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solid trail, mildly strenuous, the lake at the top is worth it. The scramble at the end was tough at times to know whether we were supposed to go.

Did this trail on 12/8. Perfect hiking day. Some powdery snow on the trail, but no need for spikes. Great trail close to town.

My father in law and I hiked this trail this afternoon (early-December) and it was a nice 4 mille in-and-out trail with beautiful views of the reservoir at various parts of the hike as well as a gorgeous view at the top. I would rate it as moderate mostly because of the steepness, but it was very doable. The steep parts were made easy by rock steps and no part of the trail was terribly treacherous. About 2/3 of the trail was covered in snow (beginning and end) but it wasn't icy. It took us a little under 2 hours to complete.

6 days ago

Really awesome trail! Did it as a sunrise hike and had a super awesome view! Little icy and snow packed at parts. If it snows anymore, might want to take hiking poles for the way down. Fun scramble at the end to get to the top!

Great suitability for dogs
We camped near by on a 4x4 road excellent half day hike!

Always a great quick one or make it a long 4 hour loop! Love the climbing routes throughout. Fun hike!

This trail is temporarily closed because of the Seaman Fire. It is scheduled to reopen 10/12/18. For more info, Google its special order number: arp-clrd-2018-09.

This is a great trail run. Very steep, so I did a lot of hiking as it got rockier closer to the top. A very easy run down. The only problem I had was being chased by 2 dogs off leash. Their owners quickly got them under control but it was a little frightening. Beautiful views from the top. Perfect weather for a trail run!

Went Sunday and it was 45 degrees or so out and sunny. Made it to the top no issues, trail does get a little "confusing" with no trail markers towards the top, though nothing too crazy. Views are great. Saw a few other hikers, other wise good area for those seeking solitude on near by trails.

Did loop hike starting out at Arthur's Rock trail head going up trail to summit of Arthur's Rock, then coming back by way of Howard Trail and Mill Creek Link. Total distance 4.7 miles. Very scenic with views of Horse Tooth Reservoir and Ft. Collins. Weather was great. I would rate the trail as moderate rather than hard. Top of Arthur's Rock is roomy for people to relax.

Loved this trail. I would not classify it as hard my 4 yr old had no problems. It was a nice trail. Would def do it again

moderately hard with an awesome view!

made it through in stock 2013 suburban with some scarping. very challenging. had a great time.

1 month ago

Great hike. Went on a Monday and only saw 4 people on way back down from summit. Very peaceful.

I'm torn on the best way to do this trail. If you take the meadow trail (clockwise) you get good views on the approach to Greyrock and good views heading down the canyon on your way back out. I found myself turning around a lot. So, If I did it again I would probably do it in reverse.

That being said, it's pretty cool looking down to Hewlett Gulch on the switchbacks heading down the meadow trail.

2 months ago

A very misty morning hiked around 9:30 and saw 3 bear cubs.about 3/4 way up to top of trail. This trail is rated hard. The elevation and rocky trail makes it challenging but I wouldn’t say it was hard because you climb a little then it levels out . Definitely would do again on clear day and bring bear spray!

Strenuous hike with great views at the top.

Beautiful hike with great views from the top. Wouldn't personally rate this hike as "hard" or "difficult" but definitely a nice climb...

(Bring Yaktrax if the trail is snow/ice covered)

It's been renamed the Granite Ridge Trail. https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/arp/recarea/?recid=36827

2 months ago

Greyrock was my favorite of four trails I hiked in the area surrounding Fort Collins. The hike was a nice challenge, both physically and navigationally.

I’m glad I enabled the app’s GPS feature because the trail isn’t very straightforward given the amount of boulders covering the landscape. This was a rare instance where I was appreciative of the rock cairns left by other hikers to mark the trail.

In total, my hike was 8.1 miles with a moving time of 4 1/2 hours. I started out around 8 a.m. and lucked out by having the mountain completely to myself until my descent. This was the only hike where I depleted my water supply, so I would advise bringing extra. I also would recommend a trekking pole for traversing the rocky terrain.

Closed to use in March 2017. Very easy hike. We miss it!

Beautiful this time of year with the leaves changing color! It was a little confusing on where to go sometimes, so download the map if you can! Follow any arrows you see on the trees as well.

2 months ago

Nice trail if you're in Ft. Collins area. It's pretty nice when you get to the top, with some cool rocks to walk on.

Short and sweet! Couldn’t recommend it more. The views of Horsetooth and Fort Collins are really something. Bring water, it’s a climb!

3 months ago

Finally made it up Gray Rock after living in FC for 17 years! Well worth it! Spectacular views across the plains, Horsetooth Rez almost completely visible - so cool. Some bouldering necessary at the end, I wouldn’t do that when wet. Took Meadows trail back down, saw lots of deer, wildflowers and bear signs.

fun short day hike with amazing views. plenty of shady areas to stop. it ascends quickly. don’t stop short at the top—climb the rock!

Spectacular view, pretty wicked climb on the final accent which was fairly challenging. Well maintained and scenic. Highly recommend

The view is worth the challenging climb! Great workout.

3 months ago

Nice trail for a quick easy hike. Lots of people but if you come early in the morning or later in the evening it is a lot more quite. Also the Timber trail from Well Gulch area and Overlook trail will take you here if you want to add some distance and more challenge to this hike.

3 months ago

8/25- the trail got hot in a hurry and almost all the reviews we read there was shade but we had no idea it was as far in as it was. It was too hot for our dogs, a lot of rocks which got hot. You won’t see shade on this trail until well after 2 miles in. Be prepared. Will do it again when it’s cooler.

nearly killed me, loved it.

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