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Like others have said, the markings were a little iffy at times, but overall it was a good trail. The parts that aren’t near the road are really peaceful and there was a great spot to stop & read for a while. I’d definitely do it again someday.

It was really nice during the first part of the trail, but it got VERY heavily trafficked around Brandywine Falls, making it harder to hike at your own pace.

5 days ago

This one always kicks my butt! Several hills and steps in this one, so if you’re looking for a cardio intensive hike, this is for you. Heavily used by trail runners as well.

trail running
13 days ago

I love this loop it is definitely one of my favorite loops , for running or just hiking .

18 days ago

Beautiful and short hike.

19 days ago

Great hike

I miss this trail. I now live in Florida and this was my go to running trail while I was living here. Great scenery and difficulty with the elevation changes.

trail running
25 days ago

***12.1 Mile Loop closed near mile 7 (when starting near Fitzwater), forces return trek and 14+ mile round trip***

Beautiful trail. Gorgeous scenery at every turn.

Poorly marked. Spent nearly a mile total in efforts to figure out where to go.

28 days ago

This ended up being 10.5 miles for us the way we went. Rather than walk most of the trail between Blue Hen Falls and Buttermilk Falls, we walked the creek where we could (thank you, Keen hiking sandals). This is an unmarked trail. When you get to Blue Hen, ignore the Trail Ends Here sign and proceed forward. Some of the climbing can be treacherous, which is why we decided to walk the creek this time around. You have to go down a steep hill to get to Buttermilk Falls. Walking the creek (it was hot out so this was good), you exit to the right and end up behind the ski lodge. Cross Riverview Rd and walk down Boston Mills Rd (there's a little store, museum, etc.). You can do a bathroom break here if you need to. Walk down Boston Mills Rd until you see the Stanford Trail sign. This is the tow path. You walk that for a short distance and you will come to a trail to the right. Take that. The rest is easy. The trail is behind Stanford House for those that aren't familiar with the area. We spend every week hiking down here so we know our way around. On the way back, instead of going back behind the lodge, again cross Riverview Rd. On the left you will see the entrance to part of the Buckeye Trail. This part is a real challenge. If you don't want that challenge you can go back the way you came. The Buckeye Trail part has a couple of really challenging hills and a steep set of stairs. Plan on an all day hike. We started at around 1 and were finished by 6:30.

A beautiful peaceful place to have a nice walk with the family. Trails are very clean.

Excellent hike. Plenty of flatter sections that allow for easy trail running. The end is 2 miles on the Tow Path.

1 month ago

Directions on the app take you to the Kendall Lake parking lot. It’s a 0.5 mile hike on the Kendall Lake loop to get to the Salt Run trail head. I showed us walking just shy of 5 miles total. You could park at the Pine Hollow lot and more easily access this trail.
Thankfully there were trail maps at the parking lot as the initial signs don’t tell you which way to go towards the Salt Run trail.
Overall, a nice hike through the woods. Nothing spectacular to see. Trail goes close to the road so there is traffic noise. Coolest thing we saw was a big beaver at Kendall Lake.

Beautiful hike !

Mediocre hike. The falls are pretty in the fall!

Great family hike with serene waterfalls. Friendly trails.

Trail clearly marked & well maintained.

PLEASE DO NOT GO HERE, PER CVNP: CVNP resource managers and rangers have noted a huge increase in foot traffic to an area in the park known as Twin Sisters Falls. This area has long been a lightly visited off-trail drainage containing a small waterfall and high quality riparian habitat. Recently, a social trail with ropes and roughly constructed steps has appeared. The area is now, for the first time, littered with trash. This drainage is one of the few riparian zones in the park relatively free of damage and has been used as a baseline for habitat monitoring. Unprecedented resource damage is occurring literally in front of our eyes. We are also very concerned about the potential for injuries to hikers in what has always been a trail-less area. Due to the steep and remote nature of the falls, it is likely that a technical rescue would be necessary to evacuate any non-ambulatory patient.

We are requesting persons providing guidance to the public on how to access this trail-less area to voluntarily remove those instructions.

A big part of the mission of the National Park Service is to preserve special places. Finding ourselves in the position of having to close an area in order to protect it is very troubling. This request is being made in the spirit of helping the National Park Service fulfill its mission to this and future generations. Any assistance from you would be greatly appreciated.

Should you have any questions or concerns or need further information please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, by emailing cuva_social_media@nps.gov or cuva_info@nps.gov. Thank you.

Great loop. We hiked this with 30lb packs as a training hike for an upcoming backpacking trip and it took us about 4 hours. Beautiful views of Blue Hen, Buttermilk and Brandywine Falls. The beginning of the trail is unmarked and took some navigating. It was also confusing once we came out at Brandywine ski resort. We ended up back on the buckeye trail instead of the towpath and had to do some back tracking. Otherwise it was a Beautiful and challenging hike!

This seemed shorter than 2.7 miles! Not difficult, could be challenging for some when climbing over logs blocking the riverbed. There are definitely dogs allowed in the park, despite the tag on this page. The instructions for how to get to the site were super helpful:

Basically you're going to walk under the second bridge and keep going down that trail until you see a sign on the right that says Mudcatcher. Cross the little stream and go up the hill, and there's a path behind the dam. Then follow the riverbed!

The Twin Sisters were more like trickles when we went, but I'm definitely going back in the winter when they are frozen!

The first two miles have the most elevation change so it's the most difficult part. After that it levels off and becomes easy.

Loved adding connecter trails which made it much more challenging. Very few other people which can be refreshing! Pretty dry but the pine trees still smelled amazing. Cannot wait to revisit and switch up adding other trails and seeing what changes of seasons will bring!

1 month ago

First time and loved it. Took a couple of hundred pictures and finished in 2-1/2 hours. Well maintained trail.

Great, well marked trail with lots of shade and moderate elevation changes. We parked at Kendall lake and took a connecting trail that parallels the main road to get to the trail head. There is a nice little loop around Kendall lake as well where a good amount of people were fishing and picnicking.

1 month ago

This is one of my favorites in the CVNP. It’s never busy, is fairly remote, and takes you through several different ecosystems. It’s great for dogs too.

1 month ago

Nice hike. I met a group of volunteers who maintain and cleared the trail :) which was very nice. Signs are a bit confusing at times - no biggy. Love the trail and will come back.

Lots of cool birds doing the flying activity, including two bald eagles doing a little fishing. Plenty of herons and turkey vultures too. The lake is a cool backdrop to the hike, even if the terrain isn’t challenging. Too many people though.

1 month ago

This a great hike with some nice inclines to get your heart rate up. I had a little bit of trouble finding the trail head and ended up adding a mile to my hike by doing the lake trail.

2 months ago

there's a portion of the trail where it's on the road therefore not very fun. however the rest of the trail is beautiful.

Great easy hike. Enjoyed it very much.

Fun, quick hike.

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