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It is amazing what nature does. I was truly suprised when I saw this natural phenomenon!

Very unique place!!

Visited in the fall after a rain and thought the falls would be flowing a little bit better. But it was still a nice hike and cool sight to see.

Super easy & short trail. You can throw a rock (but don't cause that's not safe!) to the waterfall from where you park. The creek was low, but there was still a waterfall & the color of the water was beautiful.

Even after the rains, the water was just trickling but it is still worth the hike to see.

1 month ago

Not much water flow this time but a fun hike with the pup.

1 month ago

The water wasn't flowing but it still was an excellent trail. I'll be back.

Nice little hike. Just a trickle today, but probably incredible after some good rain.

Water fall was awesome and a beautiful trail to it

Amazing place

Fun, short hike.

2 months ago

I’ve done this hike twice now and even in low water it’s still beautiful. Easy short hike!

This is hardly a trail. The falls are pretty. I decided to take a swim in them because I had just hiked the Pack Rat Falls Trail. It was definitely a good way to cool off.

The water was mostly dried up when I went, so the hike was more exercise than site seeing.

Was great day for this out and back. All down hill to falls. Haha. Guess you know what that means??? Water was just trickling with week of past rain so not best time of year “summer’s end” but still well worth the 4 hour round trip.

loved the area, it would have been better in spring or fall but still beautiful. parking for this area is horrible, I rode a motorcycle there and it was difficult to get out of. a low car would also have trouble.

4 months ago

Should be the 8th wonder of the world!

More of a 4-wheeler trail...beautiful hollow with the falls

nature trips
4 months ago

Absolutely loved this spot to cool off. Easy walk across the street. Beautiful. Highly recommend. Waterfall wasn’t much because it hasn’t rained in awhile but it was perfect for cooling off.

Not really a trail but a beautiful swimming hole...it was a little crowded, but that’s to be expected...

A little disappointing. There was hardly any water in the creeks so it wasn’t very impressive. It’s was neat just not as cool as I thought it would be. It’s super short and easy so I guess it’s worth a look.

Lots of great smells, wildlife, and varied terrain throughout this hike. Would definitely recommend and do again.

The glory hole itself is pretty cool, but there are WAY better trails around this area. One of the last ones I would recommend. Hit this one up last. Easy hike, but nothing incredible.

Awesome scenery!

It was totally worth the hike down and out to see this beautiful waterfall area. Lots of different wildflowers, a friendly rat snake, and tons of squirrels. I would be careful to take my kids until they are older.

It's listed as a moderate trail meaning most anyone could take it. My favorite thing about this trail is the multiple paths you could take that brings you to smaller waterfalls and caves. The sights are extremely beautiful and definitely worth the trip.

Loved this hike, but not necessarily for the waterfall itself. The hike to the falls was pretty closed in and had a lot of pollen (pretty typical of this time of year). The falls were cool, but unfortunately there was no place to swim. However, it gets 4 stars because of the insane boulder field just past the falls. It is full of incredible bouldering and slab climbing. It may take some creativity to get to the tops and build anchors for toproping, but I could personally spent hours or days in that boulder field if I had know to bring a rope. It is mostly high quality rock (much like horseshoe), even if it is kind of dirty.

6 months ago

beautiful area. loved this trail.

Enjoyed this hike ... interesting feature.

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