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No shade be prepared. Great trail that is wide enough to wall side by side. Not to strenuous, conducive for talking and actually site seeing. You don’t have to focus on your footing. Great option to take dogs, good distance even without the summits. I went clockwise, ran a bit and did the two summits in 2 hours flat.

I definitely recommend doing this hike during the colder months as you spend the majority of the trail in the sun. We went clockwise and the first half of the hike was definitely my favorite. The hike up was tough and we took a few breaks here and there to catch our breath. The view of the mountains was really beautiful and there were tons of different flowers blooming toward the peak. Unfortunately, for the second half of the trail, they were in the process of excavating it and the trail was made up of very soft rocks. Considering the distance for this hike, the soft ground made it harder to walk which tired us quicker than we were expecting. If I could redo the hike, I would have gone up and down the left side of the trail and avoided the right. Once the dirt becomes harder after more use I can imagine the second half being really nice to wak through. There were tons of yellow flowers in bloom and overall it wasn't too difficult to descend.

Great trail, but once you get towards the point in the trail that takes you up to the lookout the path isn’t very clear. If you want to see the lookout there is a way to drive up to the top which had many tourists.

Great trail, awesome incline towards the peak. Lots of loose rock but almost no crowd! Great views of the whole valley. Parked on Tatum and used trail 100 to meet with the trail to the peak.

Nice views with reasonable elevation, especially at the two summits. You can expand this hike by using adjacent trails. Restrooms and water at trail head.

I got to this trail around 5:30pm and got to the top at 6:10 right during sunset. I will say, I've had better sunset hikes. If you are looking for a good sunset I would recommend squaw peak over this view. It is cool to see the day & night changes. You also see how polluted the valley is. The hike in itself is good and will get your heart rate going. If you are here at night, make sure to take a friend with you as the area can be sketchy. It is pretty well marked but definitely bring a headlight or flashlight so you don't lose the trail back at night. If you're a beginner, the trail might take you a while. For any avid hiker, I would say it is easy-moderate.

I loved this trailed! It was very challenging and rewarding when you make it to the top. I would recommend to those looking for a challenge. Will also contribute to a great night sleep. Lol

Nice hike, few people on the loop though the trail to the summit is crowded. Parking is difficult on weekends.

Nice short challenging trail.

Great hike, beautiful scenery and well marked trailheads. Bring plenty of water, as it is a challenge with steep inclines and a lot of switchbacks. Well worth the 5 hours


This hike would have been amazing if it had not been for the endless broken glass and litter everywhere. I packed out about 2 grocery bags full of stuff without getting most of it at the top.

This was a quick hike and was not really “hard” so much as large rocks under foot making it a trap for my ankles.

A nice view, but a little salty about the trash! Please pick up after yourself!

Great views and easy places to stop along the way to the top. I agree with other reviewers though - I wouldn't really call this HARD, mostly because of all the places to rest and lots of even-level walking mixed with uphill/rocks. But, it's longer - and towards the end (to get to the Lookout) we were ready to be done. I can't imagine enjoying it as much if it were hot (we did this mid-February). Dobbins Lookout was definitely worth it, lots of cute photo-ops with the little buildings - but yes a little frustrating to share the space with people who drove up. Overall it was amazing and definitely go to Los Dos Molinos for lunch/happy hour after...perfect afternoon!

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Good, quick workout but it just sort of ends unless you go up to the very crowded lookout.

Good hike for moderate experience hiker. great views all the way up. gets steep from sadle to peak. well worth the effort.

Nice views overlooking Phoenix. Moderate difficulty with some slick spots. Overall a good way to spend a morning or evening.

The hike was challenging with great views and quiet. The trail for the most part was not complicated to navigate but there are points where the gravel is loose and steep points that require you to have great knees. It was also not confusing if another trail merged. It took me about 4 hours to complete and I would suggest plenty of water and a few snacks.

Nice hike with some nice views from summits. Wide clear trail, well marked. Nice restroom with running water and fountain at trail head. Definitely not hard, moderate. No technical areas. Not too busy on a Sunday. Good for dogs, easy on paws rock wise, but be very careful of cholla. There's a lot close to the trail. If taking a dog I'd suggest taking pliers along with you. Also saw an owl, that was great.

moderate? it is just as bad as the "hard" summit trail. this trail has a lot of steep rocky area with a lot of slick rocks. so many switchbacks.

We did not do the two summits, just walked our own combination of paths, but, got a good feel for the area and the kinds of challenges available.

Definitely rocky. Not a trail for open-toed shoes, but a really fun trail! It’s easy for sure. A great family trail! We saw many mountain bikers, and other groups of hikers. Very safe neighborhood at the base, and felt safe the entire time hiking!

A must do...
Just enjoy the views, and have fun.

Arrived at 6:35am to a locked gate, no sign saying when it would open and no parking at the gate area. No reviews mentioning the opening hours! Sunrise to sunset I later found out. The trail was heavily trafficked at 7:30am on a Saturday morning. The hike was absolutely gorgeous though!

Great hike, very fun, not too challenging, but enough parts to get the heart rate going, would be a challenging run. Great views, a bit tourist like at the summit, Dobbins Lookout. But, still great views up there with a nice rock structure that's great for shade and cooling off. At the beginning of the trail there are petroglyphs on the eon old rocks. Super cool, be respectful to not touch the etchings.

just did the loop yesterday, taking advantage of a little cold front that just came through. Had light drizzle - it was even chilly at some points - just fabulous! Hardly anyone on the trail once you go beyond bell pass. Steep, rocky inclines but with great views and well worth it . Does take time though. Made it to Tom's Thumb in 3 hours which included stopping for lunch. Another 2.5 plus to get down. (not a trail runner!)

Best trail in the valley to time and push yourself consistently. Great walking warm up then basically straight up the mountain. Not many people even on the weekend are on the actually peak trail. Can be difficult at times and no flat walking areas once you start up the mountain. Never had issue with parking. Loose rock for much of the hike which does get annoying. Can do as beginner or expert.

Constant incline and rocky obstacles

Fun! If you go with kids be sure that they follow directions, are adventurous. Views are great!
The goal: to get to the top.

Came to visit my daughter Jan 18-23. Her and her wife had never visited South Mountain yet so this was a treat for all of us. We hiked about half the trail and came back down. We drove up to Dobbins. It was absolutely amazing. The view was breathtaking. Would highly recommend and would do again in a heartbeat.

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