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It’s was nice and easy but the trail was a bit confusing.

It’s an easy 1.4 mile hike definitely recommend, I took my 6 year old and he loved it.

Most of the path is on a bridge, which is beautiful and then it ends in a little field that goes around the water. Lots of ducks and wild life. No dogs allowed though. love it

Simple and to the point. Beautiful view from the lookout. Our 4 year old walked the whole thing fine. 2 year old needed a little help but it's otherwise very family friendly. Trail Running is not accurate. No Jogging is allowed. Signs there explain why.

It’s currently closed off and you can’t enter the park (1/28/2018) I found out the hard way and drove 30 mins to it :(

We really enjoyed the easy walk with our kids and dog! The path was muddy in a lot of areas and we wish our dog could have been unleashed down the trail but it was still a nice walk!

It’s a neat boardwalk that goes over the water.

4 months ago

So glad I chose this as an alternative hike this morning. I can't wait to watch this area change with the seasons!

nice hike to show the kids the marsh land.

A historically significant area.

5 months ago

Would often hike this when I lived in Salem and Amity.

Its just not for me. Half of the trail is a wood plank path over the marshes with chicken wire laid down for traction. The wire is wearing out and sticks out random sharp edges for you to get caught on. The other half of the trail is a path with dried hay cut down to ankle height for you to make your way through.
If this was better maintained, this could be a nice place to spend 15 minutes or so, but that's about it.

Its actually not a bad little place. I like that its often overlooked, so there arent many people there at any given time, unless there is a poker ride. The trail is really short though, and it isnt much of a challenge. When I say "little," I mean just that. Cute place surrounded by farm land, in farm country. Good place to pretend you are in the woods.

Not sure who posted this as a trail hike. It is a creek hike at best. The lower portion near Scotts Mills may be considered a trail although very short near the city park. From there to the Scout camp is a winding creek bed through private property. No permissible access at Scout Camp end.

I mountain biked this trail. First, it is very pretty with large old growth trees. Second, it's very easy to get to and there is a lot of parking in the state park, third, not a lot of people use this trail. This trail was primarily designed for horseback riding. The trail head is near the horse camp and there is a lot of horse manure along the trail. Mountain bikers beware, the first four miles of this loop are uphill. This isn't a steep trail, but it grinds on uphill for a long time. Take caution on a bike coming back on the downhill side as horse riders use the loop going both ways, and horses hate bikes.

If you want a real Oregon adventure just go ahead and go to Butte Creek. The trail it self is a bit short but, the journey to get there is fun and will yield gorgeous views.

Not easily accessible. Had to turn around because the rocks were too slippery and our dogs were having a hard time. I would not call it kid friendly either.

7 months ago

An awesome view filled loop to walk. I only wish there was a warning about all the poison oak growing along the trail. Fortunately a fellow hiker warned me about it and another hiker on the trail actually pointed out what the poison oak looks like.

Such a cool area. The drive is windy, but the trail is pretty short and the two falls are beautiful. There is a small portion of very steep trail that was more like bouldering to get down to the larger falls. We swam under the falls at the lower falls. Great for a day trip! Not too much of a hike, but a great spot to hang out nonetheless.

I love this hike. Beautiful short trail, kid friendly.

trail running
7 months ago

A run is what you make it, but I had to run back and forth on this trail a lot to make it much of anything. A few spots of overhang were fun to duck under. This is really a picnic and river area though, don't come for the trail

More of a "walk" than a "hike" - I really enjoyed my time here though ❤️

The drive to get there is on a steep gravel road which wraps around large mountain. The views are breathtaking. Drive slow, restroom is located at trail entrance. Also, personally I would not be out there on the gravel road at night, it's just too small for

I could not find this place for the life of me. I found a park in Scott's mills, but it wasn't a hike by any means. We drove to Butte creek falls about 10 minutes outside of Scots mills.

8 months ago

Nice variety, some open space, some forest. Main loop is mostly paved or smooth gravel. Lots of options to explore besides the main loop, including equestrian trails that don't seem to be highly trafficked. You could easily stretch this to 7-8 miles if so inclined. Trails are very well marked.

9 months ago

very muddy and overgrown. super short. not worth going to walk unless you are already there.

Not a well maintained trail. Didn't like walking through the grass as tall as me.

nice easy walk

Brought our 2 1/2 year old. He had fun and it was easy enough for him to walk all the way around. Fun walk with lots to see and hear.

Pretty much just a short, overgrown, muddy trail from the parking lot to the river and along the riverbank.

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