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Love this one! It was a super easy trail, and there’s a creek flowing beside you with lots of dogs to run into along the way!!

Great hike for you and your four legged friend. A lot of dogs around off leash - so just make sure that your recall game is strong.

13 days ago

I expected more out of this one. I hiked this trail in July while visiting Austin. The old homestead buildings were interesting. but the falls were underwhelming. They were nearly dry when I visited, and there was litter everywhere, especially around the swimming hole. I'm sad to say that the human footprint kind of ruined this experience for me.

this is definitely not what I would consider a good running trail. very Rocky with numerous Creek crossings that slow your stride. Also this is rampant with dogs and very crowded- dogs were well behaved but it made it harder to run. I also found the trail not well marked past the creek- once you are away from the creek however it was very pretty and peaceful. most people stay by the creek so the crowed thinned. nice trail for a walk

Really easy hike for kids and when you get to the end of the loop, you can climb down onto some amazing rock formations and even to the beach. It’s great for exploring. If you go down to this area, you’ll need to help and keep an eye on kids. There are places where you could easily slip. I also almost stepped on a snake in the rocks. Whew!
If the weather is nice, you could spend hours here.

20 days ago

Beautiful weather and perfect creek flow led to a great hiking experience at the Turkey Creek Trail. Lots of creek crossings and off-leash dogs but was part of the fun. Once you get to the beginning of the loop, be mindful to stay left despite what looks like the trail leading up a hill.

22 days ago

Went there today... hiked passed the springs to 4 mile marker and back... the springs are wonderful..parts of old rocks houses...

Great track, pretty quiet and lots of fun little spots to explore.

Nice lake views and good mix of rocky, wooded terrain. Trail gets extremely muddy in some spots so bring your water-proofs!

today, trail was a bit muddy from last night's rain. well worth the time.

This was a really fun trail! Great for taking your dog hiking. Follows along a really cute creek that you crossover several times. a little muddy this time of year, but still a good time.

1 month ago

My absolute favorite hike to take my dogs on. Even when it's busy you don't interact with that many people beyond passing them. I always wear water friendly shoes because you will more than likely get your feet wet crossing the creek.

Water is still pretty high so plan on getting your feet wet as you go over the many creek crossings! Fun walk!

1 month ago

Kristen and I came here on a Sunday morning after much rain. Creek was way up and beautiful and powerful. Great limestone flat areas and mini canyons with 8 ft deep water. Lots of dogs enjoying it.
Trail on both sides of creek was wet and narrow and confusing with so many offshoots.
The actual biull creek trail head is at beginning of parking lot. Thisntrail goes up a hill and gets away from flooding and confusion of creek side trails.
Lots of pretty yellow flowers.

My first time on this trail was mid-October. The trail is mainly covered by trees which naturally created some wet areas to get around (but it was worth getting around them!) The trail ran alongside a river that had a lot of runoff- at the time. There were even rockwalls with trickling water dripping from the top.
Along the way were split trails. I took the path closest to the river, mainly taking lefts. After the first waterfall -about a mile(ish) or more in- the trail opened to a meadow of sunflowers. A little ways up, came another waterfall; much wider than the first. Lots of people swimming and playing in the sunshine. There were even kayakers paddling by at one point.
I was running and met up with a biker at the waterfall. I ended up passing them on the way back towards the end. It was well traveled and narrow. But the run way great! Enjoyed it and will most likely use it for another beautiful day!

Great Austin hiking trail!!! Winding paths through a quiet forest and plenty of offshoots

2 months ago

We went in December and it was cold but with recent rains the falls were just beautiful!!

This is one of my favorite trails in Austin. It's mostly shady and criss-crosses a creek multiple times. I usually only see a few people on the trail.

mountain biking
2 months ago

This is NOT a mountain biking trail. It is for hiking and dogs. The mountain biking tag shouldn't be on this.

Good parking in Mopac frontage at trailhead. There are no restrooms on the trail. Fairly easy with some rough rocky beginnings. Trail follows the creek. We passed 3 waterfall areas. Lots of water in the creek. Trail was well shaded. For a longer walk, continue on trail beyond Sculpture Falls.

Beautiful trail with plenty of wandering chances

2 months ago

If you're looking for a long, challenging and lost in the woods trail, look no further. I went in there thinking it would take me 30 min, boy was I in for a surprise. It took me 2 hours and a half to complete the trail, and I walk kinda fast.
STICK TO YOUR RIGHT! You'll come at several forks, but if you stick to your right you'll be fine. An amazing trail, highly recommended.

Nice trail was pretty easy in my opinion vs moderate but a few small areas where it got Ricky/uneven.

Best part about this for us was that with the dogs it was pretty shaded-no water for now that we saw as we turned at about the 1.5 mike mark.

trail running
3 months ago

Great technical trail to get some miles in..

3 months ago

Excellent trail and well marked. Plenty of vegetation, not much shade, but lots of terrific scenic views. Only drawback was no water source at the mini camp area. Mostly flat with a few good hills to break up the monotony.

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