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2 days ago

Started with light rain. Trail has many spots that could use water bars. Lots of water on the trail. Bring your waterproof boots. No snow from TH to Lower Lena. Light traffic. Bring oxygen mask and TP if you use the TH bathrooms. Ugh!

2 days ago

Great trail, constant gain in elevation! This trail gives you no breaks. We went left at the Y and it seemed everyone we passed did as well. It was snowing and once you reached the Y it started accumulating. By the time we reached the summit it was several feet deep. Gators and micro spikes a must. You could use snow shoes, but would be till you nearly reached top. This is a very tight trail with lots of obstacles. Also, thanks to whoever installed the orange ribbons, it was a lifesaver in the snow!

3 days ago

So... I get to the parking lot and it's DUMPING rain. I'm determined to hike today, so I go for it. I'm quickly reminded that Mt Rose makes you earn every step; the switchback before the fork are never ending. About a 1/4 mile past the fork (I went left) I needed spikes. Luckily a hiker before me was wearing snowshoes and packed the trail down pretty good. I deviated from the trail at one point and sunk up to my crotch; the snow is fresh and deep. Anyhow, made it to the summit, but of course as I'm relishing in my victory, the snow and wind really kick up. I headed down and found some cover on a snowy look out, made some hot soup and took a power nap. Despite the elements, it was a great hike; I'll be back again.

No snow, no ice. it almost felt like spring. some water on the trail, but nothing anyone can't manage.

Nice variety of terrain, from tall covered forests to ledges and open crossings. Peak has great 360 views of Lake Chushman and Sound.

Incredible all around

13 days ago

A ton of downhill (uphill on the return) to get to a great bridge and pretty water make this a great workout hike! Very muddy in the wet season.

13 days ago

Great trail and a good workout hiking back out. All up hill! Love this trail with stunning bridge at the bottom

My spouse, two dogs and I hiked this trail two days after Christmas. It was peaceful and quiet. This was our first hike in the Capitol State Forest, which came highly recommended by a mentor and colleague of mine. A first was our hiking through deforestation; it appears the loggers in this area “cleaned up” the region far better than I have seen elsewhere. It was good to see the state or had undergone a vast replanting effort in the deforested sections of the park. This trail gives you an up close view of the beauty of forested land, mountain lookouts, deforestation, and reforestation (if that’s a word). You’ll enjoy this hike.

Nice hike. Good if you want something that’s not too difficult. Winter so it wasn’t to busy but even still on our way back down we saw many people on their way up. Beautiful views of waterfalls and the lake is lovely. Only specs of snow at the moment.

took the dog on a rainy day hike, trail was as reviewed moderate but mostly easy except for the rain made some spots tricky even with trekking poles.

decided to finally do this hike, ive been on connecting trails but never did this actual trail, was a rainy morning but the trail was in easily done with trekking poles, not alot of summit views most people want but, you do get some peak a boo views of some mountains not far off, I would do this hike again just for the distance and terrain. discover pass or america the beautiful pass required or park outside parking area and walk no more then .1 mile into parking area.

My sons and I do this hike a lot. Great hike all year long with spectacular views at the top. Weekends usually are dirt bike heavy but generally good mannered riders. It’s our go-to place and never disappoints.

21 days ago

Attempted to summit Dec 30th but turned around at the top of the chute. There had been heavy rains all the day before and the snow was very wet. We were a bit uneasy about crossing the stream in the chute when the snow was so wet and unstable. Would recommend bringing snowshoes and using a vehicle that doesn't have problems with snow or pot holes.

12/30 What a gorgeous hike! Just a little bit of snow near the lake but the trail is definitely wet. Bring waterproof shoes! There's so much to see on the way up. The restroom at the lake was locked but someone had broken into one of the stalls. I feel guilty for saying this, but Im really glad they did.

Beautiful hike

Great hike. We went on a rainy day so we didn’t get the amazing views. The trail is muddy in places but pretty well maintained. We did the entire 9.3 miles and only ran into one set of motorbikes. It was stormy and windy on the ridge, which made it more of an adventure.

24 days ago

Good winter hike if you want to hit minimal snow. Great springtime trip too as there are tons of Rhododendrons on the way down. Seldom busy with people is a plus for me. Smooth trail with a few muddy spots on the way down to the river. 2 large camps once you reach the river. Wild country beyond bridge up the Grey Wolf trail.

Pretty hike! I’d love to come back and camp sometime. Some bugs, not too bad. Popular trail, parking fills up fast.

Hiked this one back in June of 2017. Snow on the trail. Road up was a little bumpy. Once you start hitting snow the trail can be difficult to find in spots. We used microspikes in June. It was sunny, and once we broke out of the treeline sunglasses definitely came in handy as the snow was blinding after awhile. We stopped at sort of a false summit where I succumbed to my fear of heights (and hunger). I will certainly be back now that I have more experience to try this bad boy again!

Cool walk, great trail to bring the dog out for the day. There are sometimes ATV riders headed to/from the top, otherwise fairly quiet. Views of Seattle from afar on a clear day.

Local trail that has endless opportunities. Great trail to take our dog for a hike when time is limited.

Great walk. Trail was clean. Great views. A few motorbikes but generally good etiquette.

1 month ago

spent the night no snow yet

The road was fine. Some potholes, but manageable. Started at the lower trailhead. Four cars when I arrived at 11AM. Heavy overcast day with some fog. It was still a very nice and of course very challenging hike. Steep obviously. Trail through the forrest was in good shape. I like old growth. Snow on the trail on the way up. A bit slushy in parts. Used microspikes about 2/3 of the way up and to the top. Took the Summer route. Fair amount of snow on the ground during the main ascent. Maybe 5". Met two guys who had hiked up with skis but they were only able to do a short run at this time. A few dramatic cloudy views on the way up, but at the top it was heavily fogged in. I loved being there anyway. Great and tiring hike. I saw about 18 people over the course of the hike, but had some quiet time. I'll be back on a clear day, but I would recommend it even if it's not.

Very beautiful love it!! I will be climbing it again in the summer. I went two days ago made a video of my climb. You be the judge of this mountain. Here’s the link

Hiked this on December 1, 2018. Beautiful hike and gradual incline leading up to a gorgeous view.

Hiked Ellinor on 11-24-2018 and there is snow! it doesn't begin until about a mile in, but as you got higher it got deeper. I would definitely bring trekking poles, krampons and any extra pair of gloves. I've never hiked Ellinor in the summer, but with the snow it really didn't get too hard until the last half mile heading up to the summit, but once you're up there, it is magnificent!! we felt like we were on top of the world!

Great hike! Beautiful views at the top. I went 11-29-18 and there was virtually no snow, but you could see a lot of snow on the taller mountains. It took me 5 hr 20 min round trip with very little breaks/detours. I encourage going clockwise (left) when you reach the loop trail beginning, due to it being steeper that way and I feel it's easier going up steep terain, than down it.
A great challenging hike, but Wagonwheel Trail tougher ;)

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