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None maintained trail very thick. Hard to navigate. Would be a better hike in winter.

Had a blast there this past weekend

More rugged than I expected. Nice hike.

Beautiful place to go to! Walk further down another trail and you can get to Martha’s falls and jump off cliffs!! Great adventure

I’d say this is so far the best marked trail I’ve been on. Even though it’s 1.5 miles id still bring some water (we didn’t) would do it again

The back end of the trail is poorly marked. I know the end of trail is to signify you can’t go in this direction any further and if you turn around you see the V go back the way you can or finish the loop. I use the gps and record my trek with all trails so if I do get confused I can just follow the dotted line - pretty awesome - I suggest a stick for this one if you are not sure footed

Beautiful waterfall nice hike

This review and map was not for desoto falls. We hiked a mile in and found small trickle of falls and a beautiful hike. Desoto falls is huge and you drive to it. Stop at the country store to get turn by turn directions

1 month ago

Great quick trail with expansive mountain views and an intimate path along the river.

The trail is nice and the waterfall is beautiful. The only reason I gave this trail three stars is because of its “caves.” My husband and I love exploring caves and were super excited to learn that there were some in the area. Unless we totally missed something, the only caves along the upper portion of this trail are rock overhangs. They are not really caves with passages. If you want an intense hike leading to a beautiful waterfall, go for it! If you’re visiting just for the “caves,” you might disappointed.

2 months ago

great kid friendly day with the kids or the elderly. nothing strenuous with beautiful views of the waterfalls

Loved this trail. I stayed on the black creek trail and the trees and flowers were blooming. Very pretty and relaxing.

3 months ago

The falls are pretty but the crowds of tourists ruin a lot of the experience

3 months ago

The falls are pretty but the crowds of tourists ruin a lot of the experience

Work those buns on the way up!

3 months ago

Great hike. We lucked out and hit it at the time of year when the river was flowing.

3 months ago

Simply Beautiful. Trekked down to Martha's Falls. Our dog, Ringo, enjoyed his very first trail experience. Looking forward to coming back.

love this place!

Had a blast on this trail. There are definitely spots when you have to take your time to watch your footing, but the experience was worth it!

Love this trail just watch where you are going

rock climbing
4 months ago

A great hike, even better location.
And some nice V0-2 boulder problems off the main trail, if you're into that.

trail running
4 months ago

Easy, short, and relaxing

Rainbow loop trail is poorly marked.

4 months ago

Great walk, good variety of terrain.

5 months ago

This hike was definitely worth the trip. I followed Sherry Walker’s advice even though her review is 2 years old. It was spot on except the sign has changed. You still want to park at the road. It doesn’t matter which driveway you take. With a good pair of hiking shoes or boots, the climb down the rocks is pretty safe, but it definitely goes from easy to moderate to hard VERY FAST. It is worth it, entirely. I went alone and I don’t recommend it, if your going down the rocks. I will go back again.

Good trail I carried my entire family from 6-15 year old kids involved with mother and father in-law. Lot of people walking,running and biking.
The only issue was he bikers ridding at a very fast pace and you had to be very aware of them while hiking.

Nature at it’s best!

I really enjoyed it. I took my 13 you Grand daughter. The trails could be marked a little better. I'm going to do it again soon.

There's far more than 4 miles worth of trails. Come check it out be prepared to run uphill.

Relaxing trail!!!! Love it!

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