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Easy fun trail with great views

Great trail clean

awesome and easy

Cute, short, right on the river and near downtown Minneapolis. Can be pretty busy. Urban.

Great running trail. Plenty of moderate ups and downs to get good workout. I've been using this trail, among others in the area, for 35 years.

This is my favorite trail in New Orleans. The Audubon Park is roughly a 2 miles loop but the environment is very safe. The runners/bikers on this trail is very like minded. I try to run this trail at least once a week.

10 days ago

This trail has a very nice view but with the New Orleans heat the smell of sewage on this trail is very hard to look pass. This trail is better suited for the fall season.

Fun for hiking or biking all year long.

trail running
11 days ago

Fantastic place for any type of run; long, speed, or easy. This place can’t be beat! Start at the dam for pancake flat miles. Out and back up to 12 miles total with no elevation gain. For more of a challenge (and beautiful river views), start downtown and incorporate the bridges into your run.

14 days ago

Nice walk along the Mississippi. Cool shops and buildings

Cute urban hiking trail. It has a great view of the city and if you’re lucky enough to have clouds at sunset and a full moon you’ll be in for a real treat. 4 stars bc it’s so short! I wish it was longer! Be prepared for some steep inclines! With enough rest and water you’ll make it to the top

View of Mississippi River great

Arch and homeless. That's all I have to say. If you want drugs, take this trail. Also, there is a big curved Arch.

I got mugged on this trail. It's a homeless path. Do not attempt this place.

Beautifully built trail along historic Forest Park. Give yourself plenty of time to explore. The Jewel Box is at the end of the park, and further along you hit the Zoo. Great trail, easy for children and pets. It gets congested early, and be warned there will be a LOT of people. Its not a wilderness hiking trail; it's the main path through Forest Park. However, it's terrific for jogging, biking, and running/walking. You can meander off the path and find little spots for peace and relaxation. All the museums are free, Art and History plus Science Center. This path will lead you to each however it does not lead to the Arch. You have to take a different trail to that but all the Museums can be accessed by this trail.

I used to walk this trail when my kids were really little. Double jogger and two working dogs in tow, once you committed you were in it for the long haul. Yesterday was the first time I’ve taken to the trail in about 7-8 years. I loved it! All the work that has been done to the park is awesome. The lighting, cameras, bridges, extra parking, all makes it even better than it was before. Can’t wait to return again soon!

1 month ago

It’s not a trail, but connects to the marsh lands trail behind the International Gardens. The loop around Riverside Park is beautiful, offering views of the river and the two blue bridges. Also, it’s right next to downtown La Crosse, so you have access to local favorites such as the Pearl ice cream shop!

Super nice bike trail. Lots of cool down areas.

1 month ago

A great trail for walking, biking, etc. there are so many ways you can allow yourself to “get lost” wandering through the park. Or, choose to stay on the main path. Easy to follow. Water bottle refilling stations are along the trail. It is most congested along the north side of the park/trail.

Amazing trails biking with the wife

great trail with a dog, nice hike

Great with my dog for the 308 path

A fun little in town hike.

2 months ago

I really love the walking trails in this park. You can hit the pave trail or the gravel trail. I like that you can really get a nice work out (walking). There are a lot of hills through out the park that makes your work out a little different than just walking a flat trail. Depending on the time that you go (or if there is an event in the park) it can get a little congested. I like going early in the morning. But whenever you go, you will enjoy yourself.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Perfect spots to picnic, cool off near fountains when hot, and hills enough to feel like you’ve accomplished something cardio intensive and a little challenging by the time you are finished :)

It is a nice walk but half the trail is closed off at the moment due to construction =( The park is beautiful and there is fishing on the lake.

2 months ago

Enjoyed a nice run along this path the morning after too much food and drink... tried and succeeded in sweating it out of my system.

I hesitate to call this trail "easy," because my mother with knee issues would definitely struggle at certain parts of the trail. It's not difficult, however. It's much flatter than the summit trail, but is a longer distance. The difficulty is going to depend on which path you take at various points. If you take the lowest path, it's much easier. I think it took me about 45 minutes and this was my first time. It's very easy to get lost, but all the trails bleed back into each other eventually. You can go pretty far without seeing a 308 sign, but they pop back up eventually. One thing I did appreciate is that there is WAY less loose rock on the circumference trail than summit. You can also shortcut to summit at least 3-4 different points on the circumference.

Loved this it was easy and fun


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