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1 day ago

The road to the campgrounds is closed due to the government shutdown, which made the hike longer and harder. But it was worth it. Once you hit the trail, the fun begins. We had an 8 year old boy and 6 yr old girl with us and they made it easily. You have to cross the creek a few times to get to the waterfall so expect to get a little wet. Dogs are allowed on this trail and we came across a number of people who let their dogs go leash-free...so be aware. I would definitely go back again. There is a bathroom at the campgrounds so plan accordingly. Bring some water because there weren’t any water fountains that we saw.

Due to government shutdown you have to park down the hill by the nursery. This adds 2 miles to the hike. Right now because of the heavy rain last week the water is really flowing and so beautiful! There are many stream crossings to get to the waterfall so be ready to get your feet and lower legs wet. We hiked with our dogs and children and it was a great time! Very beautiful hike and i highly recommend going soon to see this volume of water.

Way too many mountain bikers!!! Look out!

Great waterfall hike!! Easy 1 mile to Falls from camp ground. If u park in upper lot & take trail down it’s an extra 1.5 miles RT. Also lots of shade. Has options to add more miles on upper trailhead. Sunset Ridge can go on for miles...

Easy to get to this fairly quaint trail. We weren’t sure where it ended so hiked more moderately for a bit then turned back. Cool part is just as you start off it overlooks this private land that has all these large meditation statues. Very serene.

it was fun!!

my wife and I did this with our infant and dog. the road was closed so we parked by the nursery at the bottom of the hill and made a nice 5 mile round trip. once you get to the camp site it's only half a mile to a really beautiful little spot. don't forget to be prepared to carry out your trash, there are only trash cans by the camp site!

Great hike overall. Some inclines and downhills but nothing to step and unmanageable. I haven’t hiked in awhile and it was more on the moderate then easy side in that sense but for an avid hiker should be a breeze. Once you get to the streams half a mile before the waterfall it gets pretty shady but also fun navigating the trail. I’d definitely go back again!

Beautiful hike with a lot of shade from trees. Similar to Eaton Canyon but with a smaller space to hang out at the ending waterfall. Great for kids!

I''m confirming what many have already said about this trail. I took it counter clockwise, which seems more manageable given the mid way decent would be a challenging accent. The views are great through the whole path. On the mountain trek portion of the trail, there were far more bikers than hikers, but everyone was well behaved with the right of way.
I went in December, and a word of warning that most of trail is bathed in shade, and on a cold day there's not much warming up to be done via the sun, so bring layers.
Distance - should be more like 14.5 miles
Difficulty - If you can hike 15 miles, then this would be right up your ally. If you consider 5/10 miles to be moderate/difficult, then this too will be difficult.

trail running
25 days ago

I love this place!!! Great workout and the views are amazing. Watch out for the bikes but for the most part we all have shared the trail without a problem.

Waterfall looked nice. Not crowded.

The gate to the road that leads to the campsite was closed, so I parked right outside of it. I hiked up and started through the Chaney trail. The trail was not packed at all, considering it was a Thursday. The hike was short, nice and easy hike, I would definitely go again!

This is by far my favorite hiking trails. Def a hidden gem! It’s hardly ever crowded. It’s a beautiful trail w/ lots of shade. There are crossings so get ready for the possibility of wet shoes. Fairly easy trail. You do need a parking pass. Leads to a waterfall.

Got up at sunrise and went here. No one else on trail when we started. Made it to the end and turned around and started back. Met two others who were out jogging. Was easy with the sound of water in the background. Will do this again as wife is starting to hike.

fun & easy, brought my 5 month old pup and my friend brought her daughter. saw a lot of families with 4+ year old kids, so the hike is generally easy. the stream is very pretty. you do have to cross it a few times to stay on trail. there is a great water flow at the falls at the end right now. so pretty!

1 month ago

Fun, easy hike that ends in a beautiful waterfall; not too many people. I parked off the road and hiked down on the trail which was scenic but its a single track trail so watch/listen for bikers. I especially had to be careful because I had my dog on a leash. For some it may be best to park in the lot by the campground. All in all a great way to get in some exercise and enjoy the outdoors.

1 month ago

A nice easy walk/hike along a wash and under the historic Arroyo Seco Bridge.

If you park all the way down the hill at the campsite, then walk through the site, the sign from the campsite says that the falls are only 0.5 miles away, making the whole trip from your car and to the falls and back a flat, short, hike of just a little over 1 mile. We went on a Wednesday afternoon and only ran into a few other hikers as well as had the falls to ourselves. I liked how there were pamphlets on the local birds available to take from the info board in the parking lot. We saw the last of the fall color, some squirrels, and beautiful, clear, water since it had rained a week prior. If you’d like a short hike and are okay with crossing some streams, this little hike is very beautiful and time well spent.

a lot of people

Creds: Used AllTrails Pro. AllTrails accurate. Trail well maintained.

Started Monday 3 Dec 2018, 6:45am and went counter clockwise. Gorgeous creek side trails. Wells’s Peak at crest (2952’) with log to sit on great break point to eat and for views. Hike moving time ~6.5 hours.

Highly recommend hike in fall/winter/spring.

Summer gets easily 110F and would need 4/5 liters of water and food. Recommend only experienced hikers with desert survival training go in summer.

Great easy trail, very populated during weekends.

Really nice, small, waterfall for very little effort. The hike up through the creek is great. You weave to either side of the flowing creek. The creek has a nice shallow flow, with crystal clear water. You're in the shade almost the entire time. Would def come back during the summer.

This hike can probably be accessed from Milliard Camp parking lot a bit further down the road, since the GPX route takes you right through Milliard Camp anyway. This might be better idea for some, as the section between the marked parking area and Milliard Camp is single track and is accessed by a LOT of mountain bikers. We were there early Sat morning and prob had about 20+ bikers passed us.

nice little fun trail.

Walk was pretty, lots of trees and the bridges are beautiful. There are parking spots on the end of the stable on the right. We walked all the way to the Rose Bowl, 4.7 miles.

Glad to mark this 1 of the list but won't do again, mostly because of the crowds. Too many loud kids, music blasters & ill-prepared walkers. The lower parking lot was open on 11/25/18. From here it's no more than 1.25 miles round trip. From the upper lot & road parking there is a lot of steep road walking that wouldn't be worth the effort.

Three stars is because it’s so dusty. You couldn’t access the parking lot because the road was closed due to fire danger. So I parked along the side of the road walked up the hill a bit and found a place to enter. Once he and I had a Tonna fun and it wasn’t crowded at all then again it’s a Wednesday morning. Straight up I went and the rundown was very easy. If you got an hour and a half to kill go knock it out.

2 months ago

beautiful, so far one on my favorite list

it's still closed

The waterfall (in November) was pretty small but the hike was nice, not a ton of people, and easy to get to, would recommend

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