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Beautiful place for a sunset, but if you are going to hike it back at night bring a headlamp or flashlight!

Did a night hike here with a couple of friends. Not a bad hike at all and super cool to see the view of Chattanooga at night. Bring a headlamp because the deer be trippin.

Great trail! Even in the snow!

With the leaves changing and cool fall air, this was an amazing hike just 10 minutes away!

Only did a short section as a brisk dog walk. Only saw a few bikers and one hiker on a pretty Saturday so it’s a great spot to get some energy out of your pup. Gorgeous views, well cleared trail much of the way in that also intersects with three or four wooded narrow gorgeous trails. Definitely recommended!

1 month ago

Wonderful trail. Howecer, one way was a little too much for a 4 & 6 year old, so once we made it down to Craven's we had a Lyft driver bail us out and drive us back up to Point Park.

Great hike today. Incredible views!

3 months ago

I absolutely loved this hike. It was a kick tail cardio workout on the uphill part. The rock formations are insane. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful area.

One of my favorites in Chattanooga.

Very easy

DANGER! ZERO TRAIL MAINTENANCE on Mountain Beautiful Trail!
At this time 08/17/18 we strongly suggest you avoid Mountain Beautiful Trail, this hazard filled trail presented us with grown over trails with waist high ground cover, (much of it "leaves of three") making each of our steps hazardous and onto unseen thus unknown ground. There were multiple downed trees and choking vines forcing bent over tight squeezes or clambers over downed trees, staying ever aware of the potential for snakes below the downed trees.
We can confidently state that the Mountain Beautiful Trail was the WORST maintained National Parks trail we have EVER experienced.
By the time we finished our legs were red and itching, we were covered in spiders webs and brushing off spiders (freaking Maxine out) and we were just so pissed off at the trails condition that we seriously contemplated walking up the busy Scenic Highway to return to our car parked at Cravens House.
Luckily the Hardy Trail paralleled the road, this unimpressive trail follows the Hydro Pylons, but we were some thankful that it was wide and clear.
I have written a letter to the Park Superintendent, I trust he/she would want to take immediate action, but who knows???
Just be warned!

I would rate this hike more easy than anything up until right before you summit. It twists and turns up rocks. Beautiful views at the top! A must see.

Cravens House is a cool historic sight to see. Trail was great, awesome views! I went with some friends that rock climb- definitely good for that!

Loved this trail! Easy with great views, nicely shaded as well.

4 months ago

This was a perfect place for a midday hike with my husband and three girls. Not too challenging but you do get a workout. Can swim and play in the creeks. Very scenic and we took some great photos. It was a real highlight of our trip to TN. It was muddy. Also had trouble following trail signs but we did fine.

Not siqened

Very nice trail with beautiful view of Chattanooga from the top! Strongly recommend

Well marked, easy trail! We went last weekend. There was rain in the forecast, so there was hardly anyone else on the trail. It eventually rained on us, but we took shelter in the little museum near the top. Views were amazing once the clouds faded.

4 months ago

The bottom half of the loop is really well maintained, however we missed the turn on to Mountain Beautiful Trail because it’s so overgrown you could hardly tell there was a trail there at all. We decided to skip it altogether since we weren’t dressed to trek through the chest height, dense underbrush. Kind of disappointed. It would probably be a good short hike during the fall, but not so much during the summer.

Nice hike. I did the full loop a few evenings ago. The buff trails part was my favorite with a few rock sections. (Nothing difficult but makes it more interesting). Sunset rock was very nice. It was about 92 so I sweated a lot but not bad since it is in the shade. I didn’t like the rifle pits section on the way back- way too much poison ivy and overgrowth. If your sensitive or with kids (my younger kids wouldn’t have the patience to avoid the ivy), I would recommend an out and back instead of the loop. Took me 2 hours that is including 30 minutes at sunset rock and an extra 20 minutes going slow to maneuver around the poison ivy. I liked parking at Cravens House. History on the battlefield and a nice large rock to climb on.

I'm giving a 3 star rating because when I hiked this trail there was a copperhead in the middle of the path. I had made it about halfway and there are steep dropoffs and narrow turns. I did not complete the course because of the snake. Be careful on this trail.

Loved the views

Great trail, easy to access and has a great view

Great trail! Gorgeous day and although it got pretty warm, you didn’t notice in the shade of the trails. Sunset Rock was amazing! I could have sat there forever!

If you have weak legs, bad knees, hips or ankles, you might want to the whole loop. Perhaps to Sunset Rock and directly back. This has some strenuous spots on the loop especially Gum Springs and Rifle Pits. Gum Trail and Rife Pits had quite a bit of overgrowth making it narrow although the path was clear.

Suggestions: good comfortable hiking shoes, water and a walking stick or walking poles.

6 months ago

Beautiful trail, great for a moderate workout

Awesome place to go hike and just get away. So much history. It was a fitting place to go for Memorial Day. We hiked the red trail which is around 10 miles long. It was beautiful! Finding monuments and markers that are not accessible by the main roads was really neat. Got more trails to explore and can’t wait to go back!

Awesome view at the top.

gorgeous views

This was my first hiking experience in years, and I truly enjoyed it! I have bad knees, but I was still able to navigate well. The view was beautiful! We will be back here again, but later in the day to see the actual sunset.

Awesome trail! My four year olds rocked it!! Could use a better marker on the last loop where the road splits. Turn left.

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