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great place to get away from town. it's a little weird because you cross private land before you get to the actual hiking area. Dont let the odd start fool you, this is a great area to relax and be away from the hustle and bustle of living in the city. This is a wonderful place to bring a dog as well. just please be respect and pick up the poop bags. On my last trip back I hauled in four bags left by others. please don't let the select few ruin these places for everyone

easy trail walk next to cows also

17 days ago

Nice trail....perfect Sunday morning walk

It's a very nice place to go, we love it there.

There is a ferry but you'll only need to take it depending on the direction you're coming from, ie from the west. Its the Wheatland ferry. For most cars, the cost is $2 each way.
There is a day use fee of $5, cash only. However there is another entrance with a horse trail so there may be another option at that entrance.
This park is very large so the normal trail is the 4.2 miles, but you could easily make it more with the different paths to take.
The middle section of the park has grills, picnic tables and restrooms.
There's TONS of blackberries along the trail, pretty wildflowers, birds and we saw the nation's largest black cottonwood tree.
This place is great for picnics, horseback riding, cycling, jogging, walking, etc. Very pretty, not too crowded and lots of tree cover in most areas.

great hike peaceful and the lake is beautiful can't wait to go back and explore the rest of the trails

Yes you have to walk up a gravel road to explore the waterfalls but only when the road to the campground is closed - November through May. Otherwise you can drive to the campground & take a short hike to see Shelburg Falls. There are a lot more trails to the south & east of the campground that you can explore. Check out the trail map on the Santiam State Forest website. Many of these trails are multi use & frequented by mountain bikers but we can all enjoy them if we use proper trail etiquette. It’s now possible to connect to Silver Falls trail through the network of trails at Shelburg.

It was a nice family outing, but most of the hike was walking a gravel road between cow pastures.

Pretty Hike. The trail starts from the parking area and begins with a mile or so of gravel. We turned left when we got to the first sign of a waterfall and went up the stairs to Shellburg falls (upper). We continued on towards the campground. When we got to the campground, we stayed left and continued on the gravel road until we found the path again. The signage is a little lacking, but we had some cell service to keep our GPS map updated. If you are looking for a great place to eat your snacks, we enjoyed the picnic table at the end of the 4 mi. loop before embarking back down the gravel road to the parking lot.

I've been on this hike many times and it takes some exploring to find the hidden gems. There is a narrow unmarked trail just past what looks like a mini Christmas tree farm. It is somewhat overgrown, but if you stay to the right at the first split and continue on you'll skip almost all the road. When you do pop back out you'll see the Santiam State forest sign right across the road. Shellburg Falls trail is just ahead and you miss nothing by taking this side trail. Stassel Falls is harder to find because it is completely unmarked. If you pass the SF trail and walk up the road it turns to the left and climbs the hill. Don't go left, keep walking straight ahead and you will find the trail to Stassel. It's a little dangerous (long way to the bottom) when you get close to the falls be cautious with your kids and pets.

Pretty easy trail & our 1st of the summer season. There are gradual inclines in most areas or steps when steep. On a lovely early summer July afternoon, we probably only saw 10-12 small groups of hikers, some with kids/dogs, which is awesome compared to Silver creek falls. Didn’t make it to Stassel, folks were trying to find it & it was proving a little difficult for them.

Beautiful hike! We did about 7 miles. I loved that you get to walk behind the fall!

The trail was amazing! It was a little over 5 miles. A group of 5, including two children and 2 dogs. The hike was around 2 hours long, there and back. We took pictures and videos. Super easy and not strenuous at all. We started the hike at around 0800, with only 3 cars parked. Once we were done, the whole parking lot was full and the street had around 8-10 cars. I recommend going early to avoid groups of people. I could only find one waterfall, Shellburg. I could not find Stassel falls. Overall, it was an awesome hiking trip!

1 month ago

Nice easy hike. Took our 4 children, ages 5-15. None of the kids had problems. Starts off on a gravel road through farm land. lots of cows. The waterfall is amazing. We never did find the other waterfall, there are no signs marking the way. The rest of the trail is marked and easy to follow.

Fairly easy and accessible hike. The falls are a good start to the hike but the rest of the trail loop is just beautiful wilderness single track with occasional two track roads and campgrounds. It is a wonderful area just minutes from Salem. Can be as long or as short as you like, depending on time and personal fitness level. The map on AllTrails is actually accurate and there's just enough signage on the trail to stay on course. What a gem so close to Salem!

Such a beautiful hike away from the main roads. Most of the hike is uphill, but doable for everyone including dogs. The rocks were a bit slippery around the falls, so be careful. You are constantly surrounded by farmlands and heavy wooded areas. Only saw a few other people while hiking. Signs lead you to the Shellburg falls, but not to Stassel. We only went to the Shellburg falls which is only about 4 miles round trip. Well worth it!

Nice walk

Super fun and easy trail the falls are so beautiful just makes you want to sit there all day and stare. Perfect for kids and dogs!

2 months ago

If you like flat and uncrowded with a variety of habitats this is a great place for a leisurely stroll. We hiked several of the roads and mowed trails and stopped often to look at birds and the multitude of flowering plants and shrubs. Crossed paths with a pair of dog walkers (dog was on leash) and one family and one man fishing in the stocked lake. The rest of the walk was ours alone!

One of my favorites because it’s close to Salem and is also good for kids and dogs! Not as crowded as other places so it’s very peaceful!

Beautiful views of the waterfalls. Loved that part. But it was very confusing. There isn’t ONE trail. There are a couple small trails that go off from a gravel road. I think the gravel road may be “part” of the hike, but it’s not really marked. So the actually HIKE was pretty short. Also, trails were not marked well. In fact, the trail to see Stassle Falls wasn’t marked at all.
So, BEAUTIFUL falls! But poorly marked trails, most of which consists of a gravel road.

Great moderate hike. Saw a wild turkey and wild flowers. Directions are accurate. Left me wanting to explore the many other trails in that area.

Loved it! Great hike and not many people out on Wednesday morning. Walking behind the falls was amazing. Brought my Siberian and she loved it. Will do it again.

This was a good hike to kill time. I prefer hikes that are out further away from cities/towns, but this was what was available in the area that I was in. It's pretty, gotta show the kiddos some flood action, and they got to see a road flooded over. Ultimately it's a road/trail, that gets near the Willamette. We also got to see some birds, squirrels, and do some tree identification.

Nice loop hike, falls were great and nice little campground too. Parking at the trail head was full, but only seen about 6 people on the trail.

It was a perfect day and nice trails.

mountain biking
3 months ago

great place to walk, bike, swim, fish, kayaking, disc fisbee, horseback riding trails..picnic tables & BBQing ! clean bathrooms .. great trees for kids to climb! 4$ to ride the ferry (one way) & 5$ to park .. totally worth it !

decent trail. I usually end up way off coarse due to the trail being short. I combine other trails/ roads to try and get my goal of 20 miles a day.

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