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Excellent views along the way, as always start early or get very sweaty!

Amazing view from the mountain to the sea!

28 days ago

We did this hike June 16. Perfect weather and not quite as hot a day. The trail is well traveled and marked. The steps leading up and down are somewhat difficult. We just took short breaks and pressed on. The middle portion of the hike is a perfect, restorative, and gorgeous. Views from Manarola and Corniglia are amazing.

1 month ago

We did this trail as a default when the blue trail from Corniglia to Vernazza was closed, but I’m so glad we did. The most spectacular views of the sea, the towns of Manarola and Corniglia and of the ancient terraced vineyards that surround these villages. Parts of the trail were challenging and we did see a few older hikers who turned around as the steps are steep and narrow at points. Often had to wait for other hikers coming in the opposite direction on ledges. I used a hiking pole on this trail and was glad I had it.

1 month ago

We did this hike in the opposite direction as was how did all the hikes. Stunning! There are even a few places to stop for lemonade along the way. It is a fairly difficult hike at times but the view is asolutely amazing! Remember to bring your walking poles and lots of water!

The ascent in either direction is fairly difficult I believe it might be a bit more challenging coming from Vernazza. I wore a good pair of keens and even though I own hiking boots, I did not use them on any hikes in Cinque Terre. Walking poles on the other hand were greatly appreciated. Some sections were very uneven and to say “single file” would be generous. The views were stunning and we plan to do it again. Biggest piece of advice. Start early! A hike on this section that starts after 10am could be a nightmare due to heat and tourist volume. The early morning walkers get a great view & peaceful surroundings!

1 month ago

Great views. Challenging but rewarding!

Beautiful view of Vernazza soon after crossing the ticket checkpoint. There is a lot of ascent at the beginning. At several points, there is space for just one well grown person to pass through. Hiking boots are recommended for this one. Carry ample water.

It was an incredible trail! I'm glad we started in Vernazza and ended in Monterosso, because those stairs at the end would have been a killer at the beginning.

Great trail. Glad it was open today. It was crowded but great views.

1 month ago

The views were quite amazing! Ocean side trails with actual steps most of the way. The hike is steep as there are constant steps that bring you up then steep steps that take you down but nothing that’s too hard for a seasoned hiker. There were people of all ages hiking on this trail from toddlers to 70 year olds. The path gets pretty narrow in a lot of places do you’d have to stop and let people pass but in general the path was ok for two way crowds. There were almost 300 people passed and that’s on a Wednesday afternoon end of May. I was told you can’t even move on a nice August day when Italian schools are out. The hike was 2.3miles but all in all we walked 3miles from downtown area to downtown area. Took us 2hours from Vernazza to Monterosso. Highly recommended especially if it’s a nice hot day and you can jump in the ocean afterwards!! We had a 60F day which was perfect for hiking but not so much for beach swims. We got a gelato and a rose and enjoyed the ocean waves on the sandy beach.

Excellent views, definitely a must while in town and one of the only trails open now.

Did Manarola to Corniglia just now. There's ascent both ways. From Manarola, it's lots of stairs and from Corniglia, it's rocky incline. I prefer ascending stairs.

Loved this hike! It was my first in the Cinque Terre and the views were just as stunning as I’d hoped with picturesque terraces and vineyards along the way. I hiked this with a large group (ages 25-60) and it was challenging with all the steps but everyone had a great time! We finished with a wine tasting at the Buranco vineyard in Monterosso and it was a perfect introduction to the area!

This is a beautiful hike, and challenging. Lots and lots of steps. Be prepared for steep climbs and breathtaking views. We did this from south to north which was nice as you end the trail after climbing down thousands (we weren’t counting but it sure felt like thousands) of very steep steps, you’ll be greeted with gorgeous views of Monterrosa as you come around the last bend. Well maintained trail as they all are in Cinque Terre.

Truely unique way to see the UNESCO heritage site. A tip: start in Corniglia and go to Manarola if you prefer to travel downhill more then uphill. The descent into Manarola is quite long.

Beautiful trail! Very busy even on a Monday. Most is only wide enough for one person so I had to pause dozens of times to let groups by before I could pass.

Beautiful trail! Lots of of stairs!

2 months ago

Very good, nice views. Recommended.

Glorious views, well maintained, nice variety - cliff, stream, oceanside - glad we did this off-season as it has many narrow spots.

3 months ago

We hiked this route starting from Manarola in 2.5 hours with our 40lb (18kg) packs on our backs. It was certainly challenging on the way up, but the views were stunning most of the way! Volstra is a small town that you'll pass through. It has a couple of convenience stores and small restaurants if you want to take a break. The markings can be a little confusing at times as there are many paths for the locals to get to their various grape vines. Just keep looking for the red and white stripes painted on various rocks and posts.

3 months ago

I would recommend this trail if you want to get fantastic views of the Mediterranean and the Cinque Terre. It was very strenuous until Volastra then it evens out with views of the sea and vineyards and olive groves. It took about 2 1/2 hours. Definitely worth it!

We started from Monterosso to end up in Vernazza. It was absolutely beautiful. We ended up getting the day train pass from the Spezia train station which included the trail entrance fees. Definitely should wear good hiking shoes or tennis shoes. The first half was all up hills with lots of little stone stairs so if you have joint issues, might be a bit challenging. But you can take it leisurely so very doable. The views are spectacular of the sea and also the. Vineyard studded hill side. We made it to vernazza just before sunset. Stunning. No bathroom on the trail so go before. Would definitely recommend. Took us close to 3 hours because we went on a leisurely pace, stopping to take thousands of pictures. Bring plenty of water As well.

My favorite hike so far! Absolutely breath-taking views. I was in awe the entire time. It is definitely more strenuous than I thought, but very doable even for a novice hiker. There are a lot of stairs on the Monterosso side. We went from Vernazza to Monterosso in October. Beautiful weather, bordering on a bit too warm. However, there is a lot of shade, and let's face it, you don't mind with those views!

Trail is very beautiful though it can be quite rough and steep at times, though walked past plenty of people over 65+ and some were overweight walking this path so for most people it can be done. Add on as many other walks in this area to create a bigger hike, as I believe most people walk or have walked from Corniglia - Vernazza with this hike. Moderate - Heavy Traffic, Moderate Difficulty HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Beautiful! Wish I had my hiking poles with me.

great hike. trail is very narrow in places. uneven terrain and stairs in numerous locations. I left Vernazza at 830am, when I arrived in Monterossa there was an attendant charging people for access to the trail. no attendant at Vernazza. I have no idea if you hike early it's free or I just got lucky. the climb from Monterossa is very, very steep and long.

It’s definitely a challenging trail.

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