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Beautiful! Watch for the "Hippo" rock!

Beautiful hike! Please take hiking shoes when you go! there is snow up top rocks get slippery & could get dangerous. There was a hiker who broke their ankle & rescue had to come. But other than that awesome hike! amazing views I recommend... you’ll definitely cross out leg day with this hike lol. Hike safe out there yall!

12 days ago

Fun and saw nobody out there. Beautiful view.

on Highway 1 to Cone Peak

13 days ago

Feb 17-19, 2018.

This is a great first time backpacking trip. On presidents day weekend, we hiked in the five miles to Vicente Flat campground with all of our gear and set up camp. Definitely busy, but there's a ton of spots to set up tent. We were cozy with our neighbors, but everyone was polite. We left our camp set up and day hiked up to the peak just with day packs. Stayed at Vicente Flat Saturday night then hiked back out the 5 miles with our gear.

Despite it being February, I was wishing I was in shorts most of the time we were hiking, especially the 5 miles to and from Vicente Flat. It's pretty much all open, which allows for beautiful views of the coast but direct hot sun. This would be a pretty brutal hike in the summer. Even with warm days, we got a light dusting of snow at Vicente Flat Sunday morning, which was stunning.

We brought our medium sized Australian Shepherd, and saw a few other dogs throughout the weekend. The trail is pretty dog friendly, but I would recommend booties as a good amount of the trail is rocky, but totally doable for a relatively fit dog.

Overall, it was a really nice weekend trip. Beautiful view of the Big Sur coast, a nice mix of chaparral and redwoods, and Vicente Flat was a beautiful campsite.

14 days ago

A short drive from highway, this trail was a welcome break during a day of driving. Great views of Castle Crags, Mt Shasta and the Gray mts. Ancient granite defines the upper portion of the trail, beautiful! Campsites look nice for car camping, kind of lame that state park day use fee is required. The State Park is acting as gatekeeper to the Castle Crags wilderness area which contains nearly the entirety of Castle crags and begins just a short way in this trail. Shenanigans

30 days ago

Nice trail, but very crowded.

The first stream is a couple of minutes past Espinosa Camp. The creek was dry at Vicente Flats, you need to hike up another 5 min to get to water. When you head up to Cone Peak, the last water was where the redwoods end. I did not see any sign of the spring mentioned in the trail description.

There were easily 50+ tents at the Vicente Campground over president's day weekend. Lots of fun people, but not a lot of solitude if that's what you're looking for.

Hiking up to the peak:
Most people left their tents and stuff at Vicente and hiked up with a light pack, that way you could carry more water. I got up to the peak a bit after 10 and was alone there for almost a half hour before people started showing up. After 12 it got really crowded up there.

I did this hike with a group of friends of varying backpacking experience back in 2011 when we were all juniors in high school. This may have been at the peak of its popularity before the fires, and as luck would have it, the springs were VERY crowded, and they are all very small and intimate. It was a really great bonding experience, and for the less outdoorsy friends, it really opened their eyes to the magic of getting somewhere worthwhile on your own two feet. Unexpectedly gnarly up and down the entire way; my ankles were done by the time we got to camp! You can hike out in two days if you need by sleeping at a camp that is about halfway. Definitely a formative experience for me as an outdoors lover. However, I’ll admit looking back that this is one of the less impressive and beautiful hikes in the area of Big Sur. While this trail is being fixed up, I encourage you to explore more of the Ventana and Silver Peak Wildernesses! Who knows, maybe more natural hot water is hiding out there... Remember to practice LEAVE NO TRACE principles! Hike prepared!

1 month ago

Beautiful hike. Once above the trees you can see Mount Shasta and Shastina. This would probably be a national park in many other states. We loved it.

1 month ago

One of the best hikes around the Rogue Valley with easy access from Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, and Medford. The drive up is cool, with a great parking area and a distinct sign at the trailhead.
The hike is hard though not the hardest, starting with a long uphill slog that is somewhat intense even if you are in shape. Solitude abounds, the trail is well-marked, and Sheep Creek Slide is awesome. I can't say enough about this hike. Not the hardest hike you can do, but requires a solid amount of effort so be prepared to do a little work.

4..0hours to the lake via a a unrelentingly steep trail.

So we drove up using the directions from all trails and the final left hand turn to the trailhead the road was closed. So we ran into a couple that said you can start from the bottom at Kirk campground. They said they were “just shy of summit” and they turned around because it was getting late.

We hiked from the bottom and went 7 miles with no summit in sight hahaha. It was STUNNING. And I loved it but I think the distance is from the trail head we weren’t able to access at the time.

We parked at the bottom went for 7 miles (in about 3.5 hours. It is up hill. The elevation gain is real. But there are lots of straight seats too Andy the scenery is amazing!!

BEWARE OF TICKS. LOAD YOU AND YOU LR DOG WITH DEET! They were alllllllllll over.

I’d love to summit this thing but I think from the bottom it’s a multiple day hike. But def beautiful with ocean and redwoods!

This trail is closed indefinitely-lots of mudslide damage.

I wanted to scout this before I took my twin 7 year olds up here - glad I did. They are experienced hikers and the first 2+ miles would have been a bit much for them. Hiked this with my dog on a balmy 60+ degree in mid January. Good hike if you're looking for a nice workout and Don't want to see any other humans. Go mid week.

2 months ago

Very well maintained, beautiful trail. Great view from the summit though metal pipes (to prevent people from falling?) were kind of distracting. Snow patches here and there and slippery at places but nothing hard.

2 months ago

Great hike / snowshoe if you're up for an adventure and don't mind route finding to make it happen. The views of the SIerras from the top are impressive as are those of the adjacent peaks / ridge lines which look incredible in snow. Little tricky to follow the established route and it differs a bit from what you'll see in most maps currently.

Current conditions: Snow starts a few hundred feet into the trail and becomes consistent around 1,500' up. The final climb was partially covered and required careful attention to avoid postholing around the rocks -- descended down the backside for deeper snow. Slopes were pretty solid in the morning (just shy of needing to put on traction) but soft by noon for turns or snowshoes.

Route: Park right past the highway sign a few minutes outside Strawberry (*may not be acceptable with snow on the road*) and walk up a few hundred yards to reach the "trailhead" which is little more than a footpath in the dirt. Take note of where you cross the stream as it's tricky to track on the return.

2 months ago

Epic views from the top.

The hike is uphill the entire way but worth it once you get to the top.

2 months ago

Backpacking with two friends and a dog in mid November.
It Rained the day prior
Parking for about 15 cars maybe more at trailhead.

Overall medium high to low sun exposure throughout, with medium high to low poison oak as well.

Espinosa campsite is about 3.5 miles from trailhead and has Two available campgrounds

Vincente campsite is about 5 miles from trailhead and has Many available campgrounds

There is a River about 8.5 miles from trailhead, as well as a stream about 5 miles in

The Temperatures varied from sweating in shorts and sleeves rolled up during the day uphill to chilly mostly fully layered at night
Good for dogs
Some rowdy people when we were there.

Closed till further notice. All trails should update asap. #cobrahikingclub

2 months ago

Wear shoes with good traction, and use walking sticks if you have bad knees. Two picnic tables at the peak for picnic. Just need to bring the food and drinks up. Had a wonderful lunch there.

Tried a there and back day hike, and the info is WAY off in regards to distance. We were running out day light and headed back. We ended up doing 12 miles and 4000+ feet of gain. So this hike is short of 15 miles, but totally worth it. We are planning on going back and starting a bit sooner. Would be ideal to do this in two days, so that you may enjoy the epic views.

2 months ago

not moderate fairly strenuous hike about 6 miles rt....unrelenting uphill after 1st .25 mile

2 months ago

12/29/17- Solo hiked this route at 7am and finished by 12pm. I clocked 7.4miles RT with 4,200ft gain. The route was clear of snow up to mile 1.4~, then you hit thin hard pack. Snow was fairly hard pack up to the summit. Follow the cairns the whole way. Only wore boots w/gaiters, thermal top, beanie, soft shell pants and thin gloves. Used poles for the gain/lose.

2 months ago

Started early AM. Met two guys who had turned around due to heavy/dangerous ice on trail. I had yak-tracks, so I was able to push on. Amazing temp difference from start to a few miles away at ridge line. Not one person on the trail. Loved the solitude. The brush can be a bit invasive, but not even close to what others have said. Minor and momentary distraction, at worst.
Loved the hike and would like to get to the ridge and camp.

2 months ago

Great 2-3 night trip. We camped atop Cone Peak and saw a beautiful sunset and sunrise (see pics above). Our trip in late December was uncrowded, but had no water above Vicente Flat. There is plenty of parking off HWY 1 for easy access.

2 months ago

I was the only car at this parking spot all day. The start is so easy that I thought I was on the wrong trail. And there are numerous trails that cross this path, keep checking All Trails. Then I got near the top...it’s easy if you’re a billy goat. Nah. But it was pressing on the legs and cardio...but well worth every step.
The first few miles is an extremely quiet trail until you connect with the trail to the top.
Do it if you want some solitude. (Only downside: Road noise for a good while...it is a major highway)

3 months ago

Wow what a great hike. There were a few spots, especially right before the top, where the trails were barely managed so make sure to stay on the parts that are clear unless you like climbing over boulders and feeling like you’re lost. Bring lots of water and snacks. This trip took us almost 5 hours and we did take a few breaks. It got very chilly at the tower too. All in all a very cool hike...but man, we are absolutely exhausted.

lovely views, be cautious of poison oak!

We just completed this hike. The trailhead was slightly confusing and we ended up having to circle back around and park in a designated lot versus along the side of the road. It was raining lightly at the bottom and that quickly turned to snow flurries at 8200 ft. At 9000 ft we made it into the gorge where the wind and snow was being bottlenecked and making this trail feel like K2 rather then Lake Tahoe. Visibility was near zero and when we turned southeast on the last large switchback we made our ascent slowly because the trail was hard to follow with 6 inches on the ground and we didn’t want to lose one another. It took nearly 2 hours to conquer the last 1/2 mile and the wind was blowing hard. We stayed at the summit for lunch but the below freezing temperature and high winds made the choice easy. We made it back to the gorge and the wind and weather calmed down and we were a little surprised to see that most of the snow had melted completely.

Overall an amazing hike! One of my most challenging yet! We left a WHOLE PACK of granola bars in the cache so if you’re the next hiker! You’re welcome!

Beautiful views, nice in autumn. The peak ascent is steep.

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