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1 day ago

A lovely, challenging hike with a stunning reveal at the end. Bring a small picnic to enjoy by the lake. We saw many other hikers and lots of interesting wildlife. Just beautiful.

It does not have a stunning scenery but it was very peaceful easy walking along the pathway and sitting on the big rocks and looking down the lake from it and it was the most peaceful moment ever and also so good for meditation :) It’s the best part of this hiking! It’s probably good for fall and easy hiking!

Beautiful hike!!! Pretty rocky. Highly recommend hiking boots with good ankle support. Make sure you continue down to lake once you get to the lookout. Will absolutely go again!!

Amazing hike, it should be on your list to do in Washington! There was a lot of amazing waterfalls, fallen trees, the mountains were breathtaking and Lake Serene was just gorgeous! I went on a rainy Sunday and it wasn’t very crowded, also it was easy to find parking (even if you go a little late).

Hard, steep but the view is worth it. The incline is almost throughout the whole trail. There are benches to sit at 2-3 places along the trail.

3 days ago

This is an ambitious day hike but better than colchuck after 5 miles in. Also don’t need to drive that dreaded dirt road. Must dedicate all day. Two lakes and in between had stunning beauty. Also saw a deer, goats, and even a brown bear all right along trail.

We went there Labor Day a few days after the trail had reopened. Parking was abundant at 830 am. Trail was well maintained. Glad we stopped at Bridal Veil first otherwise I don’t think we would have stopped in the way down from Lake Serene. Both were very pretty breathtaking. Wonderful hike!

Sooo pretty! The trees are changing colors so it’s perfect for your larches fix these next couple weeks. Follow the cairns and in the core zone, the trail usually hugged the lakes until it takes you back up to the left down down down many boulder fields. We clocked 20.1 miles with 5,534ft of elevation gain. 12 hours even with three breaks. 1 hr 45 minutes up aasgard.

4 days ago

Rained off and on the whole hike. Was beautiful and not too busy on a Thursday.


Requires Discover Pass. Of all the accessible areas around here, I was super surprised. Husband and I wanted to do a quick little hike but arrived to find that we needed the Discover. We were pretty annoyed. Guess we’ll be purchasing one.

I have been wanting to do this hike for a while in one day and last Saturday 9/8 /2018 started at 5 am from Stuart Lake Trail-head where my wife dropped me and finished at 7 pm in Snow lakes Trail-head. Asgard was definitely hard for me . Doing this hike in a day certainly pushed me to the limit and more , however the reward is fantastic , the landscape is very beautiful . I clocked 23 miles in 14 hours. An amazing hike !

Great trail. The trail starts out really easy until you reach the fork either to Bridleveil or Lake Serene. Choose wisely.... actually the dynamic are close to the same except the falls is a way shorter hike. When you head up to the lake the incline increases and switchbacks and big stair steps for a while. Worth the sore legs afterwards. I went to Serene first then the falls on the way down. There is bathrooms at the trailhead and the lake. The lake is beyond gorgeous. Got there at 5am of course no cars. Got back down around 11:30am parking lot was packed.

The views on this trail are amazing! There is a variety of scenic views and trails. I accidentally took the boulder path to the tower. Wouldn’t recommend it for beginners. It was a test of my skills for sure. The view from the tower is incredible. Took the trail back down which was 10x easier than the boulders. Love this trail. Took me a few hours but it was so beautiful I keep stopping and soaking up the scenery. IG: @markobreezy

Beautiful! I’ve done the bridal veil falls many times, I very excited to do the lake trail this time. It was worth it for how hard the incline of stairs was! The water has an amazing emerald bluish color. And we hung out there for a while. I totally recommend it! My discover pass didn’t cover this area, must be a northwest forest pass!

Great hike. The last two miles up to the lake are a challenge, steep and very rocky, but there's enough points along the trail with fantastic views to keep you motivated. The lake itself, and the towering cliffs behind it, are spectacular and very worth the effort. We started at 8am and still had quite a few people up top with not much room at all along the water, so if you want to find a place of your own to sit and eat lunch, be prepared for for a little disappointment and plenty of human interaction.

Solid- gorgeous forest hike. 3300 feet of gain is no joke, so plan accordingly. Bring Lots of water/food. Route finding in the rocky section is patchy, stick to the trails on the edges of the rocks. Haystack access trail is a bit hard to find, but just head to the right from the face and you’ll find it. Haystack scramble is a solid class 3, with patches of class 4 depending on your route. On busy days (Saturday’s) a helmet might be a good idea to mitigate possible rocks from above. Gorgeous views from the top. Downhill is a bit rough on the legs, but not too bad. Good stuff!

Doing this in a day will push you to your limits, but it's insanely rewarding. One of the locals referred to it as "The Enchantments Death March" which sounds about right.

Start early: we hit the trail at 5:30 am and finished around 5:30pm, and we pushed pretty hard all day.

10 days ago

Beautiful. After finishing the ascent and going down around the back end and going down the first two switchbacks, and having the lake come into view down below, it was amazing.

The hike wasn't too bad. Lots of rocks throughout, and the beginning of the trail from the trailhead, and at the end of the ascent were the hardest.

Overall, I thought it was completely worth it. Just so beautiful. Make sure you leave early so there aren't that many crowds, or during the week.

Make sure you allow time for the breaks you might need on the incline switchbacks and the break you will surely want when you get to the gorgeous lake. Lunch Rock was a perfect spot to drink your wine and eat your lunch while viewing the snow packs, trees and jagged rocks reflecting off the lake.

Thru hiked in 12 hrs, got lost a bit and ended up doing 25 miles, i was scared of the mountain goats and ran off trail cuz of that lol

backing.... it was my first time with my husband, and absolutely loved it!!! I’ve hiked snow many times and never get tired of the lakes! 9-6-19

11 days ago

This hike was awesome! The hike to the lake was not too bad at all, and the view when you got there was amazing!

Hiked threw in about 11 hours. Asgard was definitely hard for me and slowed the hike. This hike is totally worth a day hike. Bonus was no bugs!

Views are spectacular and the lakes are gorgeous!

13 days ago

Hiked Mount Si for the first time today. Great hike!! I got to the rock pile in 2 hours and chose not to climb the haystack. The views were beautiful and there weren’t many people on the trail today. Downhill was definitely the harder (more painful) part for me. Took me almost the same amount of time to return because I had to stop to rest my knees.

I liked the hike, went with my husband and my dog, didn't like the aggressive bugs. Don't know if I would do it again but it was a nice view when we finally made it to the top.

13 days ago

This is my favorite place to backpack and camp so far. It’s pretty brutal though, I wasn’t prepared for how relentless the steep and rocky the switchbacks are. I also had a 65 lbs backpack on me, which I wanted to throw off the side of the mountain with a banshee cry. We camped at Tuck and then hiked to Robin the next morning. I definitely needed that break. The hike to Robin was a little confusing but there are two ways. Just follow the cairns and don’t be afraid to ask people as they’re coming down for some direction. We had tons of mountain goats hanging out and walking past our tents, it was amazing. The sunset here was the best I’ve ever seen. My only regret was not having extra time to explore the top of Robin Lake. I need to come back so I can, I just keep remembering the stream of cuss words going through my mind the last 3 miles but it’s worth it. Remember, pack out what you pack in and no fires. There aren’t any trees for bear lines at Robin, so bring canisters or ursacks. Crazy thing is we all had cell reception at Robin lakes, don’t plan on it but don’t be surprised if you do!

ps: You have to drive through a little creek to get to the trailhead. The pot holes are also insanely deep. So bring a vehicle that can handle it.

14 days ago

One of my two favorite backpacking destinations. Easy hike past Hyas Lake for the first 3 Miles, then soon after the right turn at the T towards Tuck and Robin, the trail gets relentlessly steep. Trekking poles really help. The trail around Tuck toward Robin is confusing for about a mile, but the AllTrails map helped big time. Cairns help mark the rest of the way up the slabs of rock toward Robin Lakes. The last push is challenging with heavy packs, but the view of Robin Lakes and their surroundings is truly breathtaking. Rainier and Adams were crystal clear in the background, with Cathedral Rock and Mt. Daniel boldly dominating the foreground behind lower Robin Lake. Nights get very cold and windy this time of year so make sure to bring adequate layers. I didn’t, but thankfully my sleeping bag compensated for me being a dunce. Saw 3 mountain goats near our tent on Sunday (9/2) morning. Leave time to take the trail between upper and lower Robin up to the peaks above for dazzling views of lower Robin lake especially, surrounded by miles and miles of cascades. Delighted to see Mt Stuart peaking out once we were up there as well. Couldn’t have asked for better weather during the day on Saturday and Sunday. Soak in the beauty and let it refresh you. I wish I could remember the ranger’s name during our stay at Robin. He was a delightful and friendly man with a game winning smile. Extra kudos to that great guy.

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