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5 hours ago

Beautiful trail, good views, wildflowers and enjoyable.

ATTENTION DOG OWNERS: for the safety of your animals... if your dog is off leash and you run into a dog on a leash, please grab your dogs or call them over. If another dog is on a leash; they tend to feel restrained and threatened when another animal is approaching them and can become anxious or aggressive. There are plenty of beautiful spots there to take your pups off leash so they can run around, please be cognizant of surroundings.

The road up to Kite Lake was better than expected with some rutted out spots (it was dry on 7/14). I got to the Trailhead at about 8am and had to park along the road about 0.5 miles from the parking lot, paid the $3 fee and began the hike from Kite Lake to Democrat at around 8:40am. The trail was fairly busy, primarily at the beginning as many people decided to only summit Mt. Democrat, so the crowd died down by the time I summited Cameron. The stretch from the top of Democrat to the top of Cameron was the most challenging for me, but it was smooth sailing to Lincoln and Bross. The top of Bross is private property, but those who choose to summit and loop back to the parking lot should be aware that the “trail” down is loose talus and can be very dangerous. Overall, the hike was a blast! I’d say it’s a moderate hike since it begins above tree line with relatively low mileage, especially for the fit and acclimated.

10 hours ago

Drove my lifted wrangler up the four wheel drive round as far as you could go (to the gate and giant cairn where the trail starts) nothing technical about the road but you definitely want a high clearance 4wd vehicle. Not my favorite 14er. The whole trail is just huge boulders the whole way up. The views are nice at the top. Wasn’t very hard compared to other ones I’ve done.

off road driving
18 hours ago

Tons of small trails in that area. Fairly easy to get though and it’s a ton of fun.

off road driving
18 hours ago

Super fun wheeling. Some tough spots overall great trail for our 1993 Landcruiser . Kids played at Lake and on streams. Half way up we photographed a great stream with wildflowers. will be back on a clear day for sure had some cloud cover.

allot of big boulders

We are new hikers and found the trail a great first 14.

Got to the trailhead at 6:30 am and there was a line of cars in front and behind me. We had to park on the street because parking was already full by the time we got there.

This was my first 14er(s) and I ended at 12:30 pm, spending time at each summit. I’m usually a pretty quick hiker, but I had to take this super slow and allow for multiple stops. This may be known as a good one for first timers, but don’t forget that it is a workout. I was surprised with how much my legs were hurting.

I went up democrat first and would recommend doing that, unless you bring a dog. Going down Bross was extremely challenging because it’s almost straight down/loose rock and very hard on the knees (don’t forget your poles like I did). Overall, the views are beyond worth it and to get 4 done in one day - it’s an amazing feeling.

1 day ago

Beautiful area, the three lakes are amazing, definitely a good spot to keep in the rotation.

off road driving
1 day ago

This is a sketchy trail. Incredible though. Not a super difficult drive but if you make a mistake in the wrong area it could be your last. I did it in the rain and that added to the sketchiness. The worst part was the steps... just take it slow and you’ll be fine. I would recommend airing down and taking it super slow. A spotter helps but is not a must. Took us about 3 hours. Gorgeous views all over the trail. Did it in a 2017 Tacoma with a 2 inch lift and wrangler duratrac tires.

off road driving
2 days ago

As beautiful as it gets! Xj on 33’s with 4.5 inch lift.
Fun all the way to the top, seen 3 mountian goats. Goats photo bombed us lmao! Will post the pics.

Started with Democrat and descended down Bross. If you save Democrat for last you will be very tired climbing up to the summit. Going down Bross was rough on the knees. It will be challenging no matter what, just bring sunscreen, snacks, and water. We started at 6:30 and ended at 3:30.

off road driving
2 days ago

Superb views, you’ll spend plenty of time stopped taking pics of the scenery. The drive is very rocky, good ground clearance is a must, as are a good set of tires. It would be very easy to slash a sidewall. 4-low is extremely useful for the steep climbs going up, and engine braking going down.

Okay I'm going to write a real honest review for those novice people who suck at hiking. I waa thrown by the reviews, thinking it would only take us 5 hours. Nope. The people who say this was quick and easy are runners.
This was a hard trail. We started with Bross. The views from the top were nice, but I honestly expected a little more. We then traveled over to where the trails for Cameron and Lincoln split. We started to head toward Lincoln, and decided not to do it because we were already exhausted. So we went to Cameron and the views were insanely gorgeous! The way down took seriously forever to get to. We didn't even bother with Democrat, thankfully, because it started to rain. It took us 6 hours to do two mountains y'all. But I would definitely go back for Lincoln and Democrat.

mountain biking
3 days ago

Great fun and amazing vistas!

on Imogene Pass

3 days ago

Beautiful views and amazing wildflowers and waterfalls along the way!!

This is a must do drive every visit we make to the area. Have made the drive fifteen or more times...it never gets old. It’s fun to park at various points along the way and hike a little.

3 days ago

Family of four completed this today and had a great time. Gentle hike until the last 3/4 mile. Awesome views all the way. Crazy to see the 4x4's traversing some of the obstacles. Would definately do this hike again.

off road driving
4 days ago

Attempted it in a Ford F-250, 6 inch lift, 37 inch mud tires. A lot more rocky than I expected from the pics. None of them large or jagged, but made for a slow, rough ride in my particular truck. Switchbacks are sharp, so they took three point turns for me. Wish I could have made it to the top, but my passengers were new to off-roading and were getting motion sick and nervous. Made it to the last switchback. Great views but zero wildlife today.

Denverite here, did this hike with a friend and her pup. Started at trailhead around 7am, ended close to 3pm. AllTrails recorded our moving time as 6.5 hours. I love hiking, but I am notoriously slower than the pack. Overall it was strenuous, but doable. The ascent to Democrat was tough in spots, loose rocks and some false peaks. Getting down Bross was the worst. I opted to wear my trail runners that have great traction, and didn’t slip, but saw plenty of people take small falls on the loose gravel. If you have knee issues, bring support.

A couple of things to know for this hike:
1) $3 pay station, bring exact change. You put cash in an envelope.
2) Sunscreen! No coverage at all during this hike, so if the sun is blazing, your skin will be baking.
3) We learned along our way that the summit of Mt. Bross is privately owned land (possibly mining company) and there is a $500 fee for trespassing. Do that summit at your own risk.

Happy hiking!

This was definitely a workout hike with great views at the summit, but meh during the actual hike since you start above treeline. I disagree with the below review! I summited Democrat first and finished with Bross. Bross was a beast with the scree on the descent (it is very steep and ALL scree which does make it a bit treacherous) BUT at least you aren't losing ground for each step you would take to ascend it. Camped at the trailhead the night before and was on the trail by 5:15. Total time was 5:43 with minimal time spent on the summits because it was very windy. Not super crowded, but definitely a fair amount of hikers.

Was great. Come up bross side(signs say don’t but I did

Switzerland trail is a great first trail for anyone. You can drive this road with any vehicle with a little ground clearance. Take the side roads for additional adventures. Pennsylvania Gulch is a lot tougher road. Enjoy!

Lovely hike and now it is definitely one of my favorite group of 14ers!
Started this morning at 6:30am and returned to the car at 12pm while still enjoying the views from the top!
There is a $3 fee per car so come prepared!

No one is mentioning that the actual trail for the summit of Mt. Bross is closed. You can ignore the signs and still summit but my understanding is it sits on private property and owners have not at this point given permission for hikers to summit. You can still do the loop but it falls just shy of reaching the top of Mt. Bross.

I started at the bottom parking lot as there is no way I would drive up that road. Lots of others do with the right vehicles and I still wouldn’t do it, then there are those that attempt with a low clearance vehicle, nuts! Because of the road it is fairly easy to hike, steep but okay. This is my first Fourteener so it will take me more than once to reach the top, especially from the lower parking lot. I sort of feel those that drive up are just cheating. I could do it in a heartbeat if I did that. I made it up about 5.5 miles today at 11500’ still had two more miles to go but was tired and hot. I started at 830am but will start at sunrise the next time to stay cool and more shaded. I did a total of a little over 11 miles so the total for this round trip would probably be just over 15.

Excellent trip! The road in isn't nearly as bad as described. It's a little rough, but clearance shouldn't be an issue. I left the car at 5:30AM and headed counterclockwise. I think I may have gotten lucky that there was a little rain the day before. The trail up Bross was actually really nice! I think the rain made the trail a bit softer and the rocks seemed to nestle into the trail a little bit. I didn't have a problem at all with loose rocks on the ascent of Bross. I was the first on the summit of Bross and headed for the others on the loop. Getting from Bross to Lincoln and Cameron was a piece of cake. Fun hiking at high elevation, but staying in the saddles didn't make for much ascending/descending. I had a nice breeze that was welcoming and the views up there are great! No one talks much about the decent from Cameron to the ascent of Democrat. This was by far the hardest part of the hike for me and my pup. Maybe because I had already done quite a few miles, but I really think that this climb is the steepest. These two areas are mostly rock and the ascent of Democrat is only rock. Without these pushes, I would've considered it fairly easy. These push it into the moderate category for me anyways. I was back to the car at 10:00AM, but an afternoon obligation in Denver forced me to push a pretty high rate of speed throughout. Great way to knock out 4 peaks in 1 crack! Highly recommend!!

we ran this trail yesterday.
2007 wrangler Sahara Unlimited
3.5 pro comp lift
35 in tires
32 psi
a couple of snow piles nothing you could navigate the trail was clean and easy to navigate well kept and a lot of fun. Mostly dry except in the valley. this would be easy for just about any vehicle with a moderate list. hell of a lot of fun.

7 days ago

We hiked on 7/8 and it was beautiful! We parked on the street outside (no parking sign but once we finished there was 10 cars so just be respectful) 8 miles RT from the road to the upper lakes and back. Go to upper lakes! Trail is on the other side of the lake and goes straight up a little discrete. But you can see the 3 hidden lakes on the upper side of Loch Lomond.

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