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8 days ago

Nice hike. Low impact but gets rocky by the end. Peaceful and pretty. Nice hike along creek to waterfall.

This trail is very dangerous and should never be mistaken for less. I personally have assisted in two helicopter rescues from this trail, both being fall victims. On three different visits the the bath, I have seen the remains of dogs that had fallen to their deaths. I am a local and have frequented the bath for over forty years and say this trail demands caution!

This was a beautiful hike it!!! Best in late winter spring, because there isn't any shade at the top but the view is Fantastic!!!

My daughter and I did this hike a couple of years ago! The hike was pretty easy until you get near the top. My daughter and I had to scramble up large boulders to reach the top. It was a bit challenging, but not impossible. Although, when we were coming back down we were told that there was another way to reach the top that was much easier.. if so, I wish the trail was marked more clearly.

Once we made it to the top, the view was fantastic! ❤️

One my favorite mc runs that I've done many times...

20 days ago

SO STINKING BEAUTIFUL! The lake is pristine. We saw only one other person off in the distance. It was a short trip and I’ll be going back for a longer duration next time!

This trail is near level with little grade. It is an out and back trail, unless two or more people will be hiking together. In this case a vehicle can be left at the far end for an easy return to the trailhead.

Love the destination!! The trail is great once your done with the road section.

I got lost several times and came to the cliff where the alpinists climb the mountain. You need to be very careful and follow the signs. So beautiful view on the top!

Easy and flat trail with beautiful views. Our dog loves it too. I can't wait to see the wildflowers in spring.

Awesome hike, some serious rock action near the top! Beautiful views and perfect weather. unfortunately, wild flowers are not abundant at this time of year (February).

where is the waterfall?

on Tuolumne Table Mountain

1 month ago

I took a few cub scouts and a boy scout up this trail It was a good introduction for the cubs to see some of the easy and the hard parts of hiking. Due to some of the open area's, this is definitely a hike you want to do in the cooler months or early in the morning during the heat of the year. It is a good trail to intro young people to trail hiking. Bring water as there is nowhere where you can pump water.

Though Melones area is known for poison oak, I didn't see any on the trail, though it could of been still dormant. Stay on trail, no problem.

As far as the climb to the top, It's doable for an old fart like me with bad knees and over weight, which is one reason i agree more with the B.L.M map of the area designating this trail a challenge and not moderate. .

I saw people with with kids under the age of 5 and will say that the upper part of the trail is going to be a challenge and do think its a little foolish to bring somebody that young on the rocky trail with steps higher than a foot sometimes. There are some serious fall dangers not only on the trail, but at the top of the bluff.

The view though, as you get to the top, and on top is awesome.

As was mentioned earlier, get there early and turn around heading back. It is a tight area to turn and as usual, there is always that 1 inconsiderate person that out of ignorance will block the area where the gates are so very difficult to turn around.

I enjoyed the fact that there were markers along the way telling you the names of some trees. Also how far you have gone and some history of the rails. My dog enjoyed it as well.

1 month ago

amazing view at the top definitely will be going again soon!

Great hike and amazing views. This hike is definitely with your while.

It's a beautiful hike that is easy enough for someone that hasn't been hiking for awhile or just wants an good walk.
There are two entrances - the trail actually starts at the first gate. You'll walk a little over a mile thorough trees and fields. Once you get to the restroom you can take the trail to the top or go through the gate to the "watershed" trail. That's a great hike along a dirt road that's pretty much flat. If you want, that leads to the dam but it's a 12 mile hike. Along the way you see glimpses of the lake.
All together it's a wonderful place to hike. A few things:
1. The road to the second gate is bumpy and you'll need a vehicle with a high clearance.
2. If you park at the first gate turn your car around to park. It can be a tight bunch of turns to get out otherwise.
3. It's better to get there relatively early in the morning - I got there at 9:00 am on a Sunday morning and there were about 3-4 cars. By the time I left 2 hours later there were 10-15.

Wonderful hiking trail! Great trail markers and educational signs. Picnic tables and benches along the way. Awesome views. A trail for all ages to enjoy.

1 month ago

Beautiful birthday hike with my teen sons. It is almost surreal up top with the landscape resembling something you’d expect on a foreign planet. The views are spectacular at sunset! For those afraid of the steep/rocky bit towards the top...Just do it! It’s not that bad. Take a hiking stick for stability and go slow. There is plenty of room for advanced hikers to get around you.

1 month ago

A fantastic day hike on a very mild Jan 2. Beautiful river with pools and rapids. We were the only two people on the trail. We didn’t start until noon so only got to large pool and falls about 3.5 miles in and came out to finish by dark. Will definitely come again to have more time.

My whole family enjoyed this hike. The end was a little steep, but my boys (youngest is five) made it up. The view was well worth it. So beautiful!!

It’s nearly halfway flat but once you pass the bathroom it starts to climb decently. I’m pretty out of shape and while I was definitely huffing and puffing I made it to the top. Definitely wear sunscreen because shade can be sparse in a few areas.

2 months ago

Great hike! A bit challenging but well worth the scramble to the top. Make sure you explore the top of the mountain, you will find a wonderful tribute to someone who must have been very special to his friends. Definitely need to go back during Springtime to see all the wildflowers.

Some nice views and very well marked trail but the trail got a little boring after awhile. It is very flat and anyone in reasonably good shape can do it. The trail ends abruptly with no major payout at the end which was a bummer. There are also lots of ticks so bug spray is a must and be carried you bring your furry friends.

This is not an easy trail. I live here locally and I’ve done this trail getting into God’s bath is not difficult but getting out is. It’s gonna have to walk up a granite vertical face with a rope or Billygoat the side of the mountain either way it’s a little difficult. This is a difficult trail I do not know why it’s rated easy

2 months ago

Backpacked out to the falls with the dog weekend of 12/16 -12/17: his first backpacking overnight and this was a nice introduction on a pretty gentle trail. Trail was mostly clear, but especially in the last mile the path was covered in downed trees, branches and debris from a previous fire. Pup is about 20 pounds so I had to carry him for a lot of this final stretch as it was such a mess.

It was very quiet-- one other truck when I arrived but otherwise not a single person on the trail the whole 24 hours. Beautiful hike, and the waterfall at the end makes for a beautiful rest at the end. No snow or ice yet, just some frost in the shadowed areas of the canyon.

I put the coordinates from alltrails in Google Maps and it took me most of the way there: it ended on the switchback road down to the canyon. At the bottom of the switchbacks, turn right and drive past the dam and water plant all the way to the end (it looks like it might lead to a back lot for the plant at one point) and you'll get to the large trailhead parking lot.

3 months ago

Amazing Hike, Its Beautiful. Definitely Not My Last Time Visiting . I Definitely Recommend

3 months ago

We had a great time backpacking here the weekend of December 2nd 2017. This time of year it is hard to find a sutible place to go backpacking with my wife and 6 year old son. I was drawn to this place for it's low elevation, paved road access and close proximity to my home in the bay area. We were rewarded with a beautiful hike. We found a really nice camp spot about halfway. I really wanted to push on to the falls but my son was getting tired and the sun was soon to set. The natural beauty was abundant. This is a hidden gem that has been cast in the shadow of and often overlooked by Yosemite's grandeur.

Gorgeous view

Seek out the monument overlooking the reservoir

Wandered the plateau and pondered the unique geology

Love this hike

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