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Unable to even park to get into the trail! Found the red bridge...but you can’t just pull over and park on bean station Rd. When it’s snowy. Drove around backroads with no apparent parking lot in sight. So bummed.

This hike is very beautiful. It was an uphill climb the whole way up. We took lots of breaks especially in the last .88 of the trail, because it was VERY steep. I’d suggest once you get near the peak to just find a nice open Ming in the trees as the peak is covered in trees and doesn’t have much of a view so it’s not really necessary to go to the very end of the trail. Also make sure to not get lost on the other trails. It got pretty cold going towards the top and very windy. The way down was very hard on my legs and knees but we used some branches as hiking sticks which helped a lot! Overall beautiful and nice hike

Some good views. Ends at a barbed wire fence and a “keep out-no trespassing” sign before the actual top. Thanks for the reminder of where we live. I’d hate to get carried away in all that majesty.

on Tehachapi Mountain Trail

24 days ago

Pretty but really steep nothing to grab onto and dusty but soooo worth it

Just spent the weekend on this trail. Fishing was amazing at the Kearsage Lakes! Hiking in from onion valley was rough but a huge accomplishment when we reached the top of the pass. The decent into the Kearsage Lakes from the pass is very fast. When we packed out it only took us 3 hours because most of this 11 miles is down hill on the onion valley side. This was my first time backpacking in the Seirras and coming from the east coast this trip was a real eye opener. I would recommend this trail to anyone that thinks they can tough it out. Weather is getting a bit cold this time of year now. Low’s were in the teens at night and there was some snow at about 10,000 feet.

One of my favorite hikes!

Really not much to see during leafy seasons. The upper part of the loop has definitely suffered from recent rains. You can see where there used to be rebar holding logs in place for steps, but they’ve all washed mostly away. There are parts that would be challenging without good boots. The lower half is wide, open and flat with a few uphills challenges. It was definitely quiet and peaceful. No people. No hunters. Lots of birds and we went mid October. Cool mushrooms. Dog loved it.

29 days ago

Amazing views. Short and challenging hike, We stopped several times to enjoy the view. Came early and greeted with several groups coming up on our way down. The 3 miles drive FS21S05 was unpaved road to the parking lot.

Day hike to Kearsarge Lakes after three inches of fresh overnight pow. The trail is super gradual and easy on the knees as you climb to Kearsarge Pass (compared to other high elevation trails in California). Don’t stop at the pass! Descend to the lakes and be treated to the reflection of the mountains towering above you. Definitely in my top three favorite hikes.

Beautiful views. Great workout. Definitely very steep on the last section. Took the recommendation from a previous review to take hiking sticks which was a great help. Good hike. For sure.

1 month ago

Most of the trail was Ankle deep in mud. Not worth it.

Probably the wrong season for this walk. little wildlife, tracks and flora, excepth fir the isolated doll's eyes

There is more than just the red trail. There is also a yellow blue and green trail. If you combine them all you can make a very nice 6 mile loop. It is not too challenging but crossing Briggs Gully on the red trail is a gentle descent and a short steep climb. This is a beautiful place at any season but it is spectacular in October. Thank you Finger Lakes Land Trust for preserving this place for public access and recreation.

1 month ago

Started at the top and went down 3.5 miles (2100ft). The trail is narrow, a tree has recently fallen across the trail, but easy to get around.
Heading back up is rough. Trekking poles were cumbersome on the narrow track.

This hike actually features two waterfalls. The second waterfall has some ropes that you can climb to the top. It looked like you could go further but we turned around there.

Great quiet trail. Every bend in the river of a fly fisherman's dream. The initial descent and final ascent are not for the faint of heart.

2 months ago

I did this hike with the Kern Valley Hiking Club, and had a great time. The ferns were out, and the Sequoias were fantastic. We visited the Jordan Peak Lookout afterwards.

Wouldn’t recommend hiking this trail. Wait till vegetation has grown back. The road up to this trail is pretty bad, full of pot holes and loggers. The trail isn’t high enough to be cool. Also due to a fire most of the trail is very fine and loose dirt. This causes a multitude of problems. 1) as you walk you kick up dust and dirt which not only gets you very dirty but can get in your eyes and make it hard breath. This coupled with the heat is very unpleasant. 2) since there is no vegetation it is nearly impossible to keep on the trail. The trail isn’t used enough to where the trail is outlined enough. When I went up I lost the trail and ended up climbing the largest hill near me. The views there were alright but not worth the trouble.

We loved this hike!!! My Hubby and I set out for a 5 mile hike so we only went to Flower Lake

2 months ago

A quiet hike to a classic climbing spot. Bring your own water.

2 months ago

Can’t wait to go back- wore the wrong shoes for the “rock climbing part”! Great place for the whole family kids and dogs.

This trail is a nice hike! No overgrowth, a little muddy in some spots but you can walk around it easily, initial uphill but then it lelels out. The hugging tree is so serene and so beautiful. Excellent hike to bring your dog with you.

Steep incline pretty much the entire way up. As others have mentioned, the last .88 miles are KILLER (and that's just the last .88 within the park boundary; another quarter-mile of so up to the actual peak on private property is also fairly tough). Take it slow and steady. There were several parts where I kept thinking "This has got to be the peak!" but it keeps going so don't get your hopes up and just keep pushing through. The top is a nice place to take a break, maybe have a picnic before you head back down. The way down is rough on the knees, so take hiking sticks and take it slow (I slipped a few times!).

Lots of birds and we saw some deer on the way up to the trailhead. There are bathrooms at the campsites before the trailhead, but they were swarming with flies and bees, so maybe not worth it!

A tough hike for the novice hiker. Only 2.5 miles to the top but an elevation change of almost 2,000 ft. I think I was stopping every 50 ft the last .88 miles just to catch my breath, I blamed that on the elevation and not the fact that I'm not in the best of shape. We did see some deer on the drive into and out of the park and lots of birds on the trail. Words of advice, bring plenty of water, take your time and enjoy the climb.

2 months ago

Amazing hike, good for weekend warriors to cut their teeth on a trail with varying levels of inclination. Bring lots of water and get ready for 3 hours of amazing hours. Lots of shady spots to take a break - take your time and buckle up for the last quarter mile to lookout gate. Stunning!

Nice hike.. it was more of an uphill road... up & up... shade along the way & gorgeous views!
I didn’t make it to the top since I’m out of shape & the elevation was higher than I’m used to.
It was amazing & I loved every minute of it!

outstanding. hard workout

Inaccessible due to complete overgrowth. Take a machete and bug spray!

2 months ago

Beautiful hike and well shaded. I started at the bottom at Freeman grove off of Lloyd Meadow Rd and hiked up then came back down. There is a great rock about 1.25 miles from the top near one of the bridges that overlooks the creek that is a perfect place to stop for lunch.

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