky to stay on the trail towards the top.

Certainly a challenging hike that makes you want to hit up the Mish or Vern's afterward for a refuel. I was sore for three days after making it to the summit and back. (Round trip took 5 hours but at least an hour was spent at the top soaking up the sun and views.)

15 days ago

Lots of kids on this trail. Starts a ncarr, not to challenging, lots of uphill at the end, to see the cave have to climb up some rocks.

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