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Very easy hike. You just have to climb some stairs. The falls are spectacular.

Great way to stretch the legs and plenty to see.

Great Cumberland escarpment views into the Chattanooga valleys below. Wish there were an easier way to view the bottom of the falls.

The best place for swimming and exploring. We love jumping off the bluffs into the always cool water. Lots of trails in the park too. The twin falls trail is the best & prettiest in my opinion.

we did a punt to point today. this trail is much longer than the listed 8.2 miles..... he prepared for a hard hike if u go here. the creek was super muddy today and the falls were meh... I am glad I checked this off my list. Not sure how soon I will be back. this trail kicked my butt and I just hiked my. leconte in the smokies in June. I dont advise taking small kids on this trail at all. unless u wanna carry them out.

The Gorge Overlook Trail, Woodland Trail, and Base of Falls Trails are actually three separate trails, though you can do them together. I don't know why All Trails insists on lumping them together!

Woodland Trail is out-and back, leaving from the Nature Center, which is currently under construction. Signage is spotty, but start by crossing the suspension bridge. Mileage according to the park website: .75 mi each way, for 1.5 mi total.

Gorge Overlook Trail branches off from and rejoins Woodland, with a few spurs. Published as .65 mi, not including the spurs.

Base of Falls Trail can be accessed from the Woodland Trail or the parking area on Scenic Loop Road. It is .4 mi each direction, for .8 mi total.

10 days ago

Hiked this with kids and my dad. I’m going to try to describe this the best I can. The first part of the trail is wide and well maintained. When you reach the first fork, going right leads to the upper falls overlook. Going to the left leads to the lower falls and the trail behind the upper falls. The trail becomes much more narrow and steep when going to the left. At a few places, some minor climbing is necessary. Eventually, you reach a sign that points to the left down a very steep, muddy descent to the lower falls. On the way to this sign, we passed a family coming back up. The woman had broken her wrist and sprained her ankle trying to explore the lower falls area. However, none of them were appropriately dressed or shoed for the hike. When we reached the sign, we decided to bypass this with the young kids because of the muddies and steepness. Heading to the right and behind the sign leads to the area of the trail that hugs gorgeous bluff walls and eventually makes its way down to behind the upper falls. We spent some time admiring the falls and proceeded to follow the “loop” trail. This is where the trail become extremely poorly maintained and difficult to follow. We tried very hard to find and follow the trail but it was impossible!! We ended up hiking back out the way we came. Once back at the first fork, the older child and I took the original “right” to the upper falls overlook. Overall, we enjoyed the hike, but parts were challenging. I was frustrated that we couldn’t do the loop. We did not see any wildlife although I was hoping for some snake sightings since we had been warned by so many people that the snake population was out of control.

10 days ago

Nearly drove to Snoopers Rock on the ATV trail next to the parking area - in an Audi SUV - no 4WD needed. The Cumberland Trail is next to the rock and you can go for miles and miles along the ridge line. Great hike, even if it’s a bit toasty in mid-July.


This trail was good after some tougher trails earlier in the day. There was some up down but nothing crazy. The overlooks were amazing. One side did require you to scramble down some rock face to view the gorge. The view was awesome! It would be an amazing spot for a picnic. The nature center is at the beginning and end of this loop and is currently under construction. There was a lot of traffic at the beginning of the trail do to the swimming holes.

13 days ago

Hike was super easy and absolutely gorgeous. It is heavily trafficked and marked well. It’s about 1.0 mile to the over look and there are several drop offs. We saw a rattle snake baking in the sun and got some amazing pictures.

Love love love the CT!

13 days ago

Nice little hike ❤️

A little confusing to get to the trail head. But once you are there, the hike is well marked, and a great intermediate hike! The view from the rock is worth the 5 miles on a warm and clear day!

Enjoyed the quiet stroll while eating my fill of wild blueberries.

Great Trail, Awesome waterfalls! Kids thought the powerhouse was really neat! Trail runs along the river and there is lots to see. Definitely recommend this one for a short trip.....we did this one in light rain and it was wonderful, though we did lose daylight before we could keep going and we made it nearly to the end! Nice views!

Beautiful but strenuous on Climbers Access!

15 days ago

Good trail until you get almost down to the falls. If you take the trail to the left at what appears to be where someone has had a camp fire, be prepared to have to descend a small rocky area. One mile back, this is where we stopped. Experienced hikers should have no problem.

Short and super sweet!! Amazing waterfall!!! Super clean. Not that easy, not that hard for beginners. Love the place. I’m coming back for sure!!

Seriously an amazing and beautiful trail! So many waterfalls and beautiful views! Full trail review and more pics coming to our blog soon! www.Wander-Full-Life.com

Moderate hike average hikers and children can complete. Be careful to stay on the correct path, there are several forks to other trails. There is a dam and small swimming hole at the bottom with campsites.

so pretty!! not very hard at all and the view is so worth it.

Great surprise at the end

Beautiful easy trail to a great creek that has a nice waterfall and great views! You are at the top of the falls so you can’t see them. Cross the creek and go up the hilly trail and to the right there is a rock outcrop that gives you a better view. Be Careful! The trail seems to continue to another trail that can be seen on the All Trails map. Haven’t figured out how to get to the bottom of the falls since we had little kids with us, but that will be my next goal. I will update if I find a way.

21 days ago

Two separate falls here and the upper falls has trails to the top and the bottom. Amazing niche I would visit again and again. Pay attention to the signs and navigation to find the bottom of the upper falls

We took our 4 kids (ages 8,5,3, & 3months) on this hike down to the falls yesterday and had a great time! We had to go pretty slow to climb our way down to the falls, but everyone did well. And the way back up was much easier for me with the baby in her carrier than going down. The falls were beautiful and since it had recently rained they were very strong. The water was very cold so the kids didn’t want to swim for long. It was quite busy while we were there and there were several people smoking that really took away from the otherwise natural and beautiful scene. Gorgeous views and my husband loved climbing up and around the falls. Great day trip.

Nice and secluded with a beautiful waterfall at the end!

Quick hike and great swimming hole. Beautiful falls, impressive rockfaces. Awesome spot to pack a lunch and take the kids and dogs. Descent is steep and rocky so be careful! And please LEAVE NO TRACE.

28 days ago

A good hike. Some strenuous sections. The falls at the end were beautiful. I had a large tree fall across the trail while I was there.

29 days ago

We did this hike a few weeks back (First part of June). It’s not very well marked on how to get to the bottom of the upper Falls. You’ll start in the trail and at about .75 mikes, you’ll come to a fork. The right trail takes you for a very short hike to the top of the upper Falls. Take the left trail to take you to the upper part of the lower falls and the lower part of the upper Falls. You’ll come to a sign within .5 miles that says lower falls pointing down a hill. However, if you want to see the lower part of the upper Falls and walk behind the falls, WALK BEHIND the sign staying close to the rock ledge. It’s an easy .3 mike hike to the falls.

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