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Something to know before you go... you must have fishing and or hunting license or a GORP Pass (Georgia Outdoor Recreational Pass) to hike this along with the pocket trail.

on Keown Falls Trail

10 days ago

I started the trail from the John Mtn Overlook so basically felt like I did it backwards...first half of the hike was all downhill and the last half was up. Kicked my weak butt, was great though!

on Keown Falls Trail

11 days ago

Do this hike in the wet season, when it has rained a lot.Or there will not be any water in the falls. Trail is easy and in good shape most of the way.

My dad and I used clippers during most of the hike. Too bad it isn't maintained better. Still a great hike though. Very few people, which I happen to love when hiking.

Awesome change of scenenry along a short 8 miles! It was more difficult than I expected....but I based my expectation off of the State Park Trail Map. It had the completion time for the 1.2 mile flat gravel trail around the lake at 1 hour. It had the completion time for the Gahuti trail at 5 hrs for 8 miles...it actually took me 5 full hours. Lots of ups and downs. I saw a lot of squirrels and a family of raccoons. The lake trail and the wall trail are not actually part of the g
Gahuti but I did those as well. When you are in this park it doesn't feel like you are in the mountains at all...untill you get to the overlooks! Reminded me of the Cloudland Canyon west rim trail.

Good hike - obviously someone went to trouble to blaze and even make nice stone steps, but needs to be better maintained .... nice views, waterfall

Such a fun trail. A mix of straight, easy trails and more challenging.

16 days ago

Short trail but rocky.

Fun. Overgrown, rocky, uneven, large fallen trees, cool view at the top. Def not a light, even-keeled walk. A lot of irregular hiking. I did the counterclockwise loop from the beginning. The return back part of the loop was the most irregular, wet, and sometimes difficult to see the trail, but that just made it more interesting.

Took my 3 year old and dog. it was a good short trail for them. After our short hike we found the play ground and a cool overlook spot to see the mountains. Cost $5 to enter park.

1 month ago

When you get to where the trail splits (I went to the right) it’s one big loop past a nice little waterfall with a cave type place (nice and cool on a hot day). After the waterfall the trail gets kind of vague. The overlook is pretty. I enjoyed it. The loop is a nice short hike.

Easy hike!!

1 month ago

nice little trail took my kids and dog beautiful views

Great hike in and out! Combination of high & low slopes with small waterfall!

This is one of the best parks around. I love coming here and the hiking is fun.

I have done this trail a couple of times. It's not kid friendly and nor well maintained.

It's a nice trail. I took my dog, who is Tri-paw and she handled it well. it was enough of a challenge to give her a workout but didn't wearher out.

This place is gorgeous and the main trail is easy enough but the hike down to the falls was pretty vigorous for someone not in the best shape cardio wise but worth it! Note to wear actual hiking shoes instead of runners for better grip on the gravel.

Lula Lake is a great place to go hiking. one of my favorite courses I do, is from the parking lot to middle Trail. Then take that to the bluff Trail. A great view of the valley. Then Bluff Trail down to the falls which is great on a nice hot day. I usually spend about a half an hour at the base of the falls. Then back to the parking lot. I have it as 4.6 MI. You do some climbing but the hills are long and gradual.

1 month ago

The falls were cool, but the overlook was definitely the best part. Lightly trafficked and peaceful.

The trail could be more clearly marked, and we were disappointed when we had to turn around halfway through then loop because the trail was so overgrown we couldn't safely continue. Looking forward to going back when some of the summer foliage dies back.

Great trail! Lots of ups and down to keep your heart pumping and plenty of beautiful views to keep you interested along the way.

I've hiked at Lula on 2 separate occasions. I look forward to more visits for years to come.

1 month ago

I took my kids on this “1.6” mile “easy” loop. We went to the right at the fork. It was not easy at the top and not well maintained. The trail is steep at the top, especially coming down the other side. There was a lot of blow down that had to be navigated. At one very narrow point we climbed over a muscadine vine. The waterfall was just a trickle and it has been raining heavily in this area so that was disappointing. And according to my running app it was 2.21 miles. I would rate this a moderate trail.

2 months ago

This was our first trail to backpack overnight. The scenery is beautiful. It is a pretty hard trail the first 2 miles and the last 2 miles. There are 4 campsites. The campsites just have a flat spot for your tent and a fire pit. The only complaint was that campsite one was not marked and was right on the trail. The trail is a little grown over at places with tall grass and poison oat so be sure to wear appropriate clothing and bring bug spray. This is black bear country so be smart. We will definitely be returning.

my partner and I hiked this trail last weekend, it was cooler and breezy which made the hike very nice. Spectacular overlooks, changing terrain, waterfalls, mountains. We had a great time. We passed about 8 people in the entire 8+ miles, I think half of them asked if we had seen any bears, apparently bears are prevalent at fort mountain SP. We did not see any bears by the way...this is an excellent hike, we would do it again. It took about 4.75 hours to complete, and we stopped for lunch on the trail and at one of the overlooks. We like to hike at a pretty moderate pace.

Did this trail a few months back! Rewarding waterfall at the end!

Do not go clockwise!! if you do, space and time folds and the whole loop is somehow uphill. Was so crazy!!

I had heard about Keown Falls and living close by, I decided I would go. The weather was picture perfect. Clear and sunny with a temp of 70 degrees. Loaded up daypack with water and snacks and packed up the dog with his harness and leash along with water, and away we went. When we got out of the car, the transformation was amazing. Gone was sounds of the city and rural area that I live in, replaced by the sounds of a small creek running and making its way over rocks. Of course, the dog had to go for a quick dip before we could hit the trail. The area out of the parking area is a little grown up, but it is summer, so it is to be expected. We crossed the small stream and we got on the main trail. I like this area because it is wide and fairly clear, so you can see if there are any snakes. We continued on the main trail and came to a resting bench, so we stopped for a moments to drink some water and have a small snack. As we got close to the falls, the trail narrowed quite a bit and was grown up, but it was still hikeable. The view, stunning and beautiful, were a welcome sight. We continue around and arrived at the falls. Nice, nice, nice. The dog wasn't too sure about the falls, but then we got in front of it and loved splashing in the pool of water. We decided to continue on around, but it was severely grownup and we backtracked and went to the overlook. At this point, we rested for about 30 minutes taking in the beauty while resting our feet and joints, then we began our return to the car. It's a nice trail and secluded enough that we did not encounter any crowds. I wish it was maintained more than it is, because it is a truly spectacular place. I will definitely go back again, probably in the fall.

2 months ago

If you want to see the Falls/Cascades first just go in the exit and come out the entrance it’s a short loop!

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