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Chattahoochee  Map

Great trail in the burbs!! Walking along the river and couple of elevation is great!

great all around family trail.
we hiked this trail on the last Sunday and it was simply great.
family of 5 and even the 3 old kid managed to do most of it.
we haven't complited all of the trail but completed around 3/4 of it.

Great park, definitely worth the hike, but make sure you have the AllTrails app on your phone since the trail is not marked well at all.

Good little flat trail.
Take time and enjoy the surroundings: trees, birds. the river, people sculling.
They are extending it for about another 1.5 miles.
It will be even better.
People walking, running, biking, skating, fishing, dog walking, baby walking.
You have to pick the right time.
Busier on weekends.

Okay trail... You are basicly walking on a path right near the road. Easy for children, definitely not moderate. It is easy!!! I would do that trail if you are looking for something easy and basic.

10 days ago

Some challenging sections, river access

Enjoyed trail.

Its a good trail with moderate difficulty. Really enjoyed the scenic view of Chattahoochee river.

16 days ago

Well maintained trails with plenty of grade changes to keep it interesting. Hugs lake where wildlife and watersports activities are happening all the time in season.

If you are in Roswell and have nothing better to do then this is a fine way to spend a morning. Don’t go out of your way.

Great trail. We hiked the largest outer loop. At times it got narrow and swampy down by the lake, but most of the trail was wide and well maintained.

1 month ago

Nice and well maintained trail. Staff and rangers are extremely friendly and helpful. Would strongly suggest to keep a map, available in visitor center. Ample amount of parking space.

I'm not sure we got to experience the whole thing, due to some 'police line - do not cross' tape near the bridge. Nice walk otherwise.

1 month ago

Good workout! We took our 3yr old along (he spends a lot of time hiking) and he enjoyed it, too.

Trail was kinda rough and saw a large snake so was nervous for the rest of hike.

1 month ago

This trail has a good mix of ups and downs. Great for exercise

1 month ago

Solid trail for a quick hike that’s not too far from Atlanta. Rolling hills and some narrow stretches to keep things interesting but nothing too crazy. Good for all ages.

trail running
1 month ago

Love this trail especially as a newer trail runner. Nice staff at the visitors center as well.

The part that we got to walk was beautiful. Construction stopped us very close to the beginning. It's very unclear where you are as the one map down the trail doesn't inform you exactly where you are. It would've been so lovely. 8/9/18.

This is a great walk. We did about 1.25 out and turned around. Beautiful views of the lake. It is posted No Dogs (seems to be part of the park across the road) but we saw no one other than a couple of fishermen thigh-deep in the water. So, whatever...

Nice park but recently they painted very gaudy, bright blazes on trees and rocks on most of the trails. Whoever was in charge of this did a terrible job with far too many of them very close together.

This took away some of the natural feel of the park, but it is still nice with many side trails and different routes that one can make.

Trail has 4 stars, App gets ZERO stars for the trail map and directions! BEWARE this is NOT intended to be a loop trail and as noted in the reviews the section along the creek is marked closed at the starting end but not on the trail. This is probably because it is not intended to be approached from that direction. However, the trail just keeps getting more narrow and a difficult traverse across rocky ledges that is simply not easy. In wet conditions it would be downright dangerous! Furthermore, the little blue maps on the trail do not show a loop, there is no trail between V 13 and V 3 but the app does show a loop in this location. See photos that I posted. All that said it is a beautiful spot and if you avoid the area I mentioned it actually is easy.

Trail was enjoyable. Not to busy with people but enough to feel safe. Trail had a pleasant view of the river at times and could be done by all ages.

I love this little trail! I often come at sunrise, and the view is stunning in the morning. great spots for yoga along the boardwalk too

trail running
1 month ago

challenging enough to be fun :) some decent views, lots of birds. some great spots for running & leaping over roots

Nice walk in the woods near river.

Pretty view of the falls. One of the more crowded hikes along the Chatahoochee

Short hills, nice views - particularly in the fall/winter. Hike takes you to the foundation of an old house by the river. Upstream takes you through a bamboo forest and then a little bouldering to get another nice view just south of 285. When the water is low you can get pretty far across the river. Snakes commonly seen at the river edge and on the rocks in the river.

Nice trail- very flat except for a small hill at the very end. Lots of trail runners- with the flatness of the trail I see the appeal for trail running.

2 months ago

This is an excellent hike for a lazy Sunday afternoon. The trail system is well marked and maintained. Trail follows the river for a good portion of the hike. We didn't see many people at all on the sunny Sunday afternoon.

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