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beautiful valley hike. Lots of wildflowers and wildlife. I saw a bear off in the distance! Moderate traffic. This hike is a great hike to get some good pictures.

Largest tree by mass in the entire world. No other words needed.

I LOVE this hike. If you are looking to do a shorter hike with a great payoff this one is the one! We went in the middle of June and there was still snow! The waterfall at the end was amazing and full. There is a nice flat rock right by the waterfall that we had our picnic lunch at. You will get misted by the waterfall but we thought that was very refreshing. There is also a river right next to the trail for most of the way which was beautiful. I loved the sound of the rapids and how clear the water was!

10 days ago

Very easy hike and mostly paved. I don't really prefer paved hikes but that is just me. But I loved the sequoia trees. It is so peaceful once you get a ways in and the smells are like no other!

Great hike even in February cool to see the iced over waterfall!!!

Had a great hike with the family trail was just as the app described!!!!!

Go early to beat the huge crowds.

1 month ago

Great hike especially if you have kids who enjoy hiking. Went about 1.5- 2 miles in but you can go much further if you choose. It is also along a river most the way so if it’s in the hotter months of the year you can jump in to cool off at times.

Giant trees

Friends saw a bear and I didn’t

1 month ago

If you are accessing the Congress Trail from General Sherman Tree trail than you will be delighted to know that the Congress Trail is peaceful and lightly trafficked “at least the day we went” unlike General Sherman Trail. If you enjoy seeing Sequoia’s than this trail is a must, this trail provided up close views of hundreds of Sequoia’s.

How can you go to Sequoia National Park without seeing the largest tree alive today? It’s easier to deal with the crowds of people if you remember that your not hiking this trail for peace and serenity but that you are here to see The General Sherman Tree that measures 36.5 feet in diameter, 180 feet high and weighs 1,385 pounds. The park recommends taking the shuttle to the trailhead but if you go early you can find a place to park. After seeing the General Sherman Tree we kept hiking onto the Congress Trail where we saw less than 5 people and tons of Sequoia’s and we were even able to pick up a shuttle at another trailhead back to our car. My point is, if you deal with the people for 0.8 miles and keep hiking you will end up having a great peaceful hike.

1 month ago

The kids had a great time. There was still some snow, so the kids enjoyed that. Would definitely do again!

This trail was very easy and fun to explore!

it's alright for those who are sight-seeing. it's become far too much of a tourist trap though - get there early to avoid crowds

on Ladybug Camp Trail

2 months ago

Good hike. Not too steep, not too many people. I would suggest you go when it's cold due to ticks. Watch out for newts.

Crowded trail that leads straight down, and then back up. Worth seeing General Sherman, but a lot of hassel. We took the the Congress Trail from the bottom of the General Sherman Trail. That was very cool!

Fun hike took the family and enjoyed it!

Go early to avoid crowds.

Beautiful views of the meadow and some sequoias.

You’ll really want to download the map for this trail. We were fortunate to be pointed in the right direction a couple of times. Had lunch by the river. Great time.

Short hike. Awesome Canyon! Look forward to seeing the fall during spring run off.

Dedicated 0.1 dig to the top but nice little private spot off to the left if your careful of the ledge. Great lunch spot.

Beyond cool to see the largest living thing in the world. Decent workout to hike down and back up to parking lot

3 months ago

Awesome 2 mike trail including several of the largest living things on Earth. Easy walk and the trees smell amazing

Technically several trails done together. Make sure to start at Crescent Meadow and not General Sherman unless you want to end your day on 240ft incline. Other than that the trails passes the world's biggest field of poison oak for a bit so watch out on Trail of Seqiouas.

Amazing trail otherwise.

nature trips
3 months ago

My family and I headed out early on this trail on the Friday after Thanksgiving. It felt as if we had the whole trail all to ourselves on the way out. There are so many just as amazing trees as the General Sherman. The paved trail was unexpected but good because the three miles felt like six with the altitude, the hills, and all the photo ops. On the way back, we met the midday crowd, especially back at the Sherman Trail.

My one tip: Go early, before the crowd arrives. It gets noisy and not peaceful fast. My family and I arrived around 830 am and only a handful of people were there. The trip down from the summer parking lot was fun and easy. Climbing back up to the lot was not easy.

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