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Peaceful and beautiful...nice wide trails clearly marked.

One of my favorite walks to do in the area. It’s a pretty trail and nice not having to pay the entrance fee at great falls.

Out and back would have been more pleasant, the gravel road for 2 miles kinda bummed me out

Liked the trail but everyone had their dogs off leash. I had to stop and wait for them to gather their dogs so I could pass with mine on leash.

So awesome! Can't believe it's only 30 min from DC. I went early as I usually do and there were not many people. I saw a guy out there in the raging waters kayaking and saw plenty of rock climbers but I was mostly alone save for a few early birders as well. The first half of this hike is very rocky, and can be made even rockier if you explore a little off trail to see the beautiful river cliff views. It's mostly flat as well, with no much uphill at all. The second half of the hike is where you get almost all of the elevation, it's more in the tree line and its seriously just straight up and down and turn around and do up and down again. Both parts of the hike were enjoyable and the views are spectacular. I did this hike because the Billy Goat trail is mostly closed save for one part, I'm happy I did it though and I will be back.

4 days ago

Did this hike last year. It’s a decent hike for the area. Good views and some rock scrambling. Does get crowded and I prefer more quiet hikes.

9 days ago

Hiked it with my friend had a good time it is a great trail

Wet rocks and leaves made it a little sketchy. But worth it! A lot of recent rain had the tiny creek roaring! Beautiful !

Great trail

Fun trail and beautiful views!

Relatively flat and well marked path. Nice views of the water and the falls. Started a little crowded around 9/9:30. Took us about an hour with our dog.

Gets a tad crowded during beautiful days

I love the difficulty and variety of the A loop- I think it’s one of the most challenging hikes in the DMV area. Pretty high trafficked route.

It’s tougher than you may expect but worth it! Also if you visit the day after a rain storm expect about 4-5 water crossings so bring a change of shoes for everyone!

18 days ago

Fun Hike! Great for kids.

19 days ago

The hike was very easy. unfortunately the Lake has been drained this past summer, so the views were not as pretty as they couldve been. Would love to come back when the lake bed isn't empty.

19 days ago

There is a steep incline for about a mile straight in the begining of the trail. It was really pretty when you got to the top of the cliffs, seen a couple hawks fly away as I approached. The last two miles were on a stone road, and relatively busy. My dog loved it!

Beautiful trail, not too crowded. Lots of places to rest with a view off to the sides. Past Sandy Landing there are some cool little beaches to explore.

Otter Creek is a favorite hiking destination. However, the flooding from late August this year was absolutely devastating. The flood waters carried houses away and the creek is now filled with debris - including parts of houses, automobiles, fridges, etc. The damage to the trees along the shore was dramatic. The section of trail the goes right along the river was completely re-shaped and washed out dozens of hemlocks - some sections under Urey are closed. I recommend not hiking there until 2019 when some clean-up has been done.

A nice quick hike with a speculator view! Beautiful in all seasons!

This place is fantastic, but a word to the wise--the initial bridge to the Blue Trail (the "moderate" one) is gone. I'm not sure why. This means that the only good way to get to the moderate trail is to start on the difficult Yellow Trail and walk/slide across one of the fallen log bridges. It's fun, but NOT easy, and I would not recommend taking small children until Spring 2019 or whenever they reinstate the bridge.

1 month ago

What a great combination of terrain. Finished this loop with my brothers-in-law and (then) five year old son. T’was fun crossing THROUGH a small creek.

Great falls and lot of rocks to climb. Nice views!!

1 month ago

We parked up at the visitor center and walked the towpath to trail A. We did Trail A & C. Trail B is closed. Trail is A is a lot of climbing up and over rocks for 90% of the trail. I loved it. Ankles are a little sore but worth it. Follow the Blue blazes on trees/rocks. We began at 8:30 on a Saturday and it was very less people but it got much busier as day went on. Rocks can be slippery and sandy if it has rained. Be careful. Not a good trail for those who are timid or have knee issues.

Then we took the towpath to Trail C and that is a regular flat trail along the river. Easy to navigate.

River view is amazing and see it the whole way. Bring water and a snack if doing 2-3 trails.

Great trail! I felt the blue blazes were easy to spot and the trail was well marked. I did this trail on Friday Oct 19, 2018. Start at the parking area noted on the map, and work clockwise. The meadow portion is NOT boring - there is a great bio-diversity in the meadow. This path features woodlands, meadow, and mountainous streams. You will get into the water on this trail. You have to cross the water in a few places, so get your waterproof boots ready. Also recommend a stick / hiking pole as there are some pretty good hills that you'll be tackling. My dog loved this trail as well.

Fun trail, many rocks to climb and great views.

Beautiful hike but the way the trails are marked can be confusing

1 month ago

I wouldn’t rate a hard. A lot of it is through fields. Only a couple places with a good view.

1 month ago

So this trail is not well marked. One should have AllTrails or gps. While not the prettiest trail I have traversed, there are pretty areas. Hiked after a hard rain so the smell of the land fill was minimal. Not hard to hike but for some the inclines may be a challenge. The meadows and one overlook were pretty. Many butterflies and wild flowers. Quiet except for the noise of a few trucks. The last few miles are flat along the river so made the last few miles feel long but seeing the recent rock slide and the caboose made it more enjoyable.

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