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Went in the fall after the leaves all gone. Quiet and peaceful stroll rather than a hike. Beautiful waterfalls and path was suitable for kids and strollers. We enjoyed the rock formations.

Easy paved walking trail. Lots of city noise along parts of it. Nice for a walk without leaving the city.

13 days ago

Yes very good trail, I like to dump in the bushes to leave my mark. No one will know it is me but it’s nice to know I left something to commemorate my little hike :) life’s good. Will visit again

Rated 2 - not a hike or walk, the parking lot is 50 meters from the viewing platform. $5 to park, view is amazing but definitely can’t be classified as a trail.

Easy and scenic, more of a nature walk than a hike, but pretty

18 days ago

I fired off a bunch of questions to the Humber Trail association . They do not permit backpacking on their trail . They do not allow camouflage clothing to be worn on the trail . You are not allowed to carry a knife . You can not have wild animal deterrent spray and no contact number if you have problems . But there seems to be lots of dogs running loose on the trail . I am not sure what kind hikers they allow on their trail , unprepared ones apparently . Boy Scout motto is be prepared ! So avoid this trail they don't allow that .

Nice trail, be aware you could find some homeless people on the way

Easy and scenic

nice view from the cliffs.

1 month ago

Great trail, nice and quiet, you will forget you're in the city. There are some hilly bits and some stairs so bear that in mind.

Parts of this trail are very interesting but it is almost all paved and there is too much time walking on roadways. The trail was closed in a couple places forcing us back onto roads. Probably a good route to bike.

Very nice but a bit muddy. There's a suspension bridge an a waterfall. Borders on an apple orchard.

A beautiful walking trail along the river/Creek. There is an abundance of bird life, apparently coyotes but I've not had the pleasure of seeing one. It is a heavily cycled trail and folks go fast even though it's narrow and rarely warn walkers of their approach so stay alert.

This is my go to trail, being minutes from my home. Ideal for walking, biking and inline skating in some areas. I've spotted many deer, hurons, egrets, cormorants, coyotes, rabbits, otters, beavers snapping turtles, toads and snakes over the years. Even in the winter, deer like to come out of the woods, so always have your camera ready. Photo opps galore.

2 months ago

As my first real hike, this was a challenge on a rainy day. Thanks to my buddy, Mat, for his pushing and encouragement for me to keep going. Not for the faint of heart if a first time hike. Superb for those who hike often. Absolutely gorgeous in many spots! Definitely will be back next summer for some hike/camping experiences.

Good trail. Nice combination of terrain. Hard to believe you are minutes from major streets.

2 months ago

Wonderful view!
Late October weather was cold and windy, but the view was beautiful. The fall foliage season brought so much colour to the trees.

I love the Bluffs! First time seeing them in fall colours.

Beautiful trail, we accessed from Duffy Lane. Limited parking.
The wild flowers were out, the bugs were low, and it was a good mix of terrain.
Mostly away from the road until you walk up alongside the river, but not a busy road.
We took our time on the way out, and the way back was just as rewarding.

Never fails to amaze myself & the whole family. We come here almost every weekend to soak into the natural beauty around this trail without getting out of the city. The credit river that runs along the trail almost in its entirety provides a relaxing view in many spots. The thick foliage specially in the fall is so beautiful as the leaves change from green to its yellow & blazing red-orange splendour. This is probably the best spot to hike, jog & bike in the beautiful city of Mississauga.

I'm lucky that this is my everyday commute. Great for walking, biking and birdwatching.

Single track trail for novice to advanced mtb riders. However, there are some sections that need maintenance with fallen trees obstructing the path. The east side of the river is rideable for the most part whereas the west side is more of a hiking trail. This was my experience of the Etobicoke Creek Trail from the Queensway to Dundas East side https://youtu.be/KvvNNMdujb8

Love going to the top of the cliffs at this bluffs.

Love this trail. Its amazing to have something like this as far south as it is. Stayed on the backcountry sites (twice), and it’s well worth the money. The privacy is great on 501 and even more so on 503. Can’t wait to go back!

nice but busy. and very easy.

Simple trail! views of the credit river makes it relaxing. elevation is even through out the trails with slight dips and valleys. You almost forget you are in the heart of a busy city while jogging here :)

waterfall dried up :(

Great spot to run the Forrest is beautiful and the off trails are intense

Trail was good though waterfall was dry. Ruins were interesting and fun to play in. We hiked up a big hill and found another trail which was really cool. Suspension bridge was fun as well.

Beautiful trail but waterfall has dried up

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