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Great quick hike close to Denver. Trailhead has plenty of parking around 830am on a holiday. The snow was packed but you absolutely need spikes or tracks. It was slippery! I could not find the first falls due to the frozen water and no sound, and the second main fall was frozen solid but pretty to see. There is a sign right off to the left of the trail. Look for it. I passed a few people who said they missed it. I could not catch the loop on the way back from the hike, at the other trailhead. Either it was snowpacked or not clearly marked. I just went back the way I came. Only annoying thing, even though there were plenty of signs about leashing the dogs, but there were so many dogs off leash and dog poop bags on the side of the trails...some dogs friendlier than others. I have a friend that has been traumatized by a dog bite, and unfortunately, she could never come since people don’t care about the rules. I came for a hike, not to greet 50 dogs.

Very snowy for the entire hike which added to the difficulty, especially that last push to Windy Peak. Did it with hiking boots but snow shoes would have worked well. Trail was easy to follow thanks to some brave souls since the last snow, deep in spots. Views at the top were awesome as always.

4 days ago

Great loop if you’re in the mood to hike but not kill yourself with ridiculous incline. Beautiful views throughout but the summit by one of the falls is

Great views! Take yourself to the top! Close to Denver and easy to get to. I’ll be back for more. Not sure how it is with snow as I was there back in late November.

amazing winter hike. snow was loosely packed, not icy. I hiked in just boots with good grip. get out here when the snow is fresh, it's stunning!

Excellent hike!

Hiked this trail 4 days ago. It was icy with light snow coverage. I used micros which helped a great deal. The frozen waterfall was beautiful!! A great winter hike. I look forward to doing this hike in the spring.

Agree with comment below.

Great hike! It was a steady climb most of the way up but no really tough spots. I’d rate the hike as moderate but others I was with had a tougher time and would rate it as hard. There was a little snow on the trail in some areas but spikes are not needed! It took us about 5 hours total, including stopping to rest and take pictures at the top. Would definitely recommend! 1/6/19

We went on a sunny day four days after the snow. We could see snow had been melted in most the places. Trail was muddy in some places. Lot of houses are there nearby! Restroom was clean.

Solid climbs/workout, but really close to civilization. You can see houses for a lot of the hike.

Easy hike near Denver. Falls aren't awesome. Worth a trip to get some Vitamin N.

Beautiful trail, but it’s really easy to miss the falls. Look for the sign!

Found this trail to be slick in only a few shaded spots on the trail, but poles and spikes were not necessary. This hike is a good excuse to get out and moving without fighting winter ski traffic. Keep in mind that most of the hike is sun-exposed.

Light snow on trail, very quiet, the ice of the falls had a blue hue. Great short hike through tall pines sprinkled with snow.

Hiked on Christmas Day and maybe encountered a dozen other people total. The hike is simply beautiful and challenging enough to make me feel really satisfied! The trail is very icy (dirt covered) in many places but other than that, it was clear. The falls were incredible and I’d recommend the hike!

28 days ago

Nice trail that had very little snow or ice on 12/25/18.

Beautiful hike. I made a mistake and took the trail to the top by accident - but glad I did - awesome view!! Got windy on top!!

I wish I had brought my micros so I could walk up the frozen river/streams but wouldn’t have needed them for the trail today.

12.19.18 - Drove all he way there and found the gates to he parking lot closed. Hoping I make it back in the future when the gates are open and can actually give better rating.

Back to Windy Peak, one of our favorites close to Denver. We do Mountain Lion counterclockwise to Windy Peak from Nott Creek Trailhead and come back via Burro. That makes for a 6.7 mile hike. Going counterclockwise, Mountain Lion trails has quite a few icy patches. We had poles but did not break out the yak trax. Had the Peak all to ourselves, great spot for lunch. This one is a workout, especially that last push to the Peak.

Frozen waterfall was cool.. A couple slick spots but didn't need yakkies today. Would be interested to see this in spring. No big vistas.

1 month ago

A moderate hike without a lot of foot traffic. Only a couple switchbacks and the trail is well maintained. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of views on this hike. There's a spot about halfway up that allows you to look south east into the hills. Even in mid December, there was no need for spikes on the shoes.

Hiked today 12/16 and the trail is still very, very icy. Definately recommend spikes.

Nice little hike in Golden Gate. We usually take the loop counter clockwise to save the good views for towards the end. Steady climb for about 2 miles. The it mellows out until you hit a few steep, rocky spots as you get closer to the lookout. Great views form there. At this time there was snow on more than half the trail but no ice. We did not break out the yak trax today. Very quiet today, although this trail can get crowded in the prime season. This is a good one if you are looking for a little exercise but don't want to drive too far form Denver. Don't forget you will need to get a day pass or CO State Park pass.

Love this trail. A good steady incline up, beautiful buttery downhill to a nice creek flow off of the falls. Beautiful in winter, can’t wait to head back in the spring.

It was a warm day (60!) but most of Plymouth Creek between Meadowlark and and the upper loop was icy and muddy. If you bring your dog, be prepared to give a bath! Meadowlark was dry and clear, but no views - just trees.

2 months ago

The trail continues longer, but 6.25 miles will get you to the wilderness boundary marker and a treed saddle. Very satisfying climb and well maintained trail, 3 hours round trip. The written directions to the trailhead are rather poor, but just follow a map and you'll be fine. There is a sign pointing to the trailhead past the Meridian Campground, when you make a left off of the pavement. The last one mile is bumpy but not so washboarded that a regular car couldn't make it with care. Loved it at this time of year - only passed one other couple of hikers, and that was on the way back. No footprints past the two-mile mark, yet the snow is not a deterrent at this time of year.

2 months ago

Slightly snow packed at the top, but beautiful and we almost had the trail to ourselves.

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