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5 days ago

Such a great walk! Got stuck trying to do the Bruce loop with a dog but found our way around it :) On my list for the summer time!

Hiking this trail for 25 years. Loveliest in the fall but also heavily trafficked at that time. Shame about the break in the trail at the fall viewing area as the outer loop was great but you “can” be a scofflaw and jump the fence (a little treacherous in winter and tricky with two large dogs) or see the falls (south-west approach, generally clockwise loop) and then return, re-climb the hill, and hike the upper trail back (sticking to the left) and down the stairs. Official parking (north east corner) is $5.25 for 2 hrs. Or you can hike in along th Cataract trail from Mississauga Rd. I’ve never tried parking at Dominion rd (residential private dead end).

9 days ago

What a gem! I was so pleasantly surprised by all that I found upon arriving at the entrance gate to the conservation area. I paid the entry fee of $7 for one adult and parked the car in the spacious parking lot.
The trail head gave great direction to 3 wide and well marked trails in 3 different lengths. I chose the longest ( purple 8 km round trip) This was obviously the less traveled of the 3 but was wide and clear and mostly flat with forest, and a few ponds to view. Around the halfway point was a fire pit, picnic tables and plenty of fire wood. A great place to stop and warm up and have lunch and due to the longer trail and distance there are very few children.
The yellow trail was very flat and very smooth and possibly acceptable for a fitness strolled. Lots of families and children were on this trail. Along the way was a rest room and several random table to stop and take a break.
Upon arriving at the falls there are several tables and a big fire pit with plenty of seating and wood to burn.
There is a set of stairs that take you down to the bottom of the falls and is a great place to take photos.
This trail was not a difficult or strenuous trail but beautiful.

Things to bring: marshmallows, hot dogs, bird seed to hand feed the birds.

trail running
12 days ago

Absolutely love it here. Great landscape, water, lots of trail options and difficulties. One of my favourite features would be all the little houses built on stumps and into trees, little houses and doorways! Try to find them all when you visit!

Many trails, many levels of hiking. Always a great place to go.

12 days ago

Great for fall, summer and winter hiking!!!!

18 days ago

I fired off a bunch of questions to the Humber Trail association . They do not permit backpacking on their trail . They do not allow camouflage clothing to be worn on the trail . You are not allowed to carry a knife . You can not have wild animal deterrent spray and no contact number if you have problems . But there seems to be lots of dogs running loose on the trail . I am not sure what kind hikers they allow on their trail , unprepared ones apparently . Boy Scout motto is be prepared ! So avoid this trail they don't allow that .

Amazing hike, so much to look at an explore! A little busier in some sections then I like but none the less beautiful. Also lots of barking dogs which can make the peace and quiet a little less quiet would go again for sure.

26 days ago

The path to the falls is a nice walk, lots of birds to see, take some seed to coax them down, there are fire pits at the falls for roasting marshmallows and warming up in the winter time

1 month ago

awesome trail. well kept, well marked, single track and double track available. nice to hike or mountain bike

Love this trail. Great for all ages, just be careful with young children since it's on the edge of the escarpment. Beautiful views all the way through, starts with a loud waterfall and ends with a birds eye view of Dundas Valley. There are a couple side trails and are definitely worth taking if you have the time. Take caution during winter and after rainfalls as it can get muddy and slippery! As long as you're aware of your surroundings and being safe you will make it home happy and smiling.

This is a nice trail, very scenic with views of Tews falls, unfortunately the trail to Webster's falls has been cut off.

Super good trails.

Cute little trail with several little points of interest on route. Very cool old weapons storage barrack, gigantic kiln and lots of cute bridges and streams. Very icy though at points. Only saw one other couple. Saturday morning 8am.

1 month ago

great spot. id say very easy. not moderate good for anyone.

absolutly love this trail. one of my favorite in the area! so much to explore off the trail. all though you have to cross restricted areas. but if your risk taker its worth it.

Great view in fall

Nice hike with lots of shade, equal flats and ups&downs. Started from Crawford lake to Rattlesnake point and back

A little confusing on how the trails were marked. We started with a little mist and high 2 degrees but it didn’t matter.
We did extra km than what we expected but had a great time in such a beautiful place.

2 months ago

Nice fall family walk to the falls and back. Wide flat trail makes it an easy outing. Fire pit at the falls is an amazing payoff for the kids if you remember to pack the marshmallows!

2 months ago

Excellent trail. Well marked! Did 9km in about 90 minutes with my dog.

A great trail for an afternoon hike in nature. Close to 5th line road so you can hear a bit of traffic. Check out the limestone if the weather is good and dry - - there’s a ladder that leads to the bottom of the “caves” of limestones that crack out of the earth. Watch for roots!

Parking situation on a nice sunny weekend was awful. Official parking lots full and side streets were blocked off. Ended up starting way off trail. Once on trail, crowded. It's a nice trail but only recommend it as a week day excursion.

The trails were lovely and well kept but the parking situation was terrible. When we arrived we had to park in the overflow lot, no problem, however, once we returned from our hike we were blocked in! We managed to squeeze out of our spot only to become frustrated by traffic entering the park. Cars were parked on both sides of the street only allowing for traffic to flow in one direction. Overall a disappointing end to an otherwise lovely day.

We love this trail. My 3 and 5 year old kiddos can do it without being carried (well mostly) and every time we try a different trail on the way back we're rewarded with new (to us) amazing views. Highly recommend. Bring marshmallows and hot dogs for the campfire by the falls.

3 months ago

More meant for mountain biking but was a nice hike. The route we went on didn’t have many colourful leaves.

Beautiful trail, we accessed from Duffy Lane. Limited parking.
The wild flowers were out, the bugs were low, and it was a good mix of terrain.
Mostly away from the road until you walk up alongside the river, but not a busy road.
We took our time on the way out, and the way back was just as rewarding.

on Dundas Valley Trail

3 months ago

Such a beautiful spot to hike! I love how there are many trails to choose from. Go for a quick hike or really spend your time there. You could get lost in that forest for hours (my favorite feeling). I only had the chance to do the main trail (with quick stops at hermitage ruins and the Griffith house) and seeing how lovely it was, I would absolutely want to return to do all trails, multiple times, and maybe even try biking. Gorgeous in the fall, well marked trails. Recommend throughly!

3 months ago

Beautiful trail. Very busy thanksgiving day. Did 6.5km with my family to the waterfall and around the reservoir. Pricey to park but trail is well maintained. Wish there was a per car load price

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