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Awesome well maintained trails with spectacular views.

22 hours ago

Definitely go during the rainy season if you're going for the waterfalls, or in the fall to see gorgeous colors at the overlooks. Not exactly what I would rate as easy and for every skill level; I had no problems, but did bring my 70 year old mother. We went clockwise and it was very steep, narrow, rocky and muddy in places. Also several sets of stairs. She had her trekking poles and made it fine! We saw no other people and enjoyed some beautiful scenery. Also, I got closer to 2.2 miles than 1.6 on my Garmin, but we did walk up to the overlook, so idk. I will be back on a rainy day!

Nice well marked trail with good scenery. The return hike is just about all uphill. It was pretty hard, but well worth the trip.

Great hike little tight in spots but swimming hole is worth it!

Beautiful trail. We added on the arm to Sycamore Falls. 5.1 miles total and took 1hr 42min.

This is a gorgeous trail, but the red loop shown on the map is misleading. In order to complete the loop you have to climb a ridge/cliff, unless there's something I missed.

2 days ago

Great hike! Very beautiful and very well maintained trails. I went as soon as finished raining, so the trails were slick and muddy. Just be careful! To get the best bang for your trip, when you get to the part in the trail where it splits for the loop, go right first. You'll get a few overlooks, and by the time your turning to go back to the ranger station, there's the spur to go over to the waterfall - it's a great place to relax. If you have a hammock, there's a perfect area of trees and no brush at the base of the falls to set up. Then it's just over a mile hike back to the parking lot.

beautiful place! loved it and my hiking team loved the challenge.

Nice, scenic route. One of my favorite parks in TN and a great escape from the heat in summer months.

Fun hike

5 days ago

Drive there was beautiful. Trail was pretty and fairly dry even after all the rain. Falls were worth the short hike. It was the first hike for our Pumi (Hungarian herding dog). All Trails Pro with GPS showed us where we were on the trail which helped us stay on the trail.

This hike was wonderful! It was a little long for our 5 year old but he still had a good time. So many different creek views! It was like something out of a postcard around every turn! Towering rocks, running creeks and fall leaves all around!

8 days ago

This was a beautiful hike! We only went as far as the cliffs but the trail goes further on.

The falls are beautiful! Definitely a must see. The woods on the outer part of the loop are nice. Very easy relaxed hike.

Did this trail today and took our 18 pound older Boston Terrier. He did fine but was pretty tired at the end. We did the lower and upper Falls and BlueHole trails. Falls were great and very photogenic. No restroom at the trailhead. Would love to visit again. Easy day hike.

10 days ago

This was a fun trail that my husband and I did with our daughters ages 7-14. The first part of the trail (to the right of the loop) was relatively easy, although uphill, but the part after we reached the falls and the lookout was more difficult, narrow, rocky and muddy at points, with a less-defined trail. It was still beautiful, and I enjoyed the challenges (until I slipped on the rocks and fell- thankfully I was fine!). All in all it was a great hike with beautiful views. It took us about two hours, with multiple stops to take pictures and eating lunch at the lookout at the top. I can’t wait to go again when the trees reach peak fall colors.

10 days ago

Trail is beautiful! It is marked well. It has several waterfalls ...they are not huge but still nice! There are swimming holes, rock formations, big trees to keep it shaded in hot weather. The path is full of roots and rocks so you have to watch where your walking constantly...... so don’t forget to stop and take in the scenery because it’s awesome! We took the spur trail to Sycamore Falls which seems longer than it actually is because of all the rock hopping but worth it! We didn’t go to the base of the falls ... it looked like you may have to cross the creek to get to where we would have liked to be ...planning on coming back in warmer weather. Anyone would love this trail, but you do have to pay attention to each step you take, there are some narrow rocky paths with drop offs so just be careful and enjoy!

Fabulous trail well marked for the experienced hiker. Trails were well maintained. Absolutely beautiful scenery.

12 days ago

The trail was great Did a overnight all the water is at the bottom Not a lot of used to get to the bottom it's gorgeous the waterfall was dry but still very cool Will go back to see it flow Can't get lost so don't worry just enjoy

This trail is a great mix of easy with some technical sections thrown in if you take the Big Creek Gulf Trail. I had my small Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with me, and although he was tired at the end, he was able to navigate the trails with no problem. Great for day hiking!

This is a confusing trail system if you have older maps. Tried to get to the falls late today before dark, but was unsuccessful. I tried following what turns out to be an old trailblazer, but it led to a dead end. Too bad, because I could hear the falls upstream, pretty loudly. Hope to come back and explore more soon.

Addendum: Got to go back and finish the trail. The falls are pretty when it rains. I got soaked, but it was worth it. There were pretty steep parts of the descent around the south loop below the lower falls.

An amazing experience. I have only recently started hiking so I was a little nervous about jumping right into this, but I am so glad that I did. The scenery is breathtaking. I was definitely winded when I got back to the vehicle, but loved every step of it.

15 days ago

SUNGLASSES: If you happen to locate a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses on this trail, then we would love to get them back! (kirk_e_hunt at yahoo dot com) We discovered a pair of sunglasses that someone left behind at the end, brought them back to the trailhead, and left them hanging on the trailhead sign. Hoping the owners will happen to come back and find them and also that one good trail deed will return one to us! Ha!

This was a very enjoyable hike! My wife and I, and our six children (ages 9-14), completed the in & out hike in about 5 hours to include an hour spent eating lunch and exploring the area at the end of the trail. I agree with the “hard” difficulty rating as the ascent back to the parking area is physically demanding. You’re not required to necessarily be “in shape”, but simply capable of physically handling the challenge. The kids handled it well and had a great time! They especially loved climbing and exploring around the area at the end.

The falls were dried up, as the area hasn’t had any decent rain in a while, but there was plentiful water that allowed us to filter and resupply our water before heading back out (water at the end was clear and refreshingly cold).

The trail itself wasn’t anything “exciting”, but the end was fully worth it. Several primitive campsites available in the valley section that I hope to make use of in the near future. Looking forward to going again 1) when there is a good water flow and 2) when the leaves are gone and are not masking a good view of the canyon walls.

Slippery rocks by the falls. And some other challenges along the way. But a great hike overall. Awesome scenery on the bluff trail and a gorgeous waterfall. You absolutely have to do both.

We took a 3 year old, a 5 year old, and two dogs. We didn’t make it all the way to the walls because it was getting dark. But we made it to the waterfall and they boys loved it! We will definitely be coming back!

Great easy trail, lots of shade and several waterfalls to dip into.

16 days ago

This is a beautiful spot and a gorgeous waterfall. There are several steps but there is a guard rail . It is a easy walk.

16 days ago

This is a gorgeous spot . Just watch your step if you walk down to the falls . Some of the wet rocks are REALLY SLICK . Beautiful place and an easy walk .

No clue where the trailhead is, but nice trail.

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