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Awesome trail. Be sure to take it till the end, the final third is especially beautiful.

Love this hike!

Easy hike with good incline and a beautiful view. Small dog friendly

Very nice but be careful with dog. Mine is pretty agile and coming down white trail is very rocky and steep and was extremely difficult to maneuver for him. Would rate as difficult.

great family-friendly hike.

nice views , good incline. did counter clockwise ... I did both minsi and tammany back to back for " mind the gap"
.. pretty muddy/slushy

Little bit of everything. Easy access off the AT makes it a great place to spend the night. Crater Lake is a great place to swim and also top off your water supply.

great day hike.

as others have said we took the white Trail going up which is very Steep and requires stretching and climbing in a crawling position. He took the Blue Trail down which picks up at the very top of the mountain where things level off. Definitely a demanding Trail on the downhill as our legs started to feel like jelly. we did it in November at about 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Can't wait to try again in the hot weather when the breeze is definitely appreciated.

we took the AT to Sunfish Pond and then took the green trail down to the parking lot. There were five creek crossings on the green path that were tricky with our two dogs. The walk up to Sunfish Pond was easy and our dogs did that without any problems. If there hadn't been so much rain recently, the walk down would've been easier.

Hiked the trail blue up and the one white down. The view from the top is splendid! Overall, the trail is on the challenging side, I wouldn't rate it as moderate. Parts of the last mile coming down on the white trail are very rocky and very steep. We loved it and would definitely do it again, just didn't expect it.

1 month ago

This was a really enjoyable trail. You can certainly hear the road noise from the highway but I was able to tune that out. I would suggest going early (if you want to avoid people). On our way back down, the parking lot was very very full! We will be back!

such a fun part of the PA AT!

parked on 191 and went south to Wolf Rocks bypass...took Blue Blazes 1mile back to AT and looped....pleasant trail! decent look out on the rocks...it was wet so I moved slowly on the ridge.

Had an early morning hike and utterly enjoyed it. White up and blue down. Read my blog post for detailed accounts of each turn. It's definitely harder than moderate, at least the first mile up the white trail. The view was worth every single pain and scare. Will definitely do it again

Getting to the falls isn't easy. The roads are really really really messed up. Huge potholes. I mean 20, 30 feet wide and really deep. So definitely be careful. The fall is nice. We did the entire trail loop. My wife had a really hard time in the beginning. I didn't think it was hard or even moderately hard. I did enjoy the hike but it wasn't anything spectacular. I wouldn't drive 2 hours for it again. For most people I would rate this hike as moderate. I thought it was easy. We did see a few rattle snake skins by the lake/pond area. I wouldn't advice you to bring your dogs from the falls area. It's not save for pets. If you come from the lake side, then you're ok.

We wanted to hike up to Crater Lake this past Saturday and thanks to this app, got there. The trails are poorly marked with missing signs everywhere and access roads and other unmapped trails that made it confusing to know which way to go. We went up from Buttermilk falls which was very muddy due to rain so when the climb gets steep, especially on rocks, you’re sliding even in hiking boots. I managed to eat it in a large rock- thankfully, I wore jeans and not leggings for this hike, else- the bruises would have been worse. We made a right onto Woods Road (not intentionally) and looped around til we hit orange blazes. At this point, it got confusing with access roads so use the markers on the map (thanks to those who put pins on unmarked roads!). We also had a hard time crossing a flooded stream but luckily made it safe and dry. By the time we got to the lake, we just took a look instead of looping around due to time and the fact some people said men were dragging out a (hunted?) bear from the woods toward the back of the lake. We took the AT back and went down Buttermilk Falls trail (blue) which we then were happy we didn’t hike up that way as it was steep. Woods road was longer, but a nice long flat break and passed two pretty ponds. Be wary of the mud and wear non skid boots and bring a pole or grab a big stick for balance!

We took Appalachian trail to sunfish pond to turquoise and back down the Dunnfield Creek trail. Moderate incline on AT, good views of lake and then had to cross the creek 5 times over fallen trees etc due to cool Fall season temps. Overall fun day hikes - our fit bits put this more over 10 miles and hiked 5.5-6 hours. Very nice hike; pretty quiet on trail and only passing people on occasion.

I have done this section of the AT twice. I find it to be the most impressive sections on the AT in Northern Pa. I have done it as part of a hike from Ashfield road to Little gap. (about 10-11 miles.) The rock scramble at the top took us over an hour to do little more than a mile. At 57, I take my time and tend to be cautious with my footing. It is challenging, but if you are in reasonable good health and reasonably good shape, it is do-able. (I know both health and shape are subjective. I use knee supports and good backpacking boots.) From the top of the climb you can see about two miles down the Lehigh River. and when you climb across the top, you can see about two miles up the Lehigh river. The view is spectacular the whole way up. I generally hike with trekking poles (non-retractable) I did have to put them on the next level up and then climb up using both my hands in a few places. The rock will disapear and it will turn into a more normal trail. The Blue trial will be on the left and it will take you down the mountain. You can't miss it. It is easier to climb up a steep climb than climb down. I would like to return to climb up the White trail (AT) and come down the Blue trail (Winter Trial) I was told that is much easier to get down that way. It returns you to the parking area at the bottom. It may be a challenge for kids under 8 or 9 years of age. If you are looking for a relatively flat dirt path in the woods, this is not it. I do think that most will enjoy it. Just as a side note. On the cover of Terry Croteau's book about her AT thru-hike, is a picture of the climb out of Lehigh Gap. When I saw the cover, I thought I recognize that. The name of the book is "Footpath My Ass!" That in it self was reason enough to buy it. lol. Good read.

Went on a misty day and was tough but rewarding! Will definitely go back again to see the view (was obscured by fog). I highly suggest going white trail to blue trail - I always feel it’s easier to have the strenuous part first!

love it...great exercise....white up, white down

Crater lake is beautiful we parked there by putting lake success dam in the gps then walked down to the falls and back up again. It was a little hard but not bad at all . I did it with some beginner hikers and they were fine !

Unfortunately, I never got to see this trail. The “private “ road leading to it was in such horrible condition it was impassible for my small vehicle. SUVs with four wheel drive may be ok but my car’s undercarriage kept getting scraped up by the holes in the road so I had to turn around. Very disappointing. Don’t attempt unless you are in the mood to deal with a broken axel and have roadside assistance.

Cloudy, foggy day so visibility / views were pretty limited so I can't really comment on that. The trail was well maintained and marked. I would rate this as moderate with one small section with a decent incline. We took the AT up and the fire road back down. Wasn't too busy but that was probably due to the slightly rainy weather. Not one of my top hikes but I'll come back and check it out when the weather is better.

definitely the best trail I've been to so far in New Jersey. Last weekend I went with my cousins. it says 8.9 miles but if you do a legit loop without taking the shortcut then it's actually over 11 miles. I wouldn't rate it as moderate though. My body wasn't sore at all the next day but you do have to be somewhat physically fit to do this trail. definitely wear proper hiking shoes. ankle support would be really helpful. if you wear merino wool socks, you'll be even more comfortable. cotton socks have no ventilation. wool protects your ankle and also keeps the moisture out. you will have to cross 5 creeks so make sure you either have waterproof shoes or boots high enough for you to easily cross the creek. the real beauty of this trail you see when the creeks start to come. some parts were extremely muddy. make sure you have enough water and snacks. definitely a must trail. legend has it that the 5 creeks were initially discovered by a native tribal leader, Zeeshan Anjum!

Expected the trail to be a little easier, but the rocks were actually more challenging than I expected. Wife and I did it with the dogs, but had to take them off lead once we got to the rocks. I could not see how you could do those rocks with the dogs on their leads. Next will take our kids and let them try this trail, I think they will enjoy it.

Did as out-and-back from Wind Gap lot to Fox Gap. While I did enjoy this, be warned this trail has teeth! Have done several stretches of AT in northern PA and this one definitely takes the cake so far for the most jagged, pointy, toe-stubbing bunches of rocks throughout most of trail from Wind Gap to Wolf Rocks. The segment of trail between Fox Gap and Wolf Rocks is pretty minimal on the rocks so would make for easy hike just to see Wolf Rocks which are pretty neat (cliff of many large flat slanted rocks). There isn't much ascent/descent other than the initial climb up from Wind Gap so can sometimes get a little boring if doing full trail between the Gaps.

This trail can get a bit intense. If you like scrambling then this is a perfect place for you. Knife Edge had a beautiful view but I personally did not enough all the rocks simply because I was rarely able to take in the surroundings because I had my eyes on the ground 99% of the time. I wouldn't do it again but that's just a personal preference. I was not expecting my whole trip to be rocks and car size boulders, plus a mountain on boulders to climb. I gave it 4 starts because I know plenty of people enjoy all the rocks but for those of you who prefer a variety on the trail this might not be for you. We turned back about 1/2 mile after knife Edge because it was getting dark and we couldn't find a campsite. We ended up camping at the campsite right before (NB) the power lines and that was a perfect spot with a little back space perfect for a tent setup rock free and a beautiful view.

Great hike, but you need to take it to Crater Lake for the reward. Like everyone has said, the first section heading up towards the Appalachian trail is the toughest. Pretty smooth after that. There aren’t really any scenic overlooks besides the lakes. The pond is nice, but Crater Lake was beautiful. Lunch and a quick swim and back towards the falls. Five hours round trip with a nice break in the middle. Went the wrong way a few times too.

1st half of trail coming from lot on Rt 191 is very rocky and offers couple of nice lookout or open spots for view pretty early on. The remaining half of trail on top of mountain is an easy walk on old road until you start descent down Mt Minsi. The trail down/up Mt Minsi is great and does have couple lookouts. Didn't want to have to retread a section of trail if could avoid it so once I got to bottom of Mt. Minsi had looped back up to top via a connecting old road (mostly grown in with webs and all). The road/trail is marked on AllTrails map but has no name and seemed to get little to no traffic. Is the 2+ mile trail connecting Mountain Rd to Totts Gap Rd (brief hike up actual street before turns into gravel road).

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