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Great hike and fantastic views. A challenging climb for the first mile which makes the crowds worth it, and a easy descent for the 2nd and 3rd but made difficult by all the fallen leaves this time of year, which caused both me and my friend to fall. Whoopsy! My 30 pound, spritely pup had a ball jumping up the rocks, but needed a boost at some points and a full on lift at one or two places. Recommend keeping dogs on leash with harnesses during the tough spots, as there are some flat rocks that slide down to dangerous drop offs. We had a couple of scares.

strenuous and gorgeous. Pack your winter gear, it's really icy out!

Great views in all directions, not too hard, fun to climb over rocks near the top.

One of my favorite hikes .. I’ve done it twice and it was even better the second time. Trail was easy to follow and it was short enough and not to difficult for first time hikers. There are beautiful views the whole way up. Can’t wait to hike this again !

Really well marked trail.

Very satisfying hike, though a bit crowded. Beautiful views at top.

This was a nice day on the mountain despite the chilly temps and mud in parts of the trail. You must start VERY early in the morning this time of the year in order to make it back with day light. Sadly we were a few rock scrambles away from the summit before needing to turn around. We did end up needing a headlamp before making it out. There were a few overlooks just before the summit for some lovely views. The rock scrambles were great!

Exhilarating hike. We arrived (near peak leaf season) at 8:30 AM and there were not many people there. We finished at 12:30 PM (lots of breaks along the route-hiked with 11 and 12 year olds) and when we stepped back out onto 9D there were cars parked as far as the eye could see as well as streams of people exiting the train. Go early on busy weekends during leaf season! The hike was fantastic! My children loved it and loved the challenging rock scrambles. There were three sections of scramble that I found a bit scary but the kids managed them. The other scrambles along the way were less scary.
Trail was well marked.

Did the 7.7 mile out and back to Wittenberg. Challenging ascent right off the bat. Then a respite before a challenging and rocky last mile. Great view at the top.

This Hike was OK, got really crowded by the shelter and the road walking at the end isnt so great since people fly down the street. The lake was very nice especially with the fall colors. Not many views unless you add in the short spur to Black Mountain which I highly recommend you do, adds about 250ft of extra elevation gain to your total hike but you get to a very nice lookout point and also get to summit a MTN which also has amazing views of the Hudson on top. PS Trail is very rocky in some spots so make sure you have a good pair of boots.

Lots of fun! It’s challenging but our 4 year old walked it on his own no problem :) He was a little scared going down at first though. There are definitely some steep parts.

Really Beautiful. The only reason I give it 4 stars is because at night there isn't enough yellow reflective patch on the trees to navigate out towards the parking lot. It was a bit difficult, but with my offline map, the grace of God, instinct, cellphone lights and the help of our friend Charles, we were able to navigate back to the Parking lot after dark.

Such a fun experience. If you are novice, you will be able to do this trail. Make sure you start in the morning and give yourself extra time.

Awesome views and fall scenery, but always super crowded.

Fall trails conditions as in any NE area. Mixed wet day yesterday in area, planned a weather break day amidst the Berkshires & had one. As a first time, chose the Blue Indian Monument Inscription Trail. An old wagon trail ending proximate to the Red Summit Squaw Trail. An easy south shoulder to summit climb, gradual ascent. The Red & Yellow Hickey Trails meet at the Monument. The red then used scrape & ledge & rocks (some as steps) to Squaw Mountain, clearly blazed. Children & newbies should be watched - the cliffs are real, a 900 foot drop. My altimeter read 1615-1640 height. A couple of “Pulpit” rock formations adjoin the cliff face here, one the Devil’s Pulpit. The trustees allow no rock climbing here. Descent can be had by the Squaw Trail Red .5 mile which intersects the 1.6 mile Blue Monument trail up or down. The .8 mile Hickey Yellow Trail is correctly styled strenuous. In fall, leaves conceal rocks & pits. Yellow blazes are adequate. Taken downhill the trail is 2/3 sharp incline & rocky. Very attentive. Two bridges & views of the lower cliff rockfalls & some flatter slopes appeal. All (the Red via the blue north or south, the Yellow at the Monument) commence & end at the picnic & parking area. If time, a ride back via State 183 to the West show a rich valley romantic view of the massif along the Housatonic River. The northern water from Squaw Mountain is Agawam Brook Pond. The trail condition is good. Weather turns a risk at the summit. Pay to park or donation encouraged with solar powered ATM/Debit/Credit machines.

Amazon hike. Do it!

Great for beginners

Follow the recommended path (BR White - BB Red - WK Yellow) loop. Lots of fun rock scrambling. Plan for 3 hours.

Amazingly beautiful, and the views from Hurricane Ledge are breathtaking, but very muddy, rocky and almost unmarked in the section up to High Peak and down to Hurricane Ledge. I was glad that I could use the GPS over the Alltrails map to track my location. I would not recommend to inexperienced hikers.

Very pretty trail - lots of great look at points. Watch your markers -

This was a well-balanced hike—equal parts light to medium scrabbling over sheer rock and painless and serene strolling beneath a thick forested canopy. Start this hike by bearing to your left to get the walk up out of the way. We brought our small dog who is a master scrambler and had to be lifted only once or twice. This is an awesome hike that you can cut in half by taking the middle route in the center of the loop. A good two hours going this way. Some great views from the top. Be careful and don’t pass the parking lot on the right as you climb up the mountain on Route 9A or you’ll have to turn around and go all the way back down the mountain and come back up—you can only enter the lot going north. Have fun!

Nice trail!

Always a great hike, in any season except in deep snow. Fab views from the top. Approx 1.5 hours to complete the loop. Dog friendly. Can be crowded on the weekends. Devil’s Pulpit is a short diversion near the top which affords less crowded views.

Great hike, definitely challenging even for experienced hikers. Would recommend for backpacking. Be prepared to spend about 5-6 hours in total depending on how long you chill looking at the views.

Mileage seems like it’s a little longer than what’s listed, but that’s just me.

view was amazing definitely a challenging trail, but well worth it. Didn't get to do Cornell because of time

Amazing, amazing. The view from Wittenberg will make even the naysayingest Catskill naysayers smile.

I had to rush this one due to poor time planning on my part with commitments in the afternoon, I rushed through and did the roundtrip in 5hrs, however both mountains were totally socked in the morning I went so I had no views at all so i want to go back anyway. Trail is well marked, lots of fun scrambles, i imagine if you go when its not completely socked in you will have great views with the apparent amphitheater-style seating rocks at Witt summit looking out at something that i couldn't see at all the day i went, and after the cornell crack there was an apparent viewing ledge over at Cornell's summit. I was lucky to start out early in the am and had the mountains to myself the whole way up and part way back to Witt's summit. Some of the scrambles could be difficult for a newer hiker, and while there are flats along the way to rest your legs and lungs there are quite a few up sections that might burn your legs if you aren't really ready for this one. Have to pay for parking at the campground but the few bucks weren't enough to take a star away for me, and by paying you have access to restrooms/showers/etc at the campground for the day anyway. I often hike with my akita mix but was glad i didn't bring her on this one, as the crack and at least one other scramble between Witt and Cornell i would have needed to help her up and by oneself with your 4-legged friend it would be pretty difficult i imagine, and she has needed no help on the scrambles she has previously done on many of the adk and cats peaks.

The view was great overall. on the way down is unexpected with lots of rock and climbing down

Just completed today. Did it in 2ish hours with a 20 minute picnic at the money spot. Fun scrambling in the beginning. Not too crowded, great views

great hike with breathtaking views, I would definetely recommend squaw trail( red one) Not for kids under 10

I’m in love with this mountain - I’m from the area so I will only hike it during the week if I happen to have a day off. On the weekends, it’s just way too crowded. You get breathtaking views every couple of steps if you hike the orange trail. You can get a little turned around once the orange trail ends, but if you take that to the teal blue diamond trail aka the blue bird (not the teal and yellow) it will take you up to a spectacular 360 view - keep following that trail to another junction, at this point take the teal and yellow - it will lead you out to more spectacular views - you can take the white trail all the way back out to the parking lot. I always find peace up here, I bring a lite snack with me when I get to the money spot - it’s worth taking it all in for a short rest. Enjoy!

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