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Really lovely short hike. The trailhead is a bit difficult to find... Need to follow the cement drainage up. Nice elevation variance. You can see the graffiti early on. It's pretty cool once you get close. I saw some people picnicking on the rocks. Great idea.

It had different palm trees on the hike as well as butterflies and frogs. It also some flowing water. The trail was nice but at a certain point we got lost and didn't know how to proceed

5 days ago

Easy trail about a mile long i was cloudy and nice to walk parked on side street here is a vid that I shoot last Monday

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Definitely be careful with snakes out there on the trail. Its rattle will definitely alarm you and have you head the other way. I had to back track and take a paved road into the neighborhood, back to the parking lot. Scenic views for it being in the I.E. backyard. Good trails for trail running.

10 days ago

Easy trail my kids love it

Awesome trail! Lots of graffiti though.

uts hidden, it's private, it's short so its perfect for a quick short walk. not much for a usual hiker. but its rewarding to rest at the water fall area. good for a light walk and Instagram pic.

The old entrance which alltrails lists, is blocked by a fence and is along private property beginning in 3327. Please be respectful and be quiet when going along any of the ways to the falls.
The "new" entrance, not on public property south-west of the old entrance. On the south side of the street.
Look for the Lake Hills Reserve sign and follow the concrete drainage going east towards the falls over the hill. Once you get past the hill, you are on another private property owned by a different owner who bought it in 2007. This owner does not have any no trespassing signs up currently from what I saw.

The other "legal" (public property) entrance is going a way I have not tested. You must go to the falls from behind. To get there, continue down Skyridge dr to where it intersects with Crescent Glen Ct. You will see a small concrete wall with gated stairs leading down. All of that hillside down to the falls, is public property. All the way down to where there was the old river passing.

The falls are getting a bit dirty, it would be great if other people help clean the falls by bringing a bag of trash out with them. I think how dirty it is getting is wanting people to make it more difficult to access.

This brought me back to my high school days.. Walnut Creek “el ton pook” haha shaded for the most part.. the hike was easy, had a few swings, I’m glad we had that incline on the way back to get my heart rate going. Good for all ages and animals.

Haven’t been there yet it’s on my list ...so when I go I’m taking pair of gloves and a trash bag and walking out with a lil less trash on the trail . Let’s see how many people we can get to help clean up our trails! #cleanupgrafettirock

21 days ago

fairly easy hike gradual incline. Nice views. would do it again.

Super fun hike, as easy or challenging as you want to make it! We only spent 1.5 hours, but did a bit of bouldering and had fun in the couple inches of snow on the trails. Heads up: you need to buy a pass to park your car at the trailhead, but some locals told us they visit often and that the rangers usually only check in the evenings. Still, I would go for the pass over a hefty fine!

A great trail for the whole family. Generally a pretty easy trail with a quarter mile hill at one end. You can make this trail a little more challenging by running it or pushing your pace while walking. A lot of shaded areas and fun little streams to cross with well placed rocks. There are parking areas every one mile or so. The main parking area next to the 210/57 fwy is often full during peak times and is regularly monitored by sheriffs dept. A great trail for a 6 mile round trip with beautiful scenery.

24 days ago

The good art was tagged over. The walk was cool tho. Seen rabbits and squirrels. Met a lady and her horses, Shorty and Chica.

Excellent! A lot of shade, keep you from the sunburn. And the creek gives you some humidity.

25 days ago

I think it would be more fun to go the month of October. You get some pretty good views in all directions from the top of the hill and a good photo op with the the "pumpkin head". It was a short hike of about 2.5 miles and there is no shade. There is a strong odor of horses coming from the nearby neighbor. It is located near a golf course and a housing complex, so if you are looking for an escape from civilization, this hike is not for you.

27 days ago

This was a great conditioning hike. It felt fairly easy, just long. Intensity-wise, it reminded me of potato mountain, just longer. I believe it was closer to 8 miles than 7.3 though. I went on 2/19/18 and it was cold! There was some frost over a lot of the trail. The peak was not very prominent and was a little anticlimactic, but it was a nice hike. I would recommend it.

Tip for Directions: Glendora Ridge Rd is before the visitor's center in Baldy village. So if you hit the Visitor Center, you need to turn around!

28 days ago

Nice, easy hike overall. I personally am not a big fan of the hikes on off-road trails/roads, and this one is one of those, but there are nice views with lots of shade. Did this hike for the sunset and it lives up to it’s name. Solid views of the sunset. The only downside is how the trail is an unpaved road.

Nice trail. This is a good hike for beginners. Trail is shaded 80% of the way.

This hike isn’t a short distance so bring your snacks and water AT LEAST. I saw a couple of people carrying nothing.

29 days ago

This trail was easy to navigate, the elevation gain was smooth, had trekking poles but could have easily done this trail without them. A lot of shade provided by trees during the first part of the trail. Really great views at the top and along the trail. Not too many people, but I did go on a Sunday. Can't wait to go back.

Went on a Sunday morning, gets steep in the beginning but very manageable. There are some soft sandy areas, great view of Norco at the top.

Very nice walk. Good for dogs as long as you don't mind them getting muddy.

1 month ago

A little steep but not too bad. Watch for horse poop. Leave no trace

I believe this is perfect for people who are just starting out on outdoor activities. Took our small dog and he seemed to love it! Make sure to wear some good shoes since there are points where flat shoes such as vans might not be strong enough of a grip. The view is amazing, very therapeutic.

1 month ago

Easy hike great views of the Valley(clouds hid the valley view from us) as well as the mountains to the East.

1 month ago

Always a fun hike.

really like this trail, my kids love it also the hills the flowers and the lil streams.

1 month ago

Nice quiet easy well maintained shady trails requires your balance skills to across creeks / streams safely without shoes getting wet.

Hard to find at first and the trail was harder to follow. Made it and loved the power house!

Absolutely beautiful. Amazing bridge and creek.

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