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1 month ago

Nice hike, I’d say the best in the area. Went yesterday and there was a fair amount of ice. I would strongly recommend using crampons/traction devices at this time of year.

3 months ago

Great trail! Able to do it with our 6yo easily. We did it in the winter and there were some slippery spots with ice, but was a beautiful trail!

cross country skiing
3 months ago

Such a great winter spot!

on Little Laramie Trails

4 months ago

loved it

I hiked most of this trail in the summer of 2016 and found it to be a peaceful and leisurely walk most of the way. It was generally shady as we followed the stream, and there were wild raspberries along much of the trail. Quite a treat. It did get a bit warm when we had no shade, but that was only a small part of our hike.
I must have turned around before reaching the difficult part because I thought the hike was almost entirely easy.

Nice heavily wooded trail that avoids a lot of the highway noise at other nearby trails.

Favorite hike in the Laramie area so far. Gorgeous views all the way to the falls. The trail follows the creek the whole way and it's really nice that I found a hike nearby that actually features some water. Hidden Falls is incredible, definitely get your feet wet and take a look.

Great Trail for hiking, running or biking.. Easy access to TH, with a restroom at the Trail Head (TH).

Would be a great hike for family's. It has some moderate elevation change, but nothing to drastic.

I usually park at the ready area and hike to the TH (.5 miles)... Happy Trails

Fun, easy hike with plenty of coverage for shade. Hidden Falls is an awesome place to take a dip even though the water is pretty cold.

7 months ago

Be aware that the River Trail is not a loop as it might appear. The end of the trail comes out in a campground and not the parking lot for the trail. The full hike will be 4 Miles as you will have to turn around and hike back to get to the parking lot. The trail basically goes through the mountains. The name might lead you to think it will follow the river but you will only cross the river a few times and there are a couple places you have a little view of it. Trail is ok but nothing exceptional.

Great views with the treat of seeing a beautiful waterfall at the end. This trail is maintained very well and is very well marked.
On the way back back from the falls, one can see the beauty of the trail from a different perspective. Some spots require negotiations around and over bolders.

8 months ago

Pretty views, near a lake and a river. Leads to a hidden waterfall. Dogs and bikes allowed. Very low-key and if you avoid the high tourist months, typically June, July, and early August, you get a semi empty trail.

9 months ago

Pretty easy hike. Hidden Falls is the best part. There is a fair amount of coverage and Crow Creek gives it a babbling ambiance. You can bring your dog. Always a plus

love it!

one of my favorites!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Nice trek. There is no official trail or loop called Crystal Lake Reservoir Loop. Instead, this course uses a few trails. Suggest getting a map at headquarters or studying carefully the map at Volin TH - that's where you'll want to start/end this beautiful easy to moderate hike.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

I really like the trail - it has some great scenery and the trail is very well maintained. It was just a little rough because it was really windy! On a nice day, I'm sure it would be a 5 star, enjoyable day hike.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Great trail with plenty of room to explore. There's trail maps scattered throughout and some amazing scenery. If you get the chance take this trail in the winter and see the falls frozen. If the water is hard enough you can walk right up to the hidden falls.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Easy hike when you just want to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

Okay walk.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Easy trail awesome views but very busy with bikes.

nature trips
Tuesday, July 19, 2016

For my two years as a graduate student at U. of Wyoming, Happy Jack has been my go-to for emergency nature visits. At just 15 mins or so from Laramie, this trail is so easily accessible when I need to run my dogs or find some quiet. Surprisingly, even being so nearby I have more often than not found the place entirely to myself, though I've seen lots of cross-country ski tracks, trail runners, and the like year round. The only disadvantages to this place are the fact that snow comes heavy and often makes the trailhead inaccessible by vehicle, and also that the nearby highway can snap your dream state at certain points in the trail. High summer months also bring intolerable waves of biting flies and mosquitoes. I have seen moose in these parts more than any other land animal, as they especially like the mountain pools. I have had some really joyful experiences with this very convenient trail, especially with my dog who loves it even more than me. I'll be sad not to have this in my backyard anymore.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Amazing hike!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

A fun and easy trail to enjoy with the family. To get to hidden falls you need to have a good sense of direction as the trail has several cross roads. Really enjoyable all the way. Gorgeous views and lots of shade.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

A good trail (would be better without all the residual snow on the north facing slopes, but that was just a timing issue on my part). The trail is quite busy so don't expect a completely peaceful hike. That said, the falls are very beautiful and worth seeing.

on Cheyenne Rim Trail

Friday, November 20, 2015

The trail begins about 100 ft north of the picnic area at the South Trailhead Parking Lot in the Soapstone Prairie Natural Area. The trail meanders and gradually gains in elevation along the bluff line to the west. At about the five mile mark the gain markedly increases, but is still moderate until you gain the rim the overlooks the Red Mountain Open Space to the West. The trail is easy to follow, but there are numerous game and stock trails along the way. There are many side trails. These run to various stock tanks or are old Ranch roads. The trail is popular with horses and mountain bikes. The area is good winter range for Pronghorn Antelope, Mule deer, and Elk. The ares is also winter range for cattle.

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Monday, July 06, 2015

Approaching the rim from the east was a great ride, but attempting to decent via the western route was very rough. Several portions of the trail were essentially riding down sand and gravel filled washouts, and extremely tight single track conditions. Would recommend full suspension.

Monday, June 01, 2015

Great views, terrible ending to hike out the North end.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Approaching the Cheyenne Rim Trail from the Wyoming border is a bit tricky as there is no way to get to that end of the trail without hiking about 4 miles from Harriman, Wyo. All other roads into that area are gated. In addition, there’s no pedestrian gate in the fence where the topo map indicates a trailhead. So, it was unclear whether or not I was on public land. That said, this part of the trail offers some beautiful views of the surrounding hills and valleys. It’s an easy hike with only minimal elevation change. Watch out for the brambles along the canyon rim, though. They’re a bit tough to negotiate…

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