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This is a nice walk, not long, and very easy to do. If you have a short time but need some wilderness, this is a great little hike.

1 day ago

The first 3 miles (and last 3) is an d road. The real work begins at mile 3! The 1.8 miles to the lake is a bit steep, but very manageable. Some amazing views of the waterfall. The trail was a bit muddy, but what do you expect when it’s raining. The road doesn’t provide any cover so in the rain it was a soggy hike, but still worth it! I am looking forward to doing this in the summer when the weather is better! Great hike!

3 days ago

can be slippery in spots and muddy. Just depends on what time of year you go.
You can walk under the waterfall. If you dont want to get soaked from the mist of the falls, make sure you are wearing rain gear. Fun place to cool down in the summer

3 days ago

A relatively easy hike, it isn’t well marked but it’s easy enough to find the trail head. It’s a moderate walk up a hill for the first part, but gentle and wide enough to not be too strenuous. The cemetery was interesting to see, but overall not too exciting. Our favorite part was the river trail. There are several paths down to the water, and there’s a waterfall across the river at the end. Pretty views! The hill back up from the river is pretty intense, but definitely worth it!

awesome trail, buddy and I did this in the morning. Lake was frozen at the end of the trail, but still stunning.

5 days ago

Beautiful! You are able to get very close to this waterfall. It’s kid friendly, and dog friendly. It does get super cold the closer you get to the waterfall. There’s a small cave near the waterfall to see as well. Some areas are muddy. Definitely watch your step so you don’t fall.

My recording stopped partially through my hike as I lapped around twice. I have done this hike before but usually it is in the spring or summer. Thought I would give it a try this time of year. Some parts of the boardwalk are super slippery, so make sure you have some decent shoes. I was lucky and found two painted rocks by Federal Way rocks group which made the trip extra special.

This is an easy family friendly trail for year round use.

6 days ago

Beautiful frozen views

Several small creeks to cross, and beautiful vistas as you climb to the top. The frozen lakes are amazing. The view at the top was incredible! This time of year, a lifted vehicle with chains highly recommended.

on Franklin Ghost Town

10 days ago

Nice short hike for dogs and kids. Trails are well traveled if not clearly marked.

11 days ago

A good day hike, clear skies.

Several large trees cover the trail, some are tricky to get by.

As you go up the valley towards the glacier, there is snow on the ground, not enough to need spikes or snowshoes. Poles are needed as you get closer to the glacier.

11 days ago

This was a fun and easy 2 mile hike. The way up is a little steep but was easily maneuverable. We took our two senior dogs and they did just fine. Nice Informational day trip.

14 days ago

One of my favorite hikes ever. The mountain feels so close and the scenery never dulls. Would recommend poles, but it is not a necessity. Will definitely be doing again!!

off road driving
16 days ago

this is more of a road rating went up there just to drive more snow on the ground than expected but still had loads of fun highly recomend a lifted vehicle to get through all the way and dont go alone

Be advised Green river Gorge trails association charges you 5$ per car then an additional 5$ per person. We moved on.

We went yesterday with our two toddlers and infant. It was a beautiful walk! We saw a squirrel and some little birds. Perfect family stroll in the dead of winter.

19 days ago

Beautiful setting.

20 days ago


From the East Coast (specifically New Jersey) and this was our first West Coast hike. Wow, wow, wow. The views were insane, the flora was gorgeous, and the temperature was perfect in August! This review is written late, but if you can make the trip, DO IT!

20 days ago

Great trail.. Clear and dry when I was there Dec 31.. Once I went past the Falls I was hiking in compacted snow, nothing that my Nikes couldn’t handle all the way to the end.. The lake..

Park in the Camp Sheppard Trailhead parking lot. Easy and gentle incline all the way to the falls. We went counter-clockwise and found the incline wasn't as steep as the descent. There was a somewhat trecherous crossing once we got up to the falls that required microspikes and many deep breaths. We encountered a few groups that turned around once reaching the snow crossing, but we had the right gear where it wasn't a problem.

This is an easy hike with lots of views. When you get to the falls it is breathtaking. Trail well maintained but gets slippery at the top without the proper footwear this time of the year. 1/1/19.

Awesome place to take kids just be careful in some areas.

this waterfall is so powerful. A beautiful exhibit of nature.

Great day for a hike. Windy but not too muddy. Trail was not too crowded

We didn’t do the whole thing. We actually just went down to the river, but it was violent and magnificent!! What a beautiful, wild body of water! The hill back to the vehicle was intense, but great exercise.

We loved this hike today. I wish we could have finished it, but after the first few miles it got too icy to attempt in just hiking boots, so we didn’t make it to Comet Falls. The part we did was beautiful and we’d like to go back with the proper equipment. The is some snow on the trail but it would be passable if not for the ice toward the top.

You need to find a stone graffitied “falls” and veer off the main road to the left to find the yellow diamonds trail to upper and lower falls, goodluck! To enter the trail we went over a white hurdle, continues by the lake and up towards your right, immediate left turn to the “do not enter” (referring to vehicles) kind of tricky but WORTH IT!

1 month ago

The hike was not bad over all. Not very well marked on the trail which ways to go. There are several residents that live in the area. It wasn't muddy or too cold. The view of the waterfall wasn't too impressive as I had hoped.

Nice hike. Was not too muddy. Not totally sure that we found the right falls, but we found some. They did not look like a picture that was shown us when we wanted to confirm we were in the right track. There was much more to explore then we had time for, so we will definitely be going back.

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