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The hike up Lone Pk by the Jacob's Ladder route is fairly direct, steep, and efficient. I consider the Lower and Upper Bell's Canyon route BY FAR the most beautiful route, but also the longest, requires the greatest elevation gain, and is best done with overnight camping.

This trail is a lovely trail. The only big hill is at the bridge and if you don't want to do the loop back to the bridge there is a trail that will take you directly to the bridge so you can bi-pass it. We went up the hill and around. In total we crossed 3 bridges, a rock cave formation thing and saw the beautiful panorama of the valley. I would say this hike is easy without the big hill. If you add the hill I would say moderate. But I am a weekly hiker.

Stunning views of the Salt Lake Valley! Nice, moderate walk on decent trail over an interesting hogback ridge. Clear evidence of mountain biker tracks but I saw none this morning. I saw only four other hikers. Cold breeze. No precipitation. No mud. Many oak trees with nearly all leaves fallen. Best to remember natural markers because there are several unmarked intersections.

2 months ago

Thigh burner coming back down, poles would probably be a good idea. About an inch or so of snow starts around 8k feet. Tough hike but great views.

2 months ago

Not a hard hike at all !

2 months ago

Quick easy hike for everyone with a beautiful view !

nice, easy trail with plenty of switchbacks. most of the fall leaves are on the ground, so it was pretty bare scenery wise. Would love to do this in the summer or earlier in the fall. Had a few mountain bikers on the trail, but everyone was courteous about slowing down when they got close to us.

I dont go on very many hikes and today i thought i would try this one. it a good hike and I almost gave up and I asked someone how much further and she was like ur almost there the hard part is over. I almost gave up there but thanks to the sweet lady I made it to the bridge and it was amazing.

60 degrees at 8:30am this morning. Was able to catch the sunrise. Easy trail to find with a gradual climb in elevation. Great views of Timpanogos, Lone Peak and Utah Lake. I was able to run all the way back down the trail without slowing down because it wasn’t too steep.

2 months ago

Good incline, great views of the city, pretty fall colors!

Hardest hike of the summer! But I had the place to myself and the views were worth it! Lots of different terrain and scenery!

First off, this is not 11.1 miles from parking lot after Orson park. We used a fit bit and this is 14 round trip. Maybe 11.1 from Jacobs ladder beginning though. Other thing. I hike hard and a lot. I hiked this one hard and it pushes back. Hardest hike I’ve ever done. Quads will rage unless you pace it slowly most likely. So, I’m 6’ and I weigh 200 lbs. Roughly 14% body fat. I bring this up ONLY to let anyone know who is athletic built that 102 ounces of water was not enough. You need AT LEAST a gallon to be safe. The ladies that came with us were fine with like 80 ounces actually. Anyway, awesome views the whole way. Be cognizant of where trail is on way up also. :)

New to UT trails, though hitting many in UT county. Spectacular views, great
Rock formations. Took my 13 year old daughter and 6 year old son and they great!

Wow! What a trail to tackle. Bring a wind jacket because the seasons are changing. I also recommend gloves (I brought gripping garden gloves and they worked great) for warmth and scrambling down the sharp boulders. Be careful at the top... take it easy and know your limits.

Did this hike after having done Timp and Pfiefferhorn - THIS ONE IS MUCH HARDER. The slog up to the top is long and steep. Be prepared to get lost in the boulder fields (we had GPS and a map) and to be frightened by the exposure at the end. The views are incredible and I’m glad to
check it off my bucket list but I’m not sure I’d do this one again.

great trail beautiful scenery got some really steep hills though.

The trail is 5 stars for biking. I wouldn’t do anything else on it because the trail for hikers gets confusing and bikers go in between the hiking trails and the biking only trails. Anyways, if you bike yes to this trail—hikers it’s best find another trail

Great trail! It takes as much as it gives. Demanding trail with an incredible view all along the way. A must!!

The trail is hot, very steep, and long. But the payoff is probably the best view I've seen in Utah, and an amazing cirque!!

Much more difficult than anticipated, but I’m not in great shape so maybe it had more to do with my conditioning than it did with the difficulty of the hike. It is very steep.

Great hike, very tough. The first 2 1/2 miles are insane, but after that portion the trail levels out and goes from very hard to just hard/moderate.
The view from the top is stunning! Cell phone reception the entire way, I recommend downloading the map so you can double check your route near the top if you ever lose sight of the cairns.

This hike was much harder and longer than I expected. There’s not much of a trail when you hit the boulder fields up top (which made for lots of time going up and down trying to figure out where to go). You have to rock climb over big drops to get to the top and it’s sketchy! Bring more water and nutrition than you expect! This hike is not for the faint of heart! Plan on getting lost and being out there longer than expected!

Very Hard hike, but worth it when you get to the top! This is not for the beginner or someone not use to scrambling and a little bit of exposure. As others have mentioned bring Lots of water, I had 3 liters and ran out half way down. There is no where to filter water on the mountain, and it got super hot on the way down as well. Make sure when you come down you don’t miss the way back, I met a group that went too far south and lost 3 hours on the trail. All and all a great and challenging hike!

4 months ago

Wasn’t great. Trail’s just a straight, back and forth down the mountain then ends along some other trails. No scenic views, just some dead plants. The one area with trees, they were all burned from a fire a tear or so ago. There with a lot of bikers that we needed to move for, so hiking this trail probably isn’t worth it.

Jacobs ladder will eat you alive if your not careful. Straight up in the sun and infested with bees so be careful. After Jacobs ladder it is quite a beaut

5 months ago

I got lost on the trail 2 weeks ago, but Kelly one of their guards was kind enough to give me directions and drove me to the parking lot. She deserves a raise and you're lucky to have an employee that loves what she does.
The trail was great also.
Thanks Kelly

As others have said, take the dirt road at Orson Park. I almost got tempted to try a different route since I live in Lehi, but looking at google images, doesn’t look like there is a fully thru way yet.
I’m not the biggest fan of the first half of the trail. It has a very dry desert mountain feel to it and gets quite steep. Once it levels out and gets into some pine, I loved it. Traversing across rock reminded me of some hikes I’ve done in southern Utah and the view of the peak is fantastic. Nothing really too tough or scary until you get to the very top. The last five minutes or so to reach the top really made me think twice. Great view though and well worth it. Took me 4 hours and 15 minutes to the top. Started at 8:15am and was at the top at 12:30.

5 months ago

Great hike

I've done this twice, and the first time was perfect. I went alone, and appreciated all the cairns to lead the way. The second time I went with friends, and we somehow got off the path, and went 2000 ft south of the trail. Trudging through scrub oak on steep hills really, REALLY sucks. Don't do that!

5 months ago

Wasn't sure where the loop went, so when I came out on the road I turned around and came back the way I came up. It was pretty, and there were lots of animals in the bushes. Met a coyote on the way up and down.

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