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Blue Basin was what finally made me pull the trigger on traveling to Oregon, and it did not disappoint. We did both this and the rim loop trail, the turquoise blue rocks were gorgeous. I’ve not seen many photos that truly capture the beauty of this place. It’s absolutely stunning, as is the rest of Oregon

1 month ago

So cool!

easy with a great view

Really beautiful along the river! This area did recently get scorched, unfortunately. But vegetation is growing back and the landscape is still gorgeous.

2 months ago

I loved the views, the hills are really impressive and even if it is not a proper hike (the trails are really short), all the trails together give you the impression of a larger hike.

This was my first hike when I moved to Oregon in 2016. I hiked one week before the fire. I will always cherish this trail as my favorite.

This isn’t really a hike. Yes there’s a trail but all the ones people are talking about aren’t official trails and have resulted in multiple deaths over the years as they aren’t maintained/are very worn away. The falls are beautiful and worth driving to/checking out...but don’t expect a hike and realize if you hike down to the water or behind the falls that you are off trail. This area really needs more rangers/officials to stop all the illegal activity.

on Palouse Falls Trail

3 months ago

Beautiful! We did not go all the way down to bottom of falls, but was pretty where ever you chose to go.. lots of warnings about falling to your death tho.. which puts you on alert!

Hike is really easy but the view of these hills is amazing. You have to see these with your own eyes at least once. Would rate 5 stars if the hike was an actual hike or more of a challenge.

My favorite part about this hike is the seclusion. To get here you take a scenic route, no one in sight. Had the entire park to myself. Surrounded by golden hills. And the palisades are really spectacular.

Really great view of the hills. Went towards dusk and the sunset view was amazing.

Fun trail. Short jaunt into a blue canyon. The signage at the trailhead says it takes an hour, but is actually much quicker.

This will be a great trail to hike again in a season or two, but recent wildfires have made much of the hike ash covered and unattractive. Wait till spring 2019 at the earliest.

4 months ago

Pretty falls.. There seemed to be an inordinate amount of signs saying 'beware falling' though. It was interesting seeing the lands carved by ice age floods with your own eyes.

4 months ago

A little trouble finding the trail... but once we arrived at the trail head it was a great hike with minimal initial climb to the ridge line. The views from the ridge line allow line of sight to the willowas. This is more of an out and back hike than a loop. The half way point will be a fire lookout, very friendly staff.

Highly recommend this hike.

4 months ago

The falls were amazing. Short hike, steep in some places. Definitely worth the trek. Use caution navigating the trails. Very steep and loose rocks. Very narrow.

Cash or Check only unless you have the discover pass.

All trails were closed today. But the falls were pretty.

4 months ago

Surely one of the most unique hills I have ever seen. Best view on sunset.

4 months ago

Much more of a walk than a hike— good for families and individuals of any skill level. Really beautiful place

5 months ago

Great trail for dogs. Some elevation gain but not to bad. Decent shade on much of trail.

I loved hiking this trail. it is scarred by the Substation fire, but it was very interesting and very do-able. My chihuahua and I went 8 miles total. The trail we chose was on an old rail bed which made the route out easy with not much elevation difference. The fire really changed the way this trail looks...but I found it very interesting. Take water and snacks...watch for rattlesnakes. There are composting toilets available along the trail. The river is beautiful and very inviting this time of year. We returned via the trail that follows right near the river. As for the trail, I recommend the Deschutes Canyon trail.

Drove two hours, and let me tell you it was worth it!

Please please please be careful if you hike off-road here. We have had way too many casualties here in the last few years from people swimming next to the falls or getting too close to cliffs. Bringing dogs or small children is not a good idea because the trail is so steep in some spots.

All of that said, the best time to come is Spring because the falls are still full, and the hikes are gorgeous. I do three different locations: hike out to where you can stand above the falls, hike along the walls of the canyon, and hike down to the water. The trail down to the water is very worn. It gets extremely hot here, so multiple water bottles is a must. Also, parking is by check or cash only unless you have a Discover pass.

First time hiking in this area of Washington. The views were good and the trail was well marked. The person working at the lookout was friendly and took the time to show my kids, ages 7 and 9, around the lookout cabin.

Hiked in 2016 before the fires. My favorite hike to date. Memories I'll cherish for a lifetime.

Did this trail yearly as a kid, love it. Lookout staffed in the summer and they are always friendly. Great views!

Hike to Tunnel Falls with my boyfriend in 2015 will always be a special memory to me. Beautiful hike.

Awesome fossils and really gorgeous trail. Definitely do this trail early in the morning or late at night so it's cooler though!

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