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This is a mountain biking trail so hikers make sure to be aware of your surroundings so you can hear the bikers coming. There were about 3 spots with severe flood damage so be careful to follow the new paths. Great trail overall!

Good hike in big city. Lots of traffic. Fun times. Recommend to all hikers. Good trail run also.

I really enjoyed this trail. I had such a blast with the family. It's a nice and easy stroll.

Easy to get to, well maintained and nice variation in the terrain. Twice through makes for a great workout, whether running or hiking. Hiking usually takes about 1hr-1hr15m per loop.

12 days ago

We love all the options here! Paved, dirt, flat, mountain, long, short, etc.

Really loved this hike.
great for pets

We’ve only gone toward the falls and not the entire trail, but the kids love sliding on the falls. There are a couple of levels in the amphitheater style area so kids can slide up on the top shelf, others can play in the runoff on the next level down, even more can play in the stream way down at the bottom. Watch younger kids going down to the falls as there are some long drops with no rails. Picnic area with restrooms at the top.

30 days ago

First time to hike this trail. Carried our 6 year old grandson and had a blast. Falls were beautiful after all the rain. Made some great photos
and even better memories.

This one was a bit underwhelming. The views of the river and surrounding landscape are limited until you approach the top of the bluff, and then the trail abruptly ends at a "no trespassing" sign. The views from the top are good, but not great. There are multiple homes or other buildings within view no matter which direction you look.

This hike exceeded my expectations. I'd recommend it for all ages and skill levels, plus the trailhead is only about a mile or so off I-40. For an easy short hike, the sights are pretty cool. You get great views of the small lake from down by the water and from above via the ridge trail that circles the lake. The old abandoned buildings are a unique feature and fun to explore. We finished the 2 mile hike in just under an hour, but this trail could easily be completed in less time if you don't take stops to look around.

There are better hikes around Nashville, but this one is definitely worth checking out.

Nice trail but a little crowded. It is well maintained. I saw my first sign of spring today. A garter snake crossed the trail in front of me on the south face of the hill.

Very good hike. Did this on a rainy day so there was really no one else around. Quiet and peaceful.

No running. No camping. No venturing off trail. No picnicking. No biking. No parking outside the incredibly small designated lots within the designated lines. No talking. No breathing. Blah blah blah.
It annoys me when I go hiking and there are so many rules posted everywhere that I spend half the time running thru the list of ‘Don’ts’ instead of enjoying myself. Kinda takes the fun out of it all.
Overall it’s a nice trail particularly this close to Nashville. It was rainy and cold but it was still fairly crowded. I can imagine on a nice day tons of folks descending and maybe physically fighting over parking spaces (which could provide its own entertainment I suppose).
Trail was largely flooded while I was there however I would guess that’s typically not the case. It’s basically a pleasant stroll thru the woods. Nothing too strenuous.
Will look for different hikes next time I’m in the area.

Well worth the short hike. The Falls are gorgeous. Make sure you pay attention and look for the sign on the side of the road or you will easily miss it. One of the prettiest Falls I've been too. And I have hiked several in east TN.

1 month ago

My "Go To" since I reside about 6 miles from the Deep Well Trailhead. Have hiked it since moving to Tennessee in the late 80's... Never gets old....

1 month ago

Very nice way to spend 2-3hrs. Nothing super special and you have to cross 9 creeks twice so its not super convenient but is very close to cookeville is quite nice when you finally get to the top.

Just Fyi if the trail is done the way its supposed to be done (no short cuts) it is 8.7 miles not 6 miles.

Beautiful scenery and waterfalls.
The trail is well maintained. I love the fact that they put in so many bridges, walkways and stairs with grippers on them so they're not slippery. I also love the fact that you can go to the top of the falls and look down and then go all the way down to the bottom of the falls. It's really not a hard hike just the hills get you coming back out.

Beautiful hike! Make sure to climb up the overlook trail, it’s a magnificent view!!

Great hike to a beautiful waterfall!

beautiful area and amazing waterfall. just a warning, the cable at Crossing 6 is out, be careful crossing it

1 month ago

Update for 1/25/18: A group of us hike this trail fairly regularly and it makes for a great moderate day hike. But this particular trip, there was still a lot of water seeping out of the ground from the recent snow and we encountered a good bit of sticky mud. That made the hike much less enjoyable than normal. Would strongly recommend giving this trail another week for the trail to dry out.

Kinda fun. Got my car broken into. Be careful

Great hike, beautiful views. There were a lot of people but all of them were nice. On the way out there was a line of cars waiting for parking spaces, so get there early!

Great little trail!

For hiking in Nashville, this is my favorite spot. It connects to the loop trail around the lake on both ends, so add this Gainer Ridge section for more of a challenge and gorgeous views. With the connecting loop trail, it’s about 3 miles total, not too difficult. Even though Radnor Lake is inside the city limits, 15 min. drive from downtown, you’ll feel far away from it all. There’s heavy foot traffic on weekends, but if you can catch this place when it isn’t crowded, it’s wonderful.

2 months ago

You can tell it is mainly used for mountain biking. But not a bad walk through the trails.

2 months ago

Awesome trail, beautiful view! Did this one during the warmer months, prepare to trek through the creek more than a couple times.

2 months ago

Had a blast on Sunday!

Good moderate trail with a nice little uphill section. The local wildlife doesn't seem to be afraid of people so they will stay close to the trail as you approach.

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