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This is an easy trail for those who want to get into hiking. The scenery is really on the back end. There are other trails nearby like Hickory Grove.

21 hours ago

Wonderful shady trail

Nice short east trail. Only concern are the hunters along the trail shooting squirrels. So recommend wearing brightly colored clothes.

leisurely trail, great for walks with animals, friends, kids. beautiful scenery, but can be a bit exposed in areas, becoming uncomfortably hot in the summer months.

Not allowing dogs ruins this trail

Nice walk through the “woods”. Like taking dogs on new adventures!

Well maintained trail with typical Missouri scenery.

The trail itself was beautiful and felt fairly moderate, although it may have been the 100+ degree weather talking. :) The only downside was who we are fairly sure was a homeless man hanging around at the far edge of the loop, near the highway. Didn’t get good vibes from this gentleman, and my boyfriend and I hightailed it through the last 1.5 miles. A shame, because the hike really was fantastic!

mountain biking
9 days ago

Went clockwise on my mountain bike. Some of the best flow trails I've yet to experience. I rated 4 b/c I thought the trail was going to be super easy, but I wound up having my 1st crash in my KC trailing life (I moved here in May). I've ridden Landahl, BSLNST, part of Lake Jacomo, Kessler Park, & Rancho Swope. A lot of those trails were quite difficult, some were extreme. None of them I've had a wreck in until this one.

It was on a simple dip that happened to be too steep coming up. I was going a bit fast & it felt like my front tire hit a brick wall - it knocked me off balance. It also slightly bent my front wheel.

Other than that, it was pretty great. Almost like a roller coaster. The valley was also magnificent. Will go back & be more careful. Heh.

Love this trail. Easy to walk fast. But beware...full of chiggers this week!!!! apply DEET!!

nature trips
15 days ago

I feel Amazing,I can't wait to pick up where I left off. It's like a book u can't put down:-) lol

This is a dirt trail that is very easy to follow, well-marked, and fairly well maintained. In dry weather it was completely fine but I can see it being very difficult in wet muddy weather. There were lots of butterflies, birds, and insects. We also saw a raccoon and a few squirrels. It was easily passable and enjoyable with a small dog. This would even be a really enjoyable mountain biking trail for someone with at least moderate skills. In terms of exercise, hiking at a brisk pace made for a decent workout with the number of hills and gullies. The only real downside was the number and frequency of spiderwebs. We probably encountered 40 to 50 small ones across the trail as well as significantly more off to the sides.

20 days ago

decent hike. sadly someone has vandalized some of the trees with demonic & swastika signs.

25 days ago

Seniors - I'm nearly 71, 30 lbs overweight, and not in super condition. I walked this trail in about 30 minutes. I would rate this trail as Easy+ for seniors. The first half of the trail is mostly ascending with a few short, but steep, inclines. Also some steps and boulder/rock dodging in the trail. The sloping down areas have a loose surface, so shoes with good gripping soles are best. It's a pretty walk and has interesting rock formations along the way. Not a boring little walk at all! I wanted to walk about an hour, so walked across the parking lot and did 15 min in and 15 back to get my hour in.

Some great technical areas for all difficulty levels. Awesome place close to town to get out and enjoy some nature!

26 days ago

Nice Trail for this part of Missouri. Its the best Trail at Burr Oak Woods.

28 days ago

Nice trail with cool rock formations.

28 days ago

Hiked with my 5YO. It was a nice walk with most of the trail shaded.

Nice wooded trails that are hard packed and clear with slight variations in elevation. Walked by train tracks never saw a lake and followed red trail on app. Did not come out where we started. Somewhat lost at end vs where we parked. Poorly marked trails which led us to the street north of Sixth street.

nice little nature trail..saw deer turtles ..pretty cool..

My favorite of the 3 loops! Wildflowers are amazing in the spring/early summer!

Great paved and off road trails! A new favorite!

1 month ago

very well marked, mostly shaded in the summer, trail appeared to be cared for (only a few weedy areas), some ticks even with repellent

Gets crowded with bikers and runners.
Fun little walk

One of my very favorites. I love the west ridge trail as it runs high above the Missouri. I am usually the only person on the trail which is also nice if you prefer some seclusion.

A friend and I hiked part of the orange trail and all of the red trail on a recent Saturday. Our whole hike was about 7 miles. Even though we hiked during the middle of the day, the trail was partly shaded and comfortable in temperature. This was my first visit to Shawnee Mission Park, and it is beautiful! The visitor's center staff is very friendly and provides free detailed maps. Like some other reviews mention, there are some large rocks and tree roots on the trail. Since we were hiking, this was not a problem, but it may be a challenge for a beginning biker. I can't wait to go back and try the other trails!

intense dirt trail. not easy but moderate.

Clean trail. Beautiful view. Lots of traffic.

mountain biking
1 month ago

very very exciting trail to bike on. warned to not ride when wet out. its hands down the best mountain bike trail in Kansas city. if you bike its like a rollercoaster. for experienced riders only. trail is actually 3.2 miles long.

Well maintained. Fun creek and rock formations to play on for the kids.

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